THIS Guy Hammers Nails Into This Lemon. The Awesome Reason Could Save Your Life!

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There is something about fire that grabs our attention and imagination. Humans have been transfixed by dancing orange and blue flames ever since the dawn of time and nothing quite rivals the awesomeness of the strange and wonderful things that people have conjured up involving fire.

Whether it’s fire breathing or walking, there’s lots of neat and amazing tricks you can do with fire and some are survival oriented hacks that people turn to in times of need. The latest one that has been spreading across the internet like fire involves using a lemon to make just that, a fire!

Whether you want to impress your friends, need a science project idea, or just like doing cool MacGyver type of stuff, this video is for you. It was uploaded to YouTube by the NorthSurvival channel, which is full of all sorts of interesting and innovative survival tips and information so be sure to check it out.

To successfully pull this particular trick off you’ll need a few other items in addition to a lemon. Gather together 6 copper clips, 6 zinc nails, some insulated wire, and steel wool. Copper and zinc coins will work too, but the clips and nails work best because you want to stick them securely into the lemon.

Start by working the lemon in between your palms so that it softens up. Take the copper clips and stick them into the lemon in a single file row all down one side, spacing them apart by about a centimeter. Now take the zinc nails and push them into the lemon on the same side so that they’re parallel to the copper clips.

Grab a little piece of wire and connect it from the first copper clip to the second zinc nail. Do this again by connecting another piece of wire from the second copper clip to the third zinc nail and so on, until you reach the end of the line. This is what creates a reaction between the two metals that ends up producing electricity.

The next step is to connect a piece of insulated wire to each end where the nail and clip have no wire on them yet. The copper clip will be the (+) positive end and the zinc nail will be the (–) negative. The wired up lemon should produce around 5 volts of electricity and at this point you’re ready to harness that power to start a fire!

Take the steel wool and place some dry tinder atop it, toilette paper was used in the video and works well. Now take the two wire ends from the lemon and touch them to the steel wool. This short circuits it which causes the wool to heat up enough to spark a fire. Once you get a flame going add more tinder and build up the fire with other materials to keep it going.

It goes without saying that you should always be careful around open flames and/or electricity, and while the saying “don’t play with fire” is good advice, this trick can easily be done safely if you exercise appropriate caution and supervise the flame at all times. So the next time life hands you lemons, stick in some metal and wire them up to create a unique battery-type of fire starter.

Enjoy this awesome project!

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She Puts Her Nails In A Bowl of Water And Green Nail Polish. When She Pulls Her Hand Out It’s STUNNING

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Nails have always been painted and decorated to match and compliment outfits and occasions, and now they’re fast becoming one of the most versatile and fun ways to get into different holiday spirits. People have come up with thousands of cool designs and techniques to get crazy, creative looking nails. There are tons of how to videos online that teach how to achieve super complex looking nail art designs. Some are easy and others are best left to professionals at a salon.

This tutorial from the My Simple Little Pleasures YouTube channel is perfect for St. Patrick’s Day. The video shows how to turn nails into festive four leaf clovers with water and nail polish that goes on with a marbling effect. The instructions make it very easy for anyone to recreate and each of the specific products used are listed in the video description. Try it out and get creative! After all, the worst thing that could happen is you may have to remove the polish.

For starters you will need white and green colored nail polishes, base coat, clear and fast drying top coat, a small paper cup, room temperature filtered water, plus a wooden cuticle pusher manicure stick or a similar type of sharp tool.

Start off by prepping your nails and apply a layer of base coat beforehand to help protect them. Gather all the things you need and fill the paper cup with room temperature filtered water. Take the green polish and drip a drop of it into the center of the water cup, then take the white polish and let a droplet of it fall in the middle of the cup.

Keep alternating drops of the nail polishes for six times each into the cup until 12 rings of polish have formed on the surface of the water. Take the cuticle pusher stick and use the pointy side to gently and carefully draw four lines, one from each side to the center of the cup. This draws the polish together and is what will form the four leaf clover so make sure to evenly space the lines so that the leaves will turn out even as well.

Next, take the pointy end of the stick and dip it down into the center to shrink the clover. Work quickly so that the polish doesn’t dry. Now it’s time for the application part. To make this less messy you may want to place tape around the skin near your nails beforehand. Line your middle nail up with the center of the cup as evenly as you possibly can so that the other two surrounding fingernails are also even with the polish lines in the cup.

Gently dip your fingernails down into the water and keep them there while you use the wooden manicure stick to clean up the excess polish around them. When the surface is clear, pull the nails out and allow them to dry. You can remove any extra nail polish that’s on your fingers and clean up nail edges to make them look neat. Be careful not to smudge or smear it but if you do, once it’s completely dry, you can fix up any spots that need it. Lastly, don’t forget to finish the look off with a clear top coat to protect your new paint job and make it last longer.

This four leaf clover nail art design is really easy to DIY and people will definitely notice the cool marbled effect on your nails, they really stand out! Best of all, doing this yourself at home will save you all the money that you would have ended up spending at the nail salon and it’s not cheap. All it takes is a little time and effort and you can have festive, creative, unique looking nails!

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Which Finger Nails Shape and Size Are You? The Answer Will Reveal Things About Your True Personality.

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All that it takes is one quick glance at someone for us to form an overall impression as to who they are. We take in what they are wearing, how they style their hair, and pay special attention to their physical characteristics. These things can all reveal a little insight into what their personalities may be like and that’s why they say you never get a second chance to make a first impression!

The practice of judging people based on appearance has existed for as long as mankind has. There are a number of different tests and theories concerning physical traits linked to personality types and many of them focus primarily on body parts, like the hands, feet, and head. One well known example you’ve likely heard of is phrenology, which centers on analyzing character traits based off of skull measurements. While modern thought and practice has moved well beyond phrenology, back in the early 1800s an entire area of study was dedicated to the discipline.

In this day and age the most recent related trend has to do with the hands and the primary focus is on nail shapes. Known commonly as ‘nail personality diagnosis’ the concept originated in Japan and it has recently caught on in the West. The idea is that the shape of a person’s nails can be used to analyze and predict various personality traits.

While some people may be skeptical about these types of things, it best to try and keep an open mind about it. At the very least it’s an interesting take on personality and the general ideas that nail personality diagnosis embodies could actually be onto something. It may be a stretch, but in a semi-related study published in the Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry, researchers found that people who bite their nails tend to be perfectionists. When things get stressful or are out of their control it makes then feel tense and they take that frustration out on their nails. Most of the time they aren’t even aware they’re biting their nails, it’s like a subconscious reaction they have. So if you are a nail-biter, it may be due to the fact that you’re a perfectionist!

All that aside, take a moment to do a quick self-evaluation and look down at your nails. Simply match up the shape and size they are with the corresponding picture and then read what it has to say about your personality.

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THIS Is Not A Picture Of A Man. When You Zoom In You Will See Whats Hidden In There!

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We are privy to so many creative things through our access to the internet…things that we probably would never have the chance to see. Occasionally I see something so unbelievably out of the realm of anything I could ever imagine, that I am left completely in awe.

What is so wonderful about what you are about to view in the video below, is not only the final masterpiece, but the actual process that was taken to arrive there. An artist from the Ukraine, Zenyk Palahniuk, came to his canvas with only a pencil, hammer, thread and nails.

After conceiving what he was to embark upon, he painstakingly spent over 200 hours (the equivalent of 8 days) to complete this incredible piece of art. His entire process from start to finish is captured in this sped up footage, in which Zenyk hammered approximately 13,000 nails connected by 15 miles of thread.

Such genius of conception and the beauty of his finished masterwork is truly mind-boggling. It is proof positive of the uniqueness of artistic intelligence meeting the joy of creation.

Let us know what your thoughts are.

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Grandpa Was Biting His Fingernails But Now He’s In Critical Condition In a Fight For His Life With Sepsis!

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Many people bite their fingernails, it’s an absentminded habit that most don’t even realize they’re doing. While the majority eventually grow out of it, some continue the dirty habit their entire lives. The reasons vary as to why people bite their nails and it’s been attributed to many factors, from boredom and stress to anxiety and unease. Oftentimes nothing bad comes of it, but on rare occasions it can lead to severe health issues.

In one such case a man almost died from biting his nails. His name is Ricky Kennedy and at the time he was a 57 year old grandfather who lived in Dumbarton, Scotland. Ricky, a self-professed nail biter his entire life, had chewed his thumbnail down a little too far one day and ended up breaking open the skin.

A blister popped up the next day and bacteria from his mouth had gotten into the small opening and caused an infection. Soon afterwards the bacteria had spread to his bloodstream, it left him in pain and so he visited the doctor who gave him some antibiotics to help fight the infection.

Four days later Ricky was in such extreme pain that his wife had to call an ambulance. He couldn’t move and after being rushed to the hospital doctors told him he had a 50% chance of living. He was diagnosed with having sepsis, a life-threatening condition caused by the body’s response to an infection. Normally our bodies release chemicals into our bloodstreams to fight off an infection but with sepsis, that normal response is thrown out of balance and instead the body attacks its own tissue and organs.

Thankfully Ricky had gotten to the hospital just in time and his rapidly deteriorating condition was halted. He pulled through but had to spend six months in the hospital recovering from the painful ordeal which left him with an eroded collarbone, septic arthritis, and asthma. Even still, Ricky is thankful to be alive and credits his family and friends for giving him the strength and determination to fight on and live.

Even though he has a long road to recovery ahead of him, including multiple surgeries to repair his collarbone, he’s just happy to be alive and out of the hospital. He wants his story to serve as a cautionary tale about how biting your nails can turn deadly and to raise awareness about sepsis as well. To learn more about his ordeal please check out the video and share it with friends and family.

Watch the video below for the full story:

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THIS Is The Surprising Reason Why You Should Stop Picking The Skin Around Your Nails Right NOW!

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There are so many repetitive habits, many of which are formed during childhood, that are self-soothing even though they have negative consequences.  When it comes to the hands, nail-biting and knuckle cracking are ones familiar to many.

One, that also occurs in 2 out of 7 people, is the biting of the skin around the nails, called “Dermatophagia”.   According to research, “Dermatophagia” is linked to both impulse control and obsessive-compulsive disorders.  This makes sense in terms of the negative self-soothing aspect of this nervous habit.  The question is what in actuality, makes this a negative coping mechanism for dealing with anxiety?

To begin with, the compulsive nature of this habit, results in physical pain as the skin around the nails becomes raw and often bleeds.  When the skin becomes vulnerable, the chances of consuming harmful germs and the risk for skin infection is significantly raised.

In addition to these harmful health consequences, this addictive behavior that tends to increase with boredom and higher stress levels, often becoming embarrassing.  People tend not to seek medical help, until they have serious infections and feel totally out of control in repeating the biting.

Fortunately this addictive habit can be treated with therapy and medications.  The video you are about to watch below, was posted by a man who is at the end of his rope with his repetitive behavior, and is searching for help.

He will be happy to hear that their are two main therapies that work best in dealing with skin biting: HABIT REVERSAL TRAINING and STIMULUS CONTROL.

Habit Reversal Training helps you to pinpoint which factors in your life are the TRIGGERS for skin picking and biting.  Once you have done this, alternative behavioral strategies that involve your hands, are suggested to curb the habit.  An example is, SQUEEZING A RUBBER BALL, which has been found to reduce stress and will keep your hands busy.

Stimulus Control is a therapeutic technique, which suggests altering your environment, to put a stop to skin biting.  Keeping the skin around the nails covered with Band-Aids or even wearing gloves, are examples of strategies that have helped people who are desperate to curb this behavior

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