She Breaks Raw Eggs Over Cut Bananas. But When She’s Done A Delicious Surprise!

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For ages it has been known that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, yet many people often just grab a cereal bar or skip it all together. If you want to stay healthy and have energy that lasts throughout the day then you have to take the time to eat a wholesome breakfast.

This can be tricky and a lot of people claim that they just don’t have the time or motivation to make a tasty meal first thing in the morning. Perhaps part of the reason for these excuses is that many people can’t eat the normal, regular foods that are commonly associated with breakfast. A lot of them contain fatty ingredients, dairy, or are full of products that contain gluten.

For people who are lactose and gluten intolerant that means milk, cheese, butter, bread, cereal, and other breakfast staples are off the menu. However, there some simple and tasty recipes out there which are gluten and dairy free, low calorie, and very healthy for you. This recipe for banana pancakes fits that description and it’s quick and easy to whip up in the morning.

All you need is 2 whole eggs, 1 ripe banana, and a skillet. Start by peeling a banana and chopping it up into small pieces. Place them in a bowl, crack two eggs over it, and mash them all together.

Mix it up until it reaches a runny consistency and has a frothy texture. Place a skillet or griddle over low to medium heat and coat the cooking surface you’re using with either coconut oil, PAM, or EVO spray. Pour some of the banana batter onto the heated pan and after about 25-30 seconds flip the pancakes over.

When you think they’ve browned up enough on both sides and are done cooking all you have left to do is eat and enjoy them! This video and recipe was uploaded by Cassey Ho on her YouTube channel BlogilatesTV. She also included links to her personal website where the recipe can be found and the nutritional facts are listed there as well.

This super healthy pancake recipe provides your body with almost 14 grams of protein, 600 mg of potassium, and less than 250 calories. Best of all, it’s made with only 2 all-natural ingredients, eggs and a banana, which can be found at any grocery store for a couple of dollars.

There’s nothing processed or artificial involved and the pancakes can be eaten by those on a diet or sensitive to gluten and dairy. Since the recipe takes just minutes to prep and cook, anyone can make them, even if pressed for time.

Try them out and see for yourself how delicious a healthy breakfast can actually be!

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