THIS Is Why You Should Stop Using Tampons Immediately. THIS Reason Is Scary!

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The menstrual period is a monthly occurrence for every healthy woman, from the onset of puberty in teenage years, until the completion of menopause.  Dealing with menstruation, involves choosing a method of containing the bleeding, so that we can go about our lives with ease.

The choices that are available are: sanitary napkins, the cup and tampons.  Most of us have been alerted to the dangers of leaving a tampon in place for too long…more than eight hours leaves you susceptible to “Toxic Shock Syndrome”.  This danger first came to light in 1980, where 814 cases of TSS were reported; 38 of which resulted in DEATH.

The response of the tampon industry was to pull many brands which were deemed unsafe.  The video you are about to watch below does a good job of explaining the serious dangers inherent in all tampons.  One of the most startling facts is that tampons are bleached, in order to appear extremely white and “sanitary”.

However, the concern for appearance, is in fact extremely unhealthy; you are inserting bleach into your body and letting it sit there for hours on end.  Additionally, the fact that a foreign body is often forgotten past the 8 hour limit, makes it a host for deadly bacteria such as Staphylococcus!

Watch the video below for more information:

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