What Does The Shape Of Your Nails Reveal About You?

There are all sorts of ways to go about examining our personalities at a glance. People have been coming up with tests and theories on the topic for ages. Oftentimes these concepts and beliefs center around a part of our bodies, like the head, feet, or hands. One popular example you’ve likely been exposed to is phrenology, which focuses on analyzing character traits based off of skull measurements. While these days it has fallen by the wayside with few people practicing it, back in the early 1800’s there was an entire area of study dedicated to the discipline.

The most recent trend happens to do with hands and the primary focus is on nail shape. Generally known as nail personality diagnosis, it’s where the shape of your nails are used to analyze and predict certain personality traits. Originally from Japan, the idea has spread just as quickly as it takes to look down at your own nails and see what they say about your personality!

While some people might be skeptical about these types of things, try to have an open mind about it! In a way, it all comes down to your personality and how far you’re willing to read into and believe these character analyses. So do a little self-evaluation, see if it’s accurate, and have fun with it! Find your nail shape in the picture above and read on below to see what it reveals:

1. Vertically Long Nails: Even-tempered, precise, engaging. You are imaginative and creative which draws others to you. People enjoy hanging out with you because you listen closely and are friendly.

2. Short and Broad Nails: Logical, analytical, quick to anger. You always tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, which is both a blessing and a curse. People don’t always want or need to hear the hard truth.

3 and 4. Round or Egg Shaped Nails: Laid back, positive, level headed. You are an original who moves to your own beat. Things never get the best of you because you don’t allow them to, which is why you have so many long-term friends.

5. Square Shaped Nails: Sturdy, unyielding, stubborn. You often find yourself in a leadership position because people look to you for guidance. Your serious attitude, along with the various skills you possess, get things done.

6 and 7. Triangular or Inverted Nails: Intelligent, innovative, mesmerizing. You’re driven by perfection and may even be a genius. You race through life solving problems as you go because of your brain’s ability to think lightning quickly.

8. Almond Shaped Nails: Loyal, genuine, amicable. You’re a breathe of fresh air and are always so nice, polite, and well-mannered. But if people are rude or violate your trust, you don’t just sit there and take it, you stand up for yourself. People respect you for that and enjoy your company.

9. Sword or Diamond Shaped Nails: Driven, entrepreneurial, laser focused.. You are super industrious because you have a plan for the future. Not only do you work hard to reach your long-term goals, but also because you really enjoy the fulfilling feeling that comes along with it.

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