She Starts Sticking ‘Shattered Glass’ Onto Her Nails. But When She’s Done My Jaw Dropped!

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Nail art is a lot of fun and some trends just really call to people who like to try an edgy look.  If you are one of those people, the video you are about to watch below is for you.  It is known as shattered glass; a new Korean nail art.

Park Eun Kyung is the nail creator; her nail lab, Unistella by E.K. has been known to come up with some of the most unique trends out there.  This amazing effect of shattered glass is illustrated by YouTube channel “Creativenailart”, in an easy-to-follow way that makes it possible for you to try it at home.

She paints her nails white as a primer, then using liquid latex, she protects the edges of her nails. After drying she uses a small makeup sponge with polish colors to imprint on her nail which will help to produce the glass effect after she applies cut iridescent tissue paper and then the final coat.

It really creates a cool illusion.  Let us know what you think.

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If You See This Black Line On Your Nail Or Someone Else’s THIS Is What It Means!

We have all been taught that any changes in a freckle or mole, with respect to color, size or shape, should be checked out immediately.  A dermatologist will know whether the changes are suspicious looking, and require a biopsy.  Waiting to have such changes checked by a professional, leaves you open to the possibility of a skin cancer going undetected and becoming potentially life-threatening.

Most people, however, are unaware of the warning signs of cancerous tissue under the fingernails.  Melanomas in the fingernail area is more common amongst African Americans, but is possible in every demographic of the population.

What are the warning signs to look for?  The following video will go into greater detail about these potentially deadly masses.  The typical manifestation of such a cancer appears as a black stripe in the nail.  Although such a streak may not be cancerous, it should be checked by a dermatologist, particularly if it gets larger or darker.

If cancerous cells are found early enough, a removal of the nail and the cancerous tissue underneath may be sufficient.  Waiting too long may result in amputation of the tip of one’s finger.  The worse case scenario, as with any unchecked cancer cells, is that it metastasizes to other organs, which can result in deadly consequences.

In the following footage, Dr. Dana Stern who specializes in cancer of the nails, discusses what to look out for in more depth.  She says that the nail matrix is affected by this  type of cancer.  I found this video to be most informative in understanding what to look out for, when it comes to nail health.

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If You Notice A Black Line On Your Nail Or Someone Else’s It Means THIS

Hands are possibly the most used human body part of all and because of that they often end up taking quite a beating. Day after day we wash them over and over, sometimes things get smashed into them, and other times we jam them into places like doors and tight cracks!

This inevitably leads to other parts of our hands sustaining damage, especially our nails. When our finger nails sustain trauma they usually turn black or blue from bruising or blood trapped under the nail. However, if you notice a dark spot on your nail, that suddenly appears out of no where and for no apparent reason, you should get it checked out immediately because it may be skin cancer.

That was the case when Melanie Williams went to the doctor to have an odd black spot on her thumb examined. She initially brushed it off as a wart or possible fungal infection but decided to have it looked at just to be safe. About two weeks after it first appeared she went to her doctor, and it’s a good thing she did.

It turned out to be nail cancer, or more specifically melanoma which is a type of skin cancer, and it had to be removed as soon as possible to prevent the cancer from spreading to other parts of her body. She ended up having surgery and lost half of her thumb, but she was lucky that she caught it in time before it got much worse. She shared her story with the world in order to bring increased attention to the subject that not many people are aware of.

There are several things you can look out for, but if you ever suspect you may have nail cancer it’s crucial that you have a doctor check it out right away. Generally speaking, the most commonly affected nails are the thumb and index finger on hands and the big toe on feet. It was also noted in the video that nail cancer is most prevalent in African Americans.

The warning signs to look for include whether or not the stripe is very dark and if it has blurred borders. Also, changes in the appearance of the stripe matter and the patient’s history always comes into play, especially if cancer runs in the family.

When it comes to treating nail cancer, the stage it has reached matters most in determining how much skin, nail, or finger needs to be removed. For less advanced types the skin and nail around the spot is removed, while more advanced cancers often require the complete surgical amputation of fingers.

While most dark spots and stripes on nails are not cancer, it’s always good to be aware of the possibility that one strange, bothersome spot could potentially turn out to be just that. As with other types of cancer, the sooner it’s detected the better the chances for beating and being cured of it. Please pass this information on to friends and share it with family to help spread nail cancer awareness.

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He Puts a Block of Wood In Boiling H2O. 2 Days Later An Awesome Unexpected Surprise!

Have you ever looked at something and wondered how the heck is it possible? Lots of things puzzle our brains and cause us to stop and think about how they were accomplished. Whether it’s through means of magic tricks, optical illusions, or even alien intelligence, the explanation is often much more simple than originally thought to be. The seemingly impossible nail through wood trick falls under this optical illusion/puzzle-type of conundrum.

If you’ve never seen the visually confusing puzzle before it features a nail which appears trapped within a block of solid wood. The piece lacks any drill holes and there is no physical way that the nail could have been hammered through the wood. The question it makes us ask ourselves is this; how did the nail get there?!

You no longer have to wonder because it’s been covered by Steve Ramsey on his YouTube channel where he shows exactly how it’s done. He gives us a comprehensive behind the scenes glimpse at the entire process from start to finish and it’s quite awesome.

He begins with a solid block of pine wood and cuts three evenly spaced slots halfway down into one side of it. After heating up a large pot of water to a boil, the wood is placed in it to simmer for about 10 minutes and then removed. Immediately after that the block is transferred to a wood clamp where it’s tightly compressed and sits for two days.

The force from the clamp causes the boiled portion of the wood to warp and mushes it down enough for a nail to be easily inserted through the inner slot pieces. Once the nail is in place the wood is boiled yet again for about ten minutes. The hot water causes it to expand back into it’s normal shape, and in the process the nail becomes entrapped within the sides of the block.

Simple science can explain the whole “trickery” at work here as the heating and cooling of the wood caused it to expand and contract. That, in conjunction with a little extra force from the clamp, allowed just enough room to insert the nail through the middle slots, while bypassing the end portion. It’s pretty cool that something so seemingly impossible turns out to actually be very possible indeed!

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If You Notice a Guy With Only 1 Nail Polished THIS Is What it Means.

When Elliot Costello went on a trip to Cambodia with Hagar International he knew he’d meet women and children who had been exploited and abused. The non-profit organization runs social service programs there, as well as in Vietnam, which aim to protect the most vulnerable victims of human trafficking and help them recover. However, Mr. Costello never dreamed he’d meet a little girl named Thea who profoundly changed his life for good, and for the better.

Thea was ten years old when he met her at the Hagar shelter. For the past two years the little girl had been exploited by Westerners who physically, sexually, and emotionally abused her. Despite the horrific treatment she’d suffered through, Thea still had love and trust in her heart. She took Mr. Costello’s big hand in her tiny one and began to draw a heart with a marker before flipping it over to color in all of his nails. The simple act stayed with Elliot and is what motivated him “to paint one nail to represent the one in five children that suffer physical and sexual violence at the hands of men.”

Mr. Costello did not stop there. Instead he started the Polished Man campaign with the hope of drawing some much needed attention to the plight of children around the world who are, or have ever been, victims of sexual violence. The movement revolves around the simple act of supporters painting one finger nail on their hand and sporting it for a week straight in order to represent, and show unity, with children who have been abused. The end goal of this is to spread the word and spark a conversation about violence against children because when people see a man’s lone nail painted, their curiosity is piqued and they ask about it. The more awareness of the topic and campaign, the more visible the cause becomes. In turn, that leads to more donations that are needed to help fund and support all of the programs and resources that go to survivors like Thea.

The Polished Man campaign is just a couple of years old but thousands of people have joined the cause already. Celebrities such as Mario Batali and Hugh Jackman have thrown their support behind it and countless others have shared photos and messages on social media to help raise awareness. In the accompanying video Mr. Costello tells his story and provides more information on the campaign. Please share and help spread the word about this awesome idea so that more people participate and paint one of their nails as well.

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Have You Noticed A Guy Walking Around With Only 1 Finger Nail Polished?

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If you see a man with one of his nails polished, it isn’t some trendy new style.  Rather, it has deep significance that is raising awareness and money, to battle sexual violence committed against children.  The one out of five polished nails which men are encouraged to do for a week at a time, is symbolic of the 1 in 5 children who will be victimized by sex crimes in the course of their lives.

This idea came to YGAP’S Elliot Costello, who came to Cambodia from his native Australia with Hagar International.  It was there, that his life was changed forever, after he met a little girl named Thea.  She trusted him enough to confide her dark and disturbing secret of the sexual abuse she had endured by a man, from age 8 to 10.  As they spoke she asked if she could polish his nails; after doing so he swore to her that he would always keep one of his nails polished to honor and remember her.

Elliot learned that 96% of sexual violence against children are perpetrated by men, which gave birth to a movement he established, called Polished Man.  His goal was to get men to not only spread the word and become activists against childhood sexual violence, but to raise awareness and begin the conversation with the one polished nail.  His hope was to counteract male sexual violence with positive male role models who would fight for children’s rights, raise money to help survivors, and create a community led by men to change and challenge “violent behavior and language, both locally and globally.”

In the VIDEO you are about to watch below, Costello describes his moving experience with Thea, who inspired him to start this campaign through which he is determined to help to protect children worldwide.  Let us know your thoughts about what it means to be a “Polished Man”.

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