Guy Planted Trees In The Same Place For Over 35 Years. Now Watch The UNTHINKABLE Transformation

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Thirty seven years ago a 16 year-old boy named Jadav “Molai” Payeng planted a couple dozen bamboo seedlings in the ground o his home island of Majuli, in Assam, India. The world’s largest river island, Majuli was essentially a huge sandbar covered in wetlands that was eroding fast. With each passing year the surrounding river ate away at its banks and it was shrinking quickly in size.

Jadav had originally been motivated to plant the bamboo trees there after he had come across a bunch of snakes that had died from excessive heat exposure. Heavy flooding had stranded them on the tree-less sandbar and so he decided to plant the seedlings in hopes of providing a little shade for those who might need it. Soon afterwards he started working for a division of the social forestry program and over the next five years he planted more trees on the island as part of a government reforestation project. When that came to an end in 1984 all of the forestry workers left, everyone that is except for Jadav.

He chose to stay behind and spent the the rest of his life planting trees on the island. From that day back in 1979 all the way up and through now, he’d head out into nature and plant new ones. His drive was relentless and soon there was a thriving jungle on the island. In fact he planted so many trees, over 550 hectares of them, that the resulting Molai forest was even named after him!

Today the forest is larger than Manhattan’s Central Park and many rare species of animals and birds have returned. Endangered Bengal tigers, Indian rhinoceros, apes, birds, deer, a species of vulture not seen on the island in over 40 years, and 110+ elephants live there. Erosion has also slowed significantly because the tree roots help to fortify the island against the river and the annual floods that it brings.

In the end there is a wise lesson that can be learned from his endeavors. If you simply give a little each day, and dedicate your time and effort to a worthy cause, it will all come back to you ten-fold in both obvious and mysterious ways. So check out the video to see Mr. Payeng in action and catch a glimpse of his forest and please help spread his inspirational story and pass it on to your friends and family, they’ll love it!

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I Was Confused When She Cut Into This Guy’s Underwear. But When She’s Done It’s Brilliant!

At first I had no idea what to expect. What could she possibly do with that underwear to make it a useful piece of clothing, other than the obvious use of covering the nether regions? Is she going to make some type of fashionable lady pants? Or maybe a hat so magnificent that the queen of England would be jealous?

Maybe it will become some type of underwater breathing device that Leonardo Da Vinci wishes he had thought of. Could she have discovered some way to power a vehicle armed with only a single pair of underwear and the perfect cut? Impossible, you say, but the world is a strange and wondrous place.

Although I will be the first to admit that she is about as likely to do that as she is to use them to grow ultra efficient vegetables to solve the perennial problem of world hunger. Somebody probably knows how to do it, but just hasn’t gotten it on youtube yet.

What she does proceed to create is arguably just as useful. With a few simple cuts, she transforms the underwear into something unrecognizable. I’ll give you a hint: you can wear it, but it is not underwear. It goes on the upper portion of the body, not the lower.

It will keep things safe and supported, while looking as fashionable as can be. The best part about this DIY project is that, you guessed it, you can do it yourself! So go grab some scissors and a pair of underwear and get to work! Let us know how it comes out!

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