A Great Recipe To Poach 12 Eggs at Once.

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Eggs are one of the most versatile foods to cook with and eat. They’re often a main ingredient in many recipes and can be cooked by themselves in lots of different ways. The fact that a dozen of them are inexpensive and widely available makes them a staple to have on hand. Plus, they make a great addition to main dishes or as a side accompaniment to a meal.

Even people who don’t happen to be master chefs can easily whip up a batch of scrambled, hard boiled, or fried eggs. However, when it comes to poaching an egg, that definitely falls on the more difficult side of the egg cooking-spectrum.

Poaching is a cooking method whereby a food is dropped and simmered in liquid. Usually water, milk, or some type of stock is used and it’s an ideal way to cook foods which tend to fall apart when cooked other ways. That’s why many recipes involving eggs, fish, chicken, and fruits are poached.

Mastering the technique can be tricky but if you follow the accompanying tutorial from the Food and Wine Test Kitchen’s Justin Chapple you’ll get it correct and soon you can be poaching up to 12 eggs simultaneously!

First off, you are going to need water, a muffin tin, and a dozen fresh large eggs. Start by pre-heating the oven to 350 degrees and then place one tablespoon of water in each of the cups on the muffin tin. Next, crack one egg into each slot, right on top of the water, and immediately place them into the heated oven.

Bake for 8-10 minutes and you’ll know they’re done if they match up with the following description- the egg white should be nice and firm and the yolk jiggly. To help keep them intact, use a slotted spoon to scoop them from the tin.

Also, if there’s any excess moisture simply place them on a paper towel lined plate and then sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste. In the end, you should end up with neatly cooked egg whites that ensconce a still runny, slightly creamy, liquid yolk.

When you dig a fork into them and pierce the whites the yellow yolk will spill out and that’s what the ideal poached egg should look like. Bon Appétit!!

Let us know if this life hack worked for you! Enjoy!

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He Wipes Steel Wool All Over THIS Windshield. But The Reason Is Unexpectedly GENIUS!

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If you’ve ever owned, maintained, or driven an automobile, then you know how dirty and cloudy looking the windshield can get over time. The filmy layer forms because all of the dirt, dust, pollutants, bugs, tar, and other nasty road grime that you drive through gets blasted directly at the windshield!

While most of it ends up bouncing off, some of it inevitably ends up sticking to the glass, especially bugs. However, it’s the teeny tiny minuscule particles that you don’t even see which add up and make the windshield look dirty, hazy, and hard to see out of.

Oftentimes a regular car wash will fail to remove this type of dirt build up and instead you’ll need to really scrub and work hard to clean it all off. Or, you can make your life easier by trying this simple and effective method that will leave you with a super clean windshield.

The choice is easy, so here’s everything that you’ll need; rain-x, steel wool (*make sure to get the finest type available- which is 4 ott), two old cotton t-shirts or rags, and an old pair of cotton socks. Start off by taking a steel wool pad and rub it all over the glass.

If you use the finest type it won’t scratch it, but will still easily remove everything that’s stuck on the windshield including bugs, grime, and the notoriously tough water spots, which are a pain to get off. Keep rubbing for as long as it takes to completely clean, paying attention to any little spots that may be tougher than usual to get out. It may take you about 5-10 minutes to do this but the cleaner the better and longer lasting it will be.

The next step is to grab an old sock and soak it with rain-x. Do not skimp on this part! Apply it to the glass in circular, overlapping motions, making sure to cover every single spot on the windshield without getting any on the car paint. After it dries a little, apply a second rain-x coat right on top of the first one, and let that completely dry.

Take a rag and completely soak it with water, then wring it out so that it’s still quite wet but not so much that it’s dripping. Use it to wipe the glass to remove the rain-x film you applied on the windshield, and for this part you don’t need to press down hard or anything. Finally, take the other dry rag and wipe down the windshield again to completely dry it and you’re done!

If you try this your windshield will be incredibly clean, clear, and smooth to the touch. When it rains the water will slide right off and you won’t need to use the wipers nearly as much as you would have without this treatment. This also works for the rear windshield, side windows, and side view mirrors.

The gentleman in the video further suggests that you coat the wiper blades with rain-x as well to help make it last longer, since it tends to wear off quicker on the windshield from the blades constantly going across it. He also suggested “Invisible Glass” cleaner be used on the inside of windows because it’s far superior to regular glass cleaners and doesn’t leave behind any streaks.

Check out the video for more great tips and try this out yourself!

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He Draws Over The Flash Of His Phone With A Blue and Purple Sharpie. The Reason Is Unexpectedly GENIUS!

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Is there really an app for everything you need in life? Well, there certainly are a lot, which often makes me utter in amazement,  “WHAT A WORLD!” However, when I came across this ingenious hack that you are about to watch below, I realized that there are still many apps that haven’t been created, and the idea this clever YouTuber has come up with, serves a really useful function.

Perhaps some of you don’t really care about the nasty viruses and bacteria left on services you touch, but sometimes knowing may  save you from picking up germs that will make you sick. Are you intrigued? If you are watch this tutorial below, you will see how easily and quickly, you can turn the flash on your cell phone into a BLACK LIGHT.

Black lights have the capability of making visible, that which you cannot see with the naked eye. All you will need is some scotch  tape, one Blue and one Purple Sharpie. The tutorial shows you how easily you can create a black light, that will send you on an exploration of what is actually living on surfaces, that you assume are clean.

This is particularly handy if you are staying in a hotel that appears to be cleaned, but really has surfaces where germs have been left behind by many people who have stayed there before you! Even your own home deserves some inspection…get ready for a good Spring cleaning!

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After You See How This Guy Wraps Presents You Will Never Do It The Same Way Again. It’s So Simple!

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I love receiving presents, but truly my favorite thing is giving gifts, and as we all know “presentation is everything!”  So when I found this gift wrapping hack I was really excited; I’m pretty good at wrapping but I’m always happy to find a trick that works every time and doesn’t waste paper.

I take pride in my gift giving ability, and know how nice it is to receive something in a beautiful package. The man who demonstrates this Japanese trick for wrapping, in the video you are about to watch below, does an excellent job of showing you this foolproof method.

By watching his tutorial you will learn how to cut the right amount of paper to cover your gift, so you don’t waste paper, and follow this step-by-step technique by laying the box on a diagonal.  You keep working in a triangular fashion, so that the corners never bulk up.  The results are amazing and it’s fun to do!

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She Places Bubble Wrap All Over Her Windows. The Reason Is GENIUS!

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Winter doesn’t officially begin until December 21, at 11:48 P.M. EST, but temperatures are dropping well below freezing in many areas of the country already. People have been digging out their warm clothes, blankets, and extra bedding, as well as cranking up the thermostat to keep their houses nice and comfortable.

That’s just about all you can basically do to fight the winter chill, but heating the house can turn into an expensive endeavor. When it comes to keeping the warm air in, and the cold air out, insulation is key. All the cracks and crevices, or drafty areas that you notice, need to be found and insulated.

The most common and draftiest areas of our houses where the majority of heat tends to escape is doorways and windows. Stores sell a variety of products that are meant to be used to keep these areas insulated, such as “draft stoppers” that fit under or around the bottoms of doors.

For windows, there are all different types of kits and sealants, but you can easily create your own window draft-blocker without spending any money at all. This quick and easy method to insulate a window is brought to you by YouTube user AlaskaGranny. She shows how to insulate a window with bubble wrap, so if you have any on hand be sure to save it!

Other than bubble wrap, you’ll also need a pair of scissors and a spray bottle with water. This takes less than a minute to do and it can be done on any type of window. To do it yourself, start by taking a piece of bubble wrap and cut it so that it fits the window that you want covered.

Next, grab the spray bottle and spritz some water onto the glass window and on the bubbly side of the plastic bubble wrap. Place that side, the wet and bubbly one, against the window so that the smooth side faces towards you. Gently press it into place and you’re done!

The bubble wrap will add extra insulation to the window and it stays in place naturally all winter long. When you want to remove it, simply peel it off. It won’t leave behind any marks and all you may have to do is clean the glass, but it’s nothing that a little Windex can’t fix. Try it this winter and save yourself a lot of money, you’ll be extra toasty and won’t have to spend a dime.

Be sure to pass this tip along to your family and friends, it will save them so much money!

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She Puts Toothpaste All Over Her Nails. The Reason Is Genius!

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If you have ever painted your nails with a glitter filled nail polish then you know that it’s hands down the worst type of polish to remove. It takes ten times longer to scrub the glittery bits off your nails than any version without it.

The most annoying part has got to be when you’re using a cotton pad soaked in nail polish remover and it snags and sticks to the glitter on the nail, which tears it up into an unusable mess, and makes it worthless. If all this sounds familiar then you need to view this video and learn this cool trick.

It will save you a lot of time, but overall it’ll just make you more sane the next time you go to remove the dreadful glitter polish. You will need cotton balls (or wipes or pads), nail polish remover, a nail cleaning brush or toothbrush, Vaseline, toothpaste and an optional lemon.

Start by gently rubbing and removing the topcoat with nail polish remover and a wipe before rubbing some Vaseline onto each one of your nails. In a small dish place a few drops of water, add in a dime sized amount of any type of toothpaste, and squeeze half a lemon in if you wish to whiten and brighten your nails.

Mix it all together well before dipping the nail or toothbrush in to pick it up, then rub the concoction onto your nails. Scrub fast and apply a little bit of pressure to really work off the polish. After about a minute of steady scrubbing the glittery polish should start to come right off.

If you use a nail brush you can get all of the nails in one go at once and that’s what makes this the fastest way to get stubborn glitter polish off. When your finger tips are clear of polish simply wash and dry your hands before applying another coat of Vaseline to help moisturize your cuticles and nails. That’s it!

The accompanying video shows you how easily glitter polish comes off nails when you use this trick. The method is perfect for those of us who like to change up our polish color or texture often. Try it the next time you want to remove tired, old, once pretty glittery nail polish, and you’ll be glad you watched the video and learned the easy technique.

Let us know if this technique worked for you!

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