THIS Is How You Can Clear Your Stuffy Nose For Good With This Genius Trick In Only 2 Minutes

It’s that time of year again when the weather changes and we all start getting colds. There are many annoying symptoms of the common cold, but for me the very worst is not being able to breathe.

What I’m talking about here is the endless runny nose; no matter how many times you blow it to try to get relief, there just seems to be an endless supply of mucous. Your nose gets raw from all the blowing, your head hurts and you still can’t get any air!

It makes sleeping difficult, and is just generally a terrible drain on your whole system.In the video below, Prevention magazine offers two great solutions that can clear a stuffy nose in 2 minutes.

The first involves touching your tongue in back of your front teeth and tapping between your eyebrows. It’s best to watch the demonstration and explanation of how to do it, and what it releases.

The second exercise is the “Hold Your Breath and Pinch” method. Watch to see how to do this properly. I think you will find the explanation of why this works not only useful but quite interesting.

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