He Calls Out To A Large Empty Field Then 4 Giant Creatures Barrel Towards Him.

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They say an elephant never forgets because they have incredible memories and are capable of remembering all sorts of information, experiences, feelings, loved ones, and more. That’s just one interesting elephant fact, of which there are quite a few. Did you know that they are the only land animal that’s unable to jump, or that they purr like kitty cats do in order to communicate?

Their skin is over one inch thick and just as people are either left or right-handed, they prefer one tusk over the other. The list goes on but to truly appreciate how unbelievably smart and beautiful elephants truly are you have to see them in action.

In this video you can see exactly that. In it a volunteer at the Elephant Nature Park in Northern Thailand calls out to a group of elephants who reside at the park. When they hear him hollering in the distance they swiftly come running and greet him excitedly.

While most people would be more than a little nervous at the sight of four huge elephants running straight at them, the man knows better and doesn’t flinch a muscle. They remember him and are his friends, so there’s nothing at all for him to be worried about!

The Elephant Nature Park is a rescue and rehabilitation center that allows visitors and tourists to volunteer and help with the dozens of animals that now call it home. Besides elephants, the nature park also cares for dogs, cats, buffaloes and many other animals.

A lot of them come from abusive backgrounds where they were held in horrible, restrictive, and inhumane conditions. Once they are rescued and brought to the park, their lives change immensely for the better and they are free to wander among the various animals and herds.

In time, they truly come a long way from their abusive backgrounds and their spirits shine with love, happiness, and joy, just like the four elephants in the video.

What a memorable and sweet encounter to witness.

Watch the video below and enjoy:

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Guy Planted Trees In The Same Place For Over 35 Years. Now Watch The UNTHINKABLE Transformation

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Thirty seven years ago a 16 year-old boy named Jadav “Molai” Payeng planted a couple dozen bamboo seedlings in the ground o his home island of Majuli, in Assam, India. The world’s largest river island, Majuli was essentially a huge sandbar covered in wetlands that was eroding fast. With each passing year the surrounding river ate away at its banks and it was shrinking quickly in size.

Jadav had originally been motivated to plant the bamboo trees there after he had come across a bunch of snakes that had died from excessive heat exposure. Heavy flooding had stranded them on the tree-less sandbar and so he decided to plant the seedlings in hopes of providing a little shade for those who might need it. Soon afterwards he started working for a division of the social forestry program and over the next five years he planted more trees on the island as part of a government reforestation project. When that came to an end in 1984 all of the forestry workers left, everyone that is except for Jadav.

He chose to stay behind and spent the the rest of his life planting trees on the island. From that day back in 1979 all the way up and through now, he’d head out into nature and plant new ones. His drive was relentless and soon there was a thriving jungle on the island. In fact he planted so many trees, over 550 hectares of them, that the resulting Molai forest was even named after him!

Today the forest is larger than Manhattan’s Central Park and many rare species of animals and birds have returned. Endangered Bengal tigers, Indian rhinoceros, apes, birds, deer, a species of vulture not seen on the island in over 40 years, and 110+ elephants live there. Erosion has also slowed significantly because the tree roots help to fortify the island against the river and the annual floods that it brings.

In the end there is a wise lesson that can be learned from his endeavors. If you simply give a little each day, and dedicate your time and effort to a worthy cause, it will all come back to you ten-fold in both obvious and mysterious ways. So check out the video to see Mr. Payeng in action and catch a glimpse of his forest and please help spread his inspirational story and pass it on to your friends and family, they’ll love it!

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THIS Tiny Hummingbird Lands On This Big Dog Then The UNTHINKABLE Occurs!

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It’s been said that “what goes around comes around” and for one dog and his best friend, a tiny hummingbird, that age old expression has never been truer. Life started out pretty rough for the unlikely pair and both had to overcome dire situations before they could get to the happy stage they are at now.

It was just last year that Rex was a feral dog living a rough and tumble life in Los Angeles California. Without a home or friend to call his own, the tough street smart dog’s destiny changed forever when he was picked up and rescued. Soon afterwards he was adopted by his current owner, Ed Gernon, and welcomed warmly into his home.

Rex adjusted well to his new living situation, transforming from dangerous and unpredictable into a much calmer and tamer type of dog. Then one day when Rex and Ed were out for a walk they noticed a little hummingbird on the ground.

It was covered in ants and at first glance it appeared to be dead. On a local news station report, CBS LA, Ed recalled that “It was this little creature, this fragile creature that the whole world wanted to kill and (Rex) was trying to protect her, so I thought I’d go the distance.”

He took the half dead bird home and lovingly began the process of nursing her back to health. Under the close supervision of a very interested and concerned Rex he hand-fed the poor baby every 15 minutes homemade sugar syrup.

Before long the bird, now named Hummer, was strong enough to fly and go her own way. However, instead of leaving Rex and Ed, Hummer ended up staying and is now best friends with the dog who inspired her rescue.

The adorable pair now spend every moment of the day together enjoying each others company. On the YouTube video Ed posted of the two he wrote that Hummer “developed a total crush on Rex. Wherever he was, she wanted to be close by. She even started bathing in his water bowl, killing time while he ate before she’d start playing with him again. So strange, but amazing.”

That was over a year ago and today Hummer is still living with her new family. She’s unbelievably well-adjusted to her new domestic life, so much so that she lets Ed give her little kisses! In true karmic fashion, the good deeds have come full circle in this story.

Ed summed it up best when he said “I rescue this dog, he rescues the bird, the bird rescues all of us in a weird sense, and it’s just a miracle.”

Check out the videos to see the beautiful bird and happy family interacting and to hear more of their awesome story!

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This Woman’s Husband Describes The Scent Of a Woman He Met. His Reaction Is HILARIOUS!

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Darcy Camarillo has a husband whom she finds to be hilarious, when he relates stories about every day encounters.  He has just returned from the supermarket, and starts describing an incident, that she has a feeling is worth recording, as he has this way of describing a situation that often leaves her laughing so hard that tears come out at the same time.

Her instincts about this tale were right on the money.  He starts the story at the point of checking out, where he is next to two other shoppers, giving off the worst body odor he has ever encountered.

He is still overcome by the wretched smell, and as Darcy asks him questions, he is overcome with nausea…as if the memory of the smell has been embedded in his memory forever!

Darcy becomes more hysterical as he describes and does impressions of the other customers in the same vicinity, reacting to this unbearable odor.  His reactions as she prods him with questions, makes it impossible not to laugh out loud hysterically yourself.  Watch this crazy footage below…I dare you not to laugh!

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He Slowly Approaches This Frozen Hole At The Lake. What Pops Out Is So UNEXPECTED

As I scan the internet I am always particularly touched by videos that exhibit unlikely bonds between animals of different species.  Although it seems to occur quite often, it never ceases to amaze me, that a horse and a chicken, an elephant and a kitten or a dog and a monkey form a protective and nurturing relationship.

In a world where there is so much violence, it somehow makes me more hopeful that perhaps there is something intrinsically good and loving in human beings, that may ultimately outweigh our competitive and destructive instincts…one can hope.

The video that you are about to watch below, is yet another instance of unlikely trust betweenan elderly Finnish man, Seppo Laaman, and an animal that lives in a hole surrounded by snow and ice near his home.

This lovely man opened his front door one day, to find this starving wild otter whom he nicknamed “Iivari”, needing help.  He fed him fish and worms to restore him to a healthy enough condition to go back and live in his natural environment in the wild.

As you watch this heartwarming footage of their trusting relationship, understand that this smart little otter is not Seppo’s pet.  They have an understanding, as you will see them communicate, that is mutual and has boundaries that are free.

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This Guy Decides To Take A Nap Under A Tree Then The Weirdest Thing Happens!

A volunteer at the Cheetah Experience in South Africa, Dolph C. Volker, put out this extraordinary video to illustrate the possibility of having an affectionate relationship between a human and a big cat.  He writes, “Many people see Cheetahs hunting, running, killing, resting, or raising their young in documentaries, TV, or zoos.

I wanted to show people the up-close and personal side of Cheetahs. I was pleasantly surprised how wonderful their personalities can be. Cheetahs are not considered a ‘social’ cat but they love, display affection, love attention (the tamed ones) and very interactive.”

The footage you are about to view shows Volker with an adult Cheetah named Eden, who has taken an immediate liking to him, within a few days of meeting.  He said that he was able to “trust her completely”, as Eden’s comfort with him increased.

His take on her treatment of him was reflective of her experiencing him as another Cheetah.  This included the astounding behavior we get to view in this video which Volker narrates as it takes place in front of our eyes;  “grooming, nibbling, biting, pacifying, purring, laying on me, and sleeping… cuddling up close to me. I’m amazed how much more interactive and affectionate Cheetahs are compared to the average domesticated cat.”

I have to say that although I found this video captivating, I had to question Volker’s judgement in laying down with Eden; at any moment she could get carried away with her affection and bite him, without meaning to hurt him.

Volker talks about this, although he believes that by listening to her purring he was capable of gauging whether at any moment he could be in danger.

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