Dad Confronts His Two Guilty Huskies About The Huge Mess. They Respond With a Hysterical Argument.

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It’s an all too familiar story among pet owners, coming home to a messy house! Dogs in particular seem to always make the biggest messes and these two Huskies are no exception! The canine brothers literally tear stuff up and run wild when their owner, a YouTuber by the name of Snowdog Guru, stepped out. As this video shows, when he returned home and came back through the door, his Huskies were waiting to greet him alongside a huge mess!

Apparently the mail came while he was out and when a letter popped through the slot in the door, it caught the dog’s attention and they went at it. The adorable Huskies, Dakota and Phoenix, ended up ripping and tearing a letter to bits and pieces. It was from HRMC, Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, which is basically like the IRS of the United Kingdom. Hopefully it wasn’t anything too important or a refund check!

When the dog’s owner asked the cute pair which one made the mess, they immediately started getting all charged up and excited. The hilarious duo ran around in circles, yapping and talking animatedly all at once. They seemed to be blaming each other for the snafu and neither of them were about to take the fall! Huskies are certainly among the most vocal breeds out there and this clip just goes to show exactly that.

These boys are guilty as sin but they got let off easy because they’re just too cute. Seriously, how could you be ever stay mad at faces like that for more than a couple of seconds! Check out their reaction if you want to smile and have a good laugh because that’s exactly what they’ll make you do!

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