Boy Gets Cruelly Rejected Before Dance and Everyone Makes Fun Of Him. Then 13 Girls Line Up and Do THIS

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It takes guts to ask someone you like out.  Whether it’s on a date, to dinner or the movies, prom or a school dance, there’s really no easy way around it.  You basically have to be direct and just go for it. These days kids have even upped the ante, they stage elaborate promposals and make signs asking their crush to accompany them.  What used to be a simple question asked awkwardly between two people is now a public affair.

That has made the humiliation of a rejection all the more public as well.  One high school student learned this the hard way when he asked a classmate to go to the homecoming dance with him last October.  Dakota Nelton, a sophomore from Gray, Louisiana, had made a big sign asking his close friend if she’d go to the dance with him, it would be his first ever date.  

He waited for the girl in the school hallway and popped the question when class was in session and kids were all around. Unfortunately, things didn’t go as planned and she said no.  Dakota was crestfallen and dropped his sign in disappointment. Some of the kids who had overheard started laughing at him and a few were so cruel that they trampled on his sign, as if he needed another punch to the heart.

Things only got worse from there because someone had captured the whole thing on camera and uploaded it to the internet for the entire school and anyone in the world to see.  Now everyone could watch Dakota get rejected over and over again.

The video soon caught the attention of Alyssa Buckley, a fellow student at Dakota’s high school.  She and a group of girls didn’t like what they saw in the clip and instead of laughing at him they felt empathy for him.  Wanting to do something to help him they rallied together and by the time Monday morning rolled around 13 girls had joined the cause.

What they had decided to do was ask Dakota to homecoming at the same hallway location where he’d been rejected.  Each one had made a sign and they went up to him one after another, asking him to go to the dance with them. When he’d left school the previous Friday it must have felt like one of the worst days in his life, and now Monday was turning out to be one of the best days!  

He now had 13 girls to go to homecoming with and he was more popular then ever before. Best of all, his faith in humanity, and girls, was restored.

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