This Woman’s Husband Describes The Scent Of a Woman He Met. His Reaction Is HILARIOUS!

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Darcy Camarillo has a husband whom she finds to be hilarious, when he relates stories about every day encounters.  He has just returned from the supermarket, and starts describing an incident, that she has a feeling is worth recording, as he has this way of describing a situation that often leaves her laughing so hard that tears come out at the same time.

Her instincts about this tale were right on the money.  He starts the story at the point of checking out, where he is next to two other shoppers, giving off the worst body odor he has ever encountered.

He is still overcome by the wretched smell, and as Darcy asks him questions, he is overcome with nausea…as if the memory of the smell has been embedded in his memory forever!

Darcy becomes more hysterical as he describes and does impressions of the other customers in the same vicinity, reacting to this unbearable odor.  His reactions as she prods him with questions, makes it impossible not to laugh out loud hysterically yourself.  Watch this crazy footage below…I dare you not to laugh!

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