This Kitty Is Has Awesome Camouflage Skills.

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Every living thing in nature comes with its own camouflage, features, and coloring to make them either blend in or stand out. These attributes have evolved over time to help protect animals from predators and give them a better chance of survival. Some have better abilities than others at becoming one with nature, and cats in particular fall on the higher end of the camouflage spectrum. They are natural hunters and use their master skills to sneak up on unsuspecting tasty treats!

When it comes to felines, they have an uncanny ability to blend in with their surroundings and habitat. Many cat owners have walked right by their cute little pet animals without even noticing they were there. It happens all of the time, even when someone is specifically looking for their cat! A lot of cat owners can attest to tripping over their cats because they just always seem to be in the perfect spot to hide and trip their unsuspecting humans.

This picture is proof of just how stealth and sneaky kitties can be. Somewhere in this image is a cat that is extremely well hidden thanks to the natural camouflage mother nature gave them, their fur coats. A whopping ninety-five percent of people who look for the cat fail to spot it in thirty seconds or less. Try looking now to see whether or not you’re able to pass the challenge and can find the kitty in that short amount of time! Good luck! Let us know if you spotted the cat!

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What Is Your Hippie Name? Find Out!

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What would your hippie name be? That is a daring question which taps into the roots of the Naming Tree, whose age can only be guessed. Deep in the histories of the almighty lands of lore and spirit, there came upon a midnight’s calling a vestibule, so vast and glamorous that even the nearest stars stared in wonder.

Within each of those who have heard the tale, there exists a tender area, not quite sadness, but certainly mixed with wonder and happiness. It all began so long ago, it’s hard to really remember a good place to begin.

Time is like that, you know, always sneaking around and hiding things, only to pop them back up again at weird intervals that only the strangest among us can even begin to decipher. By the time you’ve noticed that you’ve noticed that something has begun, its end is approaching at a rate of acceleration beyond comprehension.

How can anyone hope to gather themselves enough for the harsh blow of the inevitable slumber? But we live on, and we learn. We learn to forget, and we forget to learn again. Beginnings start, and endings finish, only to arise anew.

Maybe, just maybe, through the extravagant richness of experience offered by the Nature that surrounds us, we will come to deeper understanding of our intrinsic experience of infinite perfection and continuity with all existence.

If you look into that part of yourself, you will find your hippie name.

What is your hippie name?  Let us know!

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She Puts Her Nails In A Bowl of Water And Green Nail Polish. When She Pulls Her Hand Out It’s STUNNING

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Nails have always been painted and decorated to match and compliment outfits and occasions, and now they’re fast becoming one of the most versatile and fun ways to get into different holiday spirits. People have come up with thousands of cool designs and techniques to get crazy, creative looking nails. There are tons of how to videos online that teach how to achieve super complex looking nail art designs. Some are easy and others are best left to professionals at a salon.

This tutorial from the My Simple Little Pleasures YouTube channel is perfect for St. Patrick’s Day. The video shows how to turn nails into festive four leaf clovers with water and nail polish that goes on with a marbling effect. The instructions make it very easy for anyone to recreate and each of the specific products used are listed in the video description. Try it out and get creative! After all, the worst thing that could happen is you may have to remove the polish.

For starters you will need white and green colored nail polishes, base coat, clear and fast drying top coat, a small paper cup, room temperature filtered water, plus a wooden cuticle pusher manicure stick or a similar type of sharp tool.

Start off by prepping your nails and apply a layer of base coat beforehand to help protect them. Gather all the things you need and fill the paper cup with room temperature filtered water. Take the green polish and drip a drop of it into the center of the water cup, then take the white polish and let a droplet of it fall in the middle of the cup.

Keep alternating drops of the nail polishes for six times each into the cup until 12 rings of polish have formed on the surface of the water. Take the cuticle pusher stick and use the pointy side to gently and carefully draw four lines, one from each side to the center of the cup. This draws the polish together and is what will form the four leaf clover so make sure to evenly space the lines so that the leaves will turn out even as well.

Next, take the pointy end of the stick and dip it down into the center to shrink the clover. Work quickly so that the polish doesn’t dry. Now it’s time for the application part. To make this less messy you may want to place tape around the skin near your nails beforehand. Line your middle nail up with the center of the cup as evenly as you possibly can so that the other two surrounding fingernails are also even with the polish lines in the cup.

Gently dip your fingernails down into the water and keep them there while you use the wooden manicure stick to clean up the excess polish around them. When the surface is clear, pull the nails out and allow them to dry. You can remove any extra nail polish that’s on your fingers and clean up nail edges to make them look neat. Be careful not to smudge or smear it but if you do, once it’s completely dry, you can fix up any spots that need it. Lastly, don’t forget to finish the look off with a clear top coat to protect your new paint job and make it last longer.

This four leaf clover nail art design is really easy to DIY and people will definitely notice the cool marbled effect on your nails, they really stand out! Best of all, doing this yourself at home will save you all the money that you would have ended up spending at the nail salon and it’s not cheap. All it takes is a little time and effort and you can have festive, creative, unique looking nails!

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This Guy Puts A Bar Of Soap In His Microwave. The Results Are An Unexpectedly Wild Surprise!

This video shows us  6 science tricks that will be loved by adults and kids alike.  Using everyday products the video you are about to watch is so important, because it makes science fun!  If you include your kids in the fun, it will increase their curiosity and creativity without incurring danger.

One such experiment is what happens when you put raw eggs in distilled vinegar.  There is a reaction that occurs, and within 48 hours something really surprising happens!  Not only do the shells dissolve, but the eggs actually bounce!!  Then the making of an actual homemade bouncy ball is illustrated, as well as an ivory soap soufflé.

The fun continues as we are shown how to change the color of a flower!  Within one hour, before your very eyes, the flower changes it’s color through the process of transferring food colored water through the stem.  These, and other fun science experiments are perfect to try with your kids during the upcoming holidays or on a rainy day.  Making science awe-inspiring for your kids is the gift of a lifetime!

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She Pours Marbles Into a Bowl of Water Filled With Ice. But When She’s Done It’s STUNNING

Nothing pulls an outfit together quite like a piece of beautiful jewelry can. If paired right, the extra bit of decoration and sparkle can instantly upgrade the most plain and simple looks and turn them into modern elegant ones.

This season the hottest trend in jewelry isn’t statement pieces, it’s crystal necklaces. They’re showing up everywhere, from the runways in Paris to stores at the local mall, and a quality made one costs a lot of money.

Instead of buying a mass produced, drastically marked up crystal necklace, you can create your own for a fraction of the cost. The one of a kind pieces come out looking absolutely beautiful and they’re also very easy to make if you follow the steps outlined below and refer to the tutorial from yoyomax12.

While the video is titled “fried marbles” the technique shown actually involves baking them in the oven. The extreme heat is what helps give the marbles a crackled, unique look which resembles that of a crystal.

First, you will need some glass marbles, any size or color will work, but the plain clear ones seem to work best for this. Place them in an oven safe container, like a pie dish or pan, and then stick them in the oven.

Bake the marbles for about 20 minutes at 500 degrees Fahrenheit. While they’re cooking fill a large bowl up with cold water and place some ice cubes in it because you want the water to be as icy cold as possible.

As soon as you take the marbles out of the oven transfer them over to the bowl and carefully pour them into the ice water. Their insides should immediately crackle and shatter and they should end up looking like the ones in the video. If any of them are cracked or broken simply toss them out.

The neat effect and appearance is caused by the glass cooling rapidly and going from an extremely hot temperature to ice cold. That’s what makes the insides of the marble shatter and gives them the distinct, pretty, and unique look that reflects and refracts light much more beautifully than plain old marbles ever could!

To make a necklace with these fried marbles you will need bead caps, eye pins, jump rings and superglue, all of which can be purchased at virtually any craft store. Take an eye pin and thread it into a bead cap before trimming any excess. Fill the bead cap up with clear superglue, press it onto a marble, and allow it to completely dry overnight.

Place a jump ring on the eye pin once the glue has set and now you have a crystal marble pendant! All that’s left to do is add a chain by threading it through the extra jump ring and any type that’s thin enough will do.

You can use leather cording, clear wire, or a metal chain to dress the look up or down. No one else will have anything like this necklace, so be original before they catch on and become all the rage!

Even if you choose to not make a necklace, the fried marbles work well for many alternative things. You can use these little gems to decorate around the house, stick them in a fish tank, or use them for arts and crafts projects. Either way, make a batch, get creative, and try something new!

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This Royal Guard Notices A Little Kid Copying All His Moves. So He Responds By Doing THIS

There are lots of videos and stories about tourists and members of the public trying to make Royal Guards laugh or crack a smile. It’s hard to to get them to break protocol but that doesn’t stop people from trying. Most people think only Great Britain has a Royal Guard, but other countries do as well, including Sweden.

They are responsible for protecting the Swedish Royal family and are always stationed at the Royal Palace in Stockholm, as well as at Drottningholm Palace, the private residence of the royal family. They have guarded the family since 1523 and the Royal Palace upon it’s completion, with no facial expressions, perfect uniforms, and stoic rigidity ever since.

The little boy in this video must dream of being a soldier and he’s well on his way to becoming one. He copies the distinctive walking style, pace, and moves of the guard on duty very well. He must have studied and practiced it before because he looks too polished and professional for a beginner.

The boy even carries his own toy, in place for a rifle, or a stick or something (it’s hard to see exactly what it is). He is fun to watch as he marches around and appears to have drawn the attention of some onlookers. Even the guard seems impressed although it’s nearly impossible to tell since most of the view and angle is of their backside.

Either way, the guard lets the boy go about his fun and games, mimicking and copying the professional soldier, and that probably made the boy’s day! This is just the most heart warming thing I’ve seen today. I hope you enjoy as much as I did!

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