Which Finger Nails Shape and Size Are You? The Answer Will Reveal Things About Your True Personality.

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All that it takes is one quick glance at someone for us to form an overall impression as to who they are. We take in what they are wearing, how they style their hair, and pay special attention to their physical characteristics. These things can all reveal a little insight into what their personalities may be like and that’s why they say you never get a second chance to make a first impression!

The practice of judging people based on appearance has existed for as long as mankind has. There are a number of different tests and theories concerning physical traits linked to personality types and many of them focus primarily on body parts, like the hands, feet, and head. One well known example you’ve likely heard of is phrenology, which centers on analyzing character traits based off of skull measurements. While modern thought and practice has moved well beyond phrenology, back in the early 1800s an entire area of study was dedicated to the discipline.

In this day and age the most recent related trend has to do with the hands and the primary focus is on nail shapes. Known commonly as ‘nail personality diagnosis’ the concept originated in Japan and it has recently caught on in the West. The idea is that the shape of a person’s nails can be used to analyze and predict various personality traits.

While some people may be skeptical about these types of things, it best to try and keep an open mind about it. At the very least it’s an interesting take on personality and the general ideas that nail personality diagnosis embodies could actually be onto something. It may be a stretch, but in a semi-related study published in the Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry, researchers found that people who bite their nails tend to be perfectionists. When things get stressful or are out of their control it makes then feel tense and they take that frustration out on their nails. Most of the time they aren’t even aware they’re biting their nails, it’s like a subconscious reaction they have. So if you are a nail-biter, it may be due to the fact that you’re a perfectionist!

All that aside, take a moment to do a quick self-evaluation and look down at your nails. Simply match up the shape and size they are with the corresponding picture and then read what it has to say about your personality.

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Look Down At Your Nails. The Way They Are Shaped May Indicate Something About Your Personality.

Throughout the ages different methods have arisen that can supposedly determine personality at just a glance. These theories and beliefs oftentimes link certain body parts to a person’s traits. Some posit that the size and shape of your can determine a person’s character. In fact, there used to be an entire area of science, known as phrenology, dedicated to analyzing character traits based on skull measurements In the past, it was even believed that the closeness of one’s eyes signaled their artistic talent.

The current trend is focused on what a person’s nail shape says about their personality. It originally started in Asia and has since spread quickly West. It really all depends on your personality as to how far you read into and believe these things, but however accurate it may be, at the very least it is a fun way to pass time and self-evaluate. Here is a breakdown of the different shapes and what they reveal:

1. Vertically long nail bed = mildly tempered, precise, imaginative and creative. You’re a people person and generally get along well with most everyone.

2. Broad sideways nail bed = honest, no nonsense, short tempered, theoretical. You tell the truth no matter what and often give others advice because of this.

3 & 4. Rounded or egg shaped nails = relaxed, unique, positive, sensible. You move to your own beat and never let things get the best of you, which means you have many long term friends.

5. Square shaped nail beds = a leader, strong, skillful, gutsy. You are often serious and people look to you as a leader, but you also have a soft side reserved for people close to you.

6 & 7. Triangular or Inverted nail shapes = smart, perfectionist, innovative, original. You may be a genius and think faster than others, people are fascinated by you.

8. Almond shaped nails = faithful, honest, amicable, nice. You are polite yet stand your ground when necessary, people enjoy your company and how you handle things.

9. Sword shaped nails = aspiring, industrious, visionary, focused. You are focused on long term goals and the big picture, and influence people in a rewarding, positive way.

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What Does Your Nose Shape Reveal About Your Personality?

Noses are a prominent feature on our faces and they impact our lives in several major ways. Not only do they help with breathing and detecting scents, they also protect us by preventing bacteria and other airborne debris from entering our bodies. Noses also play a factor in our sense of taste and they affect the way our voices sound.

Love them or hate them, our noses are a major part of what makes us who we are. While we all have our own uniquely personal one, they have been narrowed down and classified by shape into just a handful of distinct categories. Furthermore, each type of nose has been matched up with its own special characteristics and personality traits. Whether you were aware of it or not, your nose can actually reveal a lot about you!

All of this comes from a study conducted by Abraham Tamir, a professor at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel, that was published in the Journal of Craniofacial Surgery. For his study Professor Tamir collected over 1,790 pictures of noses that included both artwork, such as paintings and sculptures, and candid photographs of different people that were taken all over Europe and Israel. He then went through all of the photos and matched each one up with a work of art that displayed a nose most similar to it. Finally, the personality traits which happen to be most commonly associated with each piece of artwork were then attributed to the matching nose types.

Based on the results of Professor Tamir’s study and conclusions, the following quiz was developed. All that you have to do is look closely at your nose and figure out which nose shape it resembles and matches up with the best. Once you select the corresponding nose shape, your nose-based personality profile will be revealed and you can read all about it. Have fun and enjoy!

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