Hidden Camera Catches Jeep Getting Epic Revenge On Car That Stole It’s Parking Spot.

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If you’ve ever spent way too much time circling around the block or a parking lot in search of a space to park your car in, then you know exactly how annoying it is! The frustration and stress builds with each passing minute and yet when you finally find a spot it all melts away.

However, as instantly as that sense of relief washes over you, it can be ripped away equally just as suddenly, and replaced with rage instead. When parking is in scarce supply it becomes a hot commodity. People end up doing rude, crazy things and if you have ever had a spot stolen from right under your nose, then you’ll understand this drivers reaction.

The man was in his yellow Jeep Wrangler waiting patiently for a car to reverse out of the spot he planned on pulling into when a little red car swooped in at the last possible second and stole his space! To add insult to injury, not only did the other driver take the spot he was about to park his Jeep in, but they also obviously knew and could tell that he was clearly waiting for it.

However, the driver of the yellow Jeep doesn’t do what everyone thinks hes going to do, and smash right into the red car. Instead of allowing his anger get the best of him, he makes the smart decision to channel it into something more productive, like exacting revenge on the offending driver.

After waiting for the driver of the red car to exit their vehicle and disappear out of sight the man gets right down to work. He pulls forward so that he’s right behind the car and then attaches a tow line to it. After reversing and making a few adjustments he soon has the car completely tugged out of the space. Then he pulls into the now empty spot and claims it as his own!

While there are other spots open and available for him to park in, it’s the principle that matters. The driver of the red car could have parked in any of those free spots as well but decided to steal the one that the Jeep owner was waiting for.

We’ll never know how the owner of the red car reacted when he returned to his moved vehicle, but one thing was for certain, he had to admit defeat!

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