They Call This Dog The “The Horse Whisperer.” The Reason Why Is UNREAL!

It never ceases to amaze me, when I get to see bonding between different species of animals.  In the case of the incredible footage you are about to watch below, it is between a dog and horses.  Dogs are one of our most beloved pets, because they are so social in nature.

As descendants of wolves, their inclination to be part of a pack has extended to their position within human families. Their bonding extends to other groups, as you will see in this beautiful video showing a Doberman interacting with a group of horses.

His owner takes care of horses, and the dog has modeled his care-taking behavior after his owner’s. People who have watched his amazing interactions, have begun to call him “The Horse Whisperer!”  You will see why as you watch this compilation of video footage and still pictures that will leave you feeling good all day.

His protective, loving and commanding behavior with these horses, who clearly love him back, are just simply heartwarming!

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