What Is Your Hippie Name? Find Out!

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What would your hippie name be? That is a daring question which taps into the roots of the Naming Tree, whose age can only be guessed. Deep in the histories of the almighty lands of lore and spirit, there came upon a midnight’s calling a vestibule, so vast and glamorous that even the nearest stars stared in wonder.

Within each of those who have heard the tale, there exists a tender area, not quite sadness, but certainly mixed with wonder and happiness. It all began so long ago, it’s hard to really remember a good place to begin.

Time is like that, you know, always sneaking around and hiding things, only to pop them back up again at weird intervals that only the strangest among us can even begin to decipher. By the time you’ve noticed that you’ve noticed that something has begun, its end is approaching at a rate of acceleration beyond comprehension.

How can anyone hope to gather themselves enough for the harsh blow of the inevitable slumber? But we live on, and we learn. We learn to forget, and we forget to learn again. Beginnings start, and endings finish, only to arise anew.

Maybe, just maybe, through the extravagant richness of experience offered by the Nature that surrounds us, we will come to deeper understanding of our intrinsic experience of infinite perfection and continuity with all existence.

If you look into that part of yourself, you will find your hippie name.

What is your hippie name?  Let us know!

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