Bride’s Dad Dies a Few Months Before Her Wedding Day. But Her Brother Says Look Behind You and She Loses It!

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For many women their wedding day is probably the biggest and most momentous occasion of their entire lives. Many young girls begin planning their wedding years before they even meet their future husband. They day dream about their dad walking them down their aisle, the love and joy of their mother watching and the rest of their family and friends present for this sacred day. The idea of kissing your Prince Charming at the alter during the most beautiful and amazing wedding is something all of us want.

In today’s heartwarming story we feature a soon-to-be bride named Andrea who like many others has looked forward to her wedding basically for her entire life. She met her soulmate, he proposed and the engagement was on. Now it was time to prepare and get everything ready for the big day. ¬†All the planning, time and energy hopefully leaves you with the most magical wedding day you will ever get. As Andrea was planning and making sure this wedding went off without a hitch tragedy struck.

Her father died of cancer only months before the wedding. Like anybody who loses their father she was completely devastated and broken. She always pictured him walking her down the aisle and giving his little princess away to her Prince Charming. Andrea’s dad was an amazing man, husband and father. His death was devastating to her whole family because although they knew he was sick with cancer they thought they would have more time to spend with him.

It was too late to call off the wedding, everything was paid for, the invitations were out and rsvp’d and at this point it just wasn’t an option so the wedding still had to take place as planned minus one very special person. Knowing how much she was hurting and grieving during the time period around her wedding, her brothers knew they had to do something for their sister.

They come up with an amazing plan that if executed properly would make Andrea the happiest bride in the world even though her dad would not be attending…

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