Watch This Depressed and Neglected Bear Chained For 30 Years Finally Get It’s Freedom For The First Time

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In the winters, we humans like to cuddle up and ‘hibernate like a bear’.  Bears in the wild actually DO innately curl up and go to sleep for approximately 8 months!  Human beings know how terrible we feel when we lose sleep, but can you possibly imagine what it would be like to be robbed of a good night’s sleep for 30 years?!? If Fifi the bear could speak, she would tell you about the terrible impact of this loss.  As a cub, Fifi was purchased by the Pennsylvania roadside zoo. Usually the living conditions for any animal in any zoo are pretty terrible, this one however was particularly bad!

Forced to perform tricks for their shows for the first 10 years of her life, Fifi further suffered when the zoo would close, as they left her caged in a minuscule, rusty cage for over 30 years! It’s truly unimaginable what kind of adversity this poor creature had to endure for the majority of its life.

Fiji’s horrible neglect and torturous existence ended in July, thanks to the rescue by PETA and The Wild Animal Sanctuary.  Robbed of her natural need to hibernate due to her imprisonment in that tiny cage for over 30 years, they found Fifi in a very deteriorated condition, with untreated arthritis. Fifi’s condition was almost to the point of no return.

Her condition was so bad that they had doubts about whether she would be able to regain a strong, healthy state. As you will see in the video below, Fifi’s rescue did allow her to slowly improve…. after 5 months at the sanctuary, you will witness what the miracle of good and loving care, will render. My faith in humanity has officially been restored!

Enjoy this wonderful story of recovery, and finally what a good sleep can do…Fifi is just awakening from her 30 year wait for a winter of hibernation in her cozy den! Even though this bear faced years of hardship it’s good to know it got a happy ending and there are still good people in the world!

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She Buys A $2 Old Tarnished Cheese Grater But When She Reveals Her Transformation It’s AWESOME.

Do you have any old unused items laying around the house that are begging for a new look? Instead of tossing them out, give your old stuff a new life and recycle things into one of a kind pieces that you actually have a use for. All you need is a little imagination and creativity, plus a few craft supplies, and you can re-purpose just about anything. It also helps to have some ideas and videos with instructions showing you what to do, like this one from the Gibbz DIY channel on YouTube. The video shows how an old, rusty cheese grater that no longer has any use can be transformed into a brand new jewelry holder.

To begin, gather all your supplies and you will need: a box cheese grater, medium sized pearl beads, 4 medium sized screw hooks, 3 small sized screw hooks, a hot glue gun, toothpick, sandpaper, acrylic paint, a paint brush, and water to clean the brushes with. If you want to make this and have a newer cheese grater, it’ll work just as well. You can pick one up at the dollar store and can likely find just about everything else you’ll need for this project there as well.

To start, take the small sized screw hooks and screw them into the holes on the small shredder side of the grater. These will be your necklace and bracelet hooks so place them near the top to ensure that you have enough room for your jewelry to hang. If the screws are a little loose, take the hot glue gun and squeeze a little glue out. Pick up a tiny bit of the melted glue with the end of a tooth pick and dab it around the screw to help hold it in place.

Now that the hooks have been added, it’s time to sand and rough up the entire outside surface of the grater. Take the sand paper and run it all over the grater, making sure to remove any built up rust, then use a soft dry cloth to wipe away any excess dirt, dust, or rust particles. This will help ensure that the paint sticks to the metal surface and won’t chip off later and now it’s ready for a coat of paint. Use acrylic paint for this and if you don’t have the exact color you want on hand you can mix it up with a blend of other colors, as shown in the video. Brush the paint evenly on the grater and be sure to coat the all the sides and visible parts. Set the grater aside and allow it to completely dry before adding the second coat of paint.

In the meantime, you can make the feet for the jewelry stand. Take the larger screw hooks and dab hot glue on the ends opposite of the threaded part. Attach a pearl bead onto each end and hold them firmly in place until they set. Apply the second coat of paint to the grater and allow it to dry completely before moving onto the final step. To attach the feet, take the larger screw hooks and apply a generous line of glue along the threaded end, on the side you’ll be attaching it to the grater with. Gently push the glued part of the screw into the inside corner of the grater, making sure that the bead on the outside lines up with the bottom corner. Once the feet are glued on and secure it’s ready for use!

This project is a great re-purposing idea and there are so many ways to customize it to your liking. You can add different sizes and amounts of hooks, switch up the placement of them, go with other types of beads or rhinestones, and choose any shade or mix of colors you prefer. Hopefully it will inspire you, so try it out!

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They Found This Dog On The Side Of The Road Dying. 2 Months Later A Stunning Transformation!

The figure in this image, is almost unrecognizable as a dog.  It is painful to look at, so one can only imagine what this starving dog felt like when he was found on the side of the road in Udaipur, India.  His rescuers were from Animal Aid Unlimited.

They do truly remarkable work in providing help for all kinds of mistreated and injured animals from its region. It’s facilities are not only an animal rescue center, but function as a sanctuary and treatment operation, as well.

Jim and Erika Abrams, along with their daughter Claire initiated this operation with such dedication, that over 40,000 animals have already been saved.  Depending on the animal’s situation and condition, some are treated and released, while others may live out the remainder of their lives at the center, if need be.

The incredible work they do is exemplified by the rescue of the starving dog rescued in this video.  He also suffered from mange, which is a skin disease in which all his fur was gone and he was literally being eaten away by parasitic mites.  Practically lifeless, his rescuers took him by net so he wouldn’t run away in fright.

He was terrified, as human contact was now so foreign to him. As you watch the gentle care of the Animal Aid workers, you will see how over a relatively short period of time, this dog began to trust, heal and come back to life.  After two months of tender loving care (both medical and emotional) this sweet pooch made a complete recovery.

His transformation is unrecognizable; his spirit restored.  This is one of the most moving animal rescue stories I have ever seen.

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I Was Confused When She Cut Into This Guy’s Underwear. But When She’s Done It’s Brilliant!

At first I had no idea what to expect. What could she possibly do with that underwear to make it a useful piece of clothing, other than the obvious use of covering the nether regions? Is she going to make some type of fashionable lady pants? Or maybe a hat so magnificent that the queen of England would be jealous?

Maybe it will become some type of underwater breathing device that Leonardo Da Vinci wishes he had thought of. Could she have discovered some way to power a vehicle armed with only a single pair of underwear and the perfect cut? Impossible, you say, but the world is a strange and wondrous place.

Although I will be the first to admit that she is about as likely to do that as she is to use them to grow ultra efficient vegetables to solve the perennial problem of world hunger. Somebody probably knows how to do it, but just hasn’t gotten it on youtube yet.

What she does proceed to create is arguably just as useful. With a few simple cuts, she transforms the underwear into something unrecognizable. I’ll give you a hint: you can wear it, but it is not underwear. It goes on the upper portion of the body, not the lower.

It will keep things safe and supported, while looking as fashionable as can be. The best part about this DIY project is that, you guessed it, you can do it yourself! So go grab some scissors and a pair of underwear and get to work! Let us know how it comes out!

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She Draws Eyebrows Under Her Eyes. But When She’s Done It’s The Most Unexpected Surprise!

This is by far one of the most inventive makeup tricks I have ever seen! This demonstration is simply mesmerizing. The woman is so creative in conceiving of this idea, and is clearly very artistic. Whether this comes out as well as her endeavor, it is worth putting the time and effort into following her steps, if you would like to become something truly unique for a costume party.

Watch as she doubles the features of her face by using makeup to create another set of eyes on her cheek, an extra nose higher up on the bridge of her actual nose, and a second mouth on her chin. She even goes so far as to glue on false eyelashes to complete the “cheek eyes”!

The result is both “trippy” and, almost dizzying! The transformation is like nothing I have ever seen before. She and her friend take it on the road during daylight hours, to get people’s reactions. People were flipping out! You can only imagine how cool the reaction will be.

Have you ever seen anything like this? This is probably the most wild tutorial I have ever seen in my entire life. Let us know if you try this out and whether you get the awesome results that you are about to watch on this video.

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This Guy Looks Normal But When He Wipes Off His Make Up My Jaw Dropped!

I didn’t know what to expect when this video started. At first, the man referred to as “zombie boy” looks like a normal person you would see walking down the street. Since I knew his nickname, I expected something crazy to happen, but nothing could have prepared me for the transformation that took place next. As it turns out, what meets the eye at first glance is not always the case upon further inspection.

When we first see or meet someone, we form impressions, or prejudgments of that person based on our experience with others who share similarities. It is impossible to avoid doing this, but a good lesson we are taught over and over again is that we should try not to judge a book by its cover.

This video is a new take on this idea, presented in reverse to show us how much our first impression informs our view of a person. If you are like me, you didn’t have a strong impression, negative or positive when I first saw him.

But as he removed the heavy layer of professionally applied makeup that was covering his entire body, the impressions and associations started to form. If they had started the video with a picture of zombie boy as he looks at the end of the video, I would have formed those impressions almost immediately.

By showing the process in reverse, the makers of this video uncover our own preconceived judgments and buried stereotypes at the same time as they uncover the tattooed skin that lies hidden beneath the makeup. Once again, we are taught the valuable lesson that things are rarely as they seem at first glance!

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