What Do Your Fingerprints Reveal About Your Personality? Find Out..

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There’s a wide variety of ways that our physical features and body parts have been linked with our individual personality types. Everything from the size and shape of our toes to the color of our eyes and the lines on the palms of our hands can reveal a little bit more about who we are.

No other physical attribute even comes close to holding more information about us than our own two hands. The lines on our palms, nail shapes, finger lengths, how our thumbs bend, and more, have all been associated with everything from the choices we make to our future destiny. If you look carefully and examine them, you too can unlock the secret truths and knowledge that they hold.

Above all else, it is our fingerprints in particular that can reveal the most about our inner-selves. Fingerprints are excellent indicators of several broad based personality factors, including our overall attitude towards life and our most dominant character traits. In fact, there’s an entire area of behavioral science and psycho-analysis that revolves around the study of fingerprints called dermatoglyphics analysis. It’s what links certain patterns and prints with behaviors and traits.

Below is a breakdown of the four main types of fingerprints and what each one means. Take a moment and look closely at your finger tips, then match them up with the pictures to find out what they say about you!

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