The Bus Driver Passed Out While He Was Driving So The Kids Reacted Fast By Doing THIS!

One substitute bus driver was very lucky when he got assigned to drive a school bus route in Milton, Washington.  The man was at the wheel ferrying the children to their stops when he lost consciousness.  When he passed out the bus was still moving forward in gear and in danger of crashing into a church.  A video camera mounted above the driver seat captured the moment and the kids quick response to the scary situation.

One boy, Jeremy Wuitschick, immediately jumped into action when he noticed the bus was careening out of control.  He can be seen grabbing the wheel and turning it safely back onto the road.  Then he took the key out of the ignition and stopped the bus.  Meanwhile, another child began CPR on the distressed driver who was having trouble breathing.  He started doing chest compressions and saw that the bus driver’s eyes were rolling back in his head.  At the same time, other children on the bus had called 911, help was on the way.

Thanks to all the children on the bus who took control of the situation no one was hurt and the driver received medical attention.  Even though they were only middle-school aged kids, they all showed incredible bravery and acted rational in the face of a very dangerous situation.  By paying close attention and not hesitating to act, Jeremy truly did save the day.  He was not even old enough to drive at that point but he proved he was mature enough to handle the situation and stop the bus.

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