Cat Notices a Printer Swallowing Paper For The First Time. He Proceeds To Throw a Hysterical Fit.

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When you think about typical cat behavior many adorable and endearing things likely come to mind. Yet out of all those charming feline quirks, they are perhaps most well known for their curiosity. That age old saying “curiosity killed the cat” has nearly came true for many of the inquisitive kitties in the world, that’s why it’s so great that they’re also blessed with nine lives!

As unpredictable as our cat friends can be, they are oftentimes just as equally predictable! Take for example when cats come across something new and completely foreign to them, like a printer. They will immediately head right on over to the device, sniff all around it, and then either walk away uninterested or, if they deem it worthy of further investigation, they’ll proceed to paw at it. That’s usually how it goes as our four legged furry feline friends simply love nothing more than sticking their little pink noses into everything that piques their interest.

Such is the case with the adorable kitty cat that stars in this home video. The white, black, and light brown spotted cat was hanging out one day when his owner needed to print something. As soon as the printer was turned on the cat was alerted to it by the noise it made during its initial set-up. Naturally the curious cat made a bee line for the machine and stood right in front of it on high alert.

When the printer suddenly started to warm up and get ready to print, the cat became mystified and had to stand on his rear paws in order to get a better view of what was happening. Seconds later, he goes straight into attack mode, swiping and batting at the paper tray! It’s as if he’s trying to kill the darn thing!

His full attention is completely focused on the printer, both ears are standing up as he repeatedly paw punches the machine. The message he’s sending is clear, he’s not a fan of technology. Making this clip all the more entertaining are the sound effects that have been added, they’re awesome! However, the best part comes at the very end. I won’t give it away here since it comes off best when you’re watching in anticipation for it! Check it out and enjoy!

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