THIS Cat Sneaks Into The Neighbors House To Steal His Favorite Toy. Now Watch What He Does With It!

Cats can be very sneaky and mischievous, especially when they are a little bored. Some will even go to great lengths in order to have a good time when they are feeling a bit under-stimulated. Our four legged furry feline friends love nothing more than to stick their pink little noses into everything they come across.

Many feel the urge to inspect whatever new object or nook and cranny that catches their fancy. But when their toys no longer interest them and all of the boxes around the house have been sniffed out and sat in, it’s off to new pastures and greener fields.

For one cat in Slovenia this meant heading over to the neighbors house. After scoping out the property the kitty came across a new, exciting, and wonderful stuffed animal tiger. Wanting the plush toy all to itself, the cat clamped down and scooped it up in its mouth.

Since cats don’t abide by human rules or law, it thought nothing of stealing the furry toy and set off towards home. The cute cats human friend stood by filming his fearless feline friend making his way back home with his new prize and it’s safe to say the video he captured is awesomely adorable.

The cat expertly negotiates a fence in his path, jumping up and through a hole in the top, before strutting across the road. He looks very proud and pleased with himself, as he should! The kitty takes his new tiger to a comfy looking patch of grass in the garden and only then does he release it from his teeth.

That’s when the playing begins, and the cheeky cat goes to town, happily biting and clawing the stuffed animal. All that work and illegal activity paid off since now the little kitty is no longer bored! A cat’s gotta do what a cat’s gotta do.

In this one’s case it meant stealing a toy from the neighbor to add a little fun and excitement into it’s daily routine. The clip is a prime example of how sassy and confident cats can be. This one literally could care less about getting caught doing something naughty. It’s a cat’s world and we just live in it.

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