This Math Equation Is Breaking The Internet. Can You Figure Out The Right Solution?

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If you suffer from mathematical anxiety, which is basically like a math-induced phobia, you may want to take a deep breath before you try to solve this problem. The seemingly simple equation below has managed to stump people left and right and social media users are divided over what the correct answer happens to be. Watch the video below to see a step by step tutorial on getting to the right answer and seeing if you actually solved it correctly. Take a moment to work through it yourself and see what answer you come up with:
6 ÷ 2(1+2) =

The vast majority of people end up with an answer of either 1 or 9. Some even think it is 0, 3, or even 6, but if you came up with any of those three numbers, you’re wrong and way off! However, the reason why 9 and 1 are given as the main answers for this problem comes down to how people were taught to do math. However, in the end only one answer can be correct and if you came up with 9 then congratulations, you solved it!

So why has this equation caused so much confusion that its managed to go viral!? According to Presh Talwalkar, the man behind the YouTube channel MindYourDecisions which posted the explanation, there is an ‘old’ way and a ‘new’ way to approach the problem. Depending on which method you use, you will end up with either 1 doing it the old way, or 9 doing it the modern way.

Check out his video for a much more thorough and complete explanation of each step and see if you agree with what’s being asserted. Despite the comprehensive run through, it looks like a lot of people are still confused and arguing over what the correct answer is in the comments!

If you completely botched the answer or failed to come up with the correct solution, don’t be too hard on yourself. Forgetting how to do math problems like this one is normal and inevitable. Other than simple addition and subtraction, most of us don’t do any type of complex math once we’re finished with school.

If and when we do need to solve something above our abilities, we use a calculator or simply Google the answer. Between changes in the way math curriculum is taught, modern technology, and the passage of time, our math abilities tend to decrease and fade away.

Whatever the case may be, it’s fascinating and quite interesting how one equation can end up causing such a stir. People are really passionate about what they think is the correct answer and way to go about solving this equation. It just goes to show that even what we view as simple math isn’t as straight forward and predictable as we often assume it to be. Check out the video and see what you think!

Watch the video below to see a step by step tutorial on getting to the right answer and seeing if you actually solved it correctly:

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Mama Tells Her Pup To Show His Happy Face. He Proceeds To Make The Most Hysterical Face!

A smiling dog is a happy dog, at least that’s how us humans interpret the meaning of the facial expression. There’s just something so special and heartwarming when animals smile. This is especially true for dogs that have been rescued from either terrible circumstances or a dire situation, and given a second chance at leading a normal life.

The dog in this video was rescued and taken in by PAWS Chicago when he was a five month old puppy. They named him Herbert and placed him in a foster home, rather than a shelter, to help him adjust to being indoors and around loving people. PAWS volunteer Amanda Robles was his foster mom and she’s the one who took this adorable video of Herbert giving the camera the widest, most cheesiest smile that he could muster! His grin is so big and toothy, it’s the cutest face- you just have to see it!

The video starts off with Herbert sitting back on his haunches, calmly gazing at the camera with a relaxed and content look on his face. When Amanda instructs him to ‘say cheese’ his innocent little puppy face lights up with a thousand watt smile that transforms him into the happiest looking dog on Earth. He’s clearly one smart, clever puppy who already has one command down.

While you’d think that with a face, smile, and brains like that, Herbert would have no problem finding a forever home. However, according to an update from Amanda, he sadly spent about a month or so waiting in the shelter to be adopted. Thankfully she did meet the couple who ended up taking him home with them and was delighted to report that they seemed like wonderful people. For an instant mood boost check out his happy grin and pass it on!

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He Gives This Pig A Chip. After Watching Piggy’s Reaction I Can’t Stop Laughing!

All good pet owners know what tasty treats their little ones find irresistible. Animals will oftentimes eat anything, and whether they prefer the traditional biscuits or pieces of meat to something more exotic, comes down to an individual’s preference. One mini-pig in Palm Beach, Florida has made clear to everyone that his favorite food is potato chips.

The little piggy was captured on film by Hanna Balicki chomping down on crisps and squealing in delight. The noises that escape his tiny body are peculiar and funny all at once. It sounds like he is saying “nom, nom, nom, nom” as he eats the salty treats. When he is done with one chip he oinks and bellows for more. He is fed several more and quickly gobbles them up in sheer joy.

This pig’s guilty pleasure is pigging out on potato chips! While the video has drawn some criticism from people who think chips are an unhealthy and bad choice to feed a pig, they really need not worry. An Ohio State study found that “potato chips are the snack of choice for pigs…[and]… the chips provide the pigs with a higher energy diet.”

While that study was specifically done with potato chip scraps, people still need not worry. As long as the little fella is fed the high sodium treat in moderation he should be just fine. Plus, the pleasure the tiny porker takes in nomming on the chips makes him so lovable and happy! How could you not let him have his treats?

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Man Notices a Strange Bug In The Grass. He Reaches Out Touches It Then It Totally Transforms!

Mother nature never ceases to amaze us and yet there is simply so much that remains to be discovered out there in the world. While most animals have been studied extensively, many bugs and insects have yet to be comprehensively observed in the wild. One such type of bug is the rare and elusive Mountain Katydid (Acripeza reticulata).

Found predominantly in the southeastern corridors of Australia, Mountain Katydids, which are also known as Mountain Grasshoppers, are one insect that you wouldn’t mind coming face to face with in the wild. They are incredibly easy to miss, and are even harder to spot when you’re specifically looking for one, because of their natural built in camouflage. The exterior part of their bodies is a dull brown or black color and this, combined with the grainy texture, makes them resemble what looks like a piece of bark or a dead leaf on the ground.

However, we all know that looks can be deceiving and the Mountain Katydids of Australia are not as inconspicuous as they initially appear to be. As you can see in the accompanying video, when they are touched even in the slightest manner they transform into bright, colorful little bugs that you don’t want to mess with!

The sudden change is caused by their wing casings parting to show off the funky colored lines of bold red, black, and bright blue dotted bands underneath. It’s an impressive sight and in the wild bright, flashy, electric colors often signify to predators that the creature they plan on hunting and eating is potentially toxic, poisonous, and/or nasty tasting. As for Katydids, they aren’t poisonous, but they are absolutely revolting and taste terrible since they’re chock full of noxious chemicals.

The fact that the insects flash their colors after being touched is definitely unique to them because such displays are always done in advance of any possible attack as a warning threat to others to stay away. Scientists have studied their behavior and yet still remain puzzled as to why the bugs only display once they’ve been touched, which in the wild would mean something tried to eat them! Seems like too little too late but perhaps there’s more to it that humans just can’t understand. Either way, be sure to check out the video and see how cool the Mountain Katydid truly looks!

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If You Notice a Guy With Only 1 Nail Polished THIS Is What it Means.

When Elliot Costello went on a trip to Cambodia with Hagar International he knew he’d meet women and children who had been exploited and abused. The non-profit organization runs social service programs there, as well as in Vietnam, which aim to protect the most vulnerable victims of human trafficking and help them recover. However, Mr. Costello never dreamed he’d meet a little girl named Thea who profoundly changed his life for good, and for the better.

Thea was ten years old when he met her at the Hagar shelter. For the past two years the little girl had been exploited by Westerners who physically, sexually, and emotionally abused her. Despite the horrific treatment she’d suffered through, Thea still had love and trust in her heart. She took Mr. Costello’s big hand in her tiny one and began to draw a heart with a marker before flipping it over to color in all of his nails. The simple act stayed with Elliot and is what motivated him “to paint one nail to represent the one in five children that suffer physical and sexual violence at the hands of men.”

Mr. Costello did not stop there. Instead he started the Polished Man campaign with the hope of drawing some much needed attention to the plight of children around the world who are, or have ever been, victims of sexual violence. The movement revolves around the simple act of supporters painting one finger nail on their hand and sporting it for a week straight in order to represent, and show unity, with children who have been abused. The end goal of this is to spread the word and spark a conversation about violence against children because when people see a man’s lone nail painted, their curiosity is piqued and they ask about it. The more awareness of the topic and campaign, the more visible the cause becomes. In turn, that leads to more donations that are needed to help fund and support all of the programs and resources that go to survivors like Thea.

The Polished Man campaign is just a couple of years old but thousands of people have joined the cause already. Celebrities such as Mario Batali and Hugh Jackman have thrown their support behind it and countless others have shared photos and messages on social media to help raise awareness. In the accompanying video Mr. Costello tells his story and provides more information on the campaign. Please share and help spread the word about this awesome idea so that more people participate and paint one of their nails as well.

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