Young 8 Years Old Kid Gets To School and His Head Is Frozen Solid. Teacher Takes a Closer Look and His Heart Is Broken!

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In life an education is probably the most vital thing you can get in life to make sure you can get a job and provide for yourself in the future. Unfortunately many people all around the world, aren’t given the opportunity to get an education and set themselves up for a life of success. Others are given a chance to go to school, however the conditions are so terrible, the books are so broken down and the teachers really don’t have any incentive to teach their students, so they don’t even try to fill their young students minds with knowledge and wisdom.

This brings us to today’s heartbreaking story. An 8 year old boy from China named Wang Foom whose mother recently abandoned the family which forced his father to get a job to support Wang and his children on his own. They originally came from a small Province in China and jobs were tough to find, so his father had to head to the city to look for work to provide for his family.

While Wang’s dad went to work in the city, Wang had no other choice to move in with his grandma. Grandma lived over 3 miles from Wang’s school. To make matters worse his grandmother didn’t drive or have a drivers license. Also, the school didn’t have bus transportation that would travel 3 miles out to Wang’s grandmother’s house. During the warmer seasons it was okay, Wang would walk for 4 hours a day to school so that he could get his education however, during winter his 4 hour walk was terribly brutal on the young man.

The winter’s can be very cold and drop well below freezing on a daily basis. One extremely cold day in the middle of winter, Wang’s grandma begged Wang not to go to school because the freezing temperatures could be dangerous and lead to a tragedy. Wang told his grandma there was no way he could miss school that day because he had a huge test and he took school very seriously. Against grandmas wishes Wang left home, took the long arduous walk to school, even though he knew it was going to be cold he wasn’t prepared for how cold this particular trip to school would be. As he walked his hair completely froze and so did his eyebrows. By the time he made it to class, his entire head was frozen solid!

His teacher looked Wang over and knew it was just his hair that was frozen. His cheeks were beginning to burn up and he couldn’t even hold his pencil to take the exam! That didn’t stop Wang though, with the little mobility he had left in his hands he grabbed his pencil and somehow took the test even in his frozen condition. Even though Wang showed incredible determination and amazing resilience and is basically just a little hero, his teacher was very concerned with the whole situation and brought Wang to the principal’s office to try and figure out a solution for this poor frozen kid so this never had to happen again.

The principal was just as concerned as the teacher and snapped a picture of Wang to try to raise awareness and get the school to provide some type of transportation. He posted the photo of Wang on social media and it immediately went viral! It got 100’s of thousands of shares, comments and likes as the world heard his story, saw the heartbreaking image of the young man, and empathy and support started coming in from all corners of planet earth!

This boy, basically risked his life, just to take a test in school! For most of us who live in more fortunate circumstances we easily would’ve taken the day off, waited for it to warm up and then go in and take the test without almost having to die! To add salt to the wound, after school ended that day, Wang would have to take the freezing treacherous walk back home to his grandma’s home!

Watch the video below for the full story:

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Professor Notices a Kid From Her Class Alone On The Street. But She Quickly Figures Out He Is Desperate For Help!

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School teachers deserve way more credit than they get. They pour their hearts and souls into educating kids often on a less than ideal salary. However, some teachers go far beyond just teaching their students in school. The best teachers are emotionally invested in their students and express concern for them outside of the school setting. This story is about one such teacher.

Keller Sutherland was an elementary school teacher in South Carolina. One night, she was driving home and noticed something odd. A young boy ahead of her car was biking in the middle of the highway. The boy appeared panicked as he weaved in and out of cars. As Sutherland passed him, she realized that he was a former student of hers named Cameron. Out of concern, she stopped her car to check that he was okay.

When she asked him what he was doing biking on the highway, he initially gave a vague answer that he was going to his grandma’s house. Something about this didn’t seem right to Keller. She decided to question him further. Keller asked him if his father knew that he had left the house. That was when the truth came out.

Cameron told Keller that he had come home to find his dad sprawled out unconscious on the kitchen floor. He knew that his dad had diabetes and had passed out due to his need for insulin. He attempted to call the police on his father’s phone but was unable to because it was locked. Cameron looked for neighbors but no one was home. The only other place he could think of to go was his grandmother’s house. The only problem was that it was 5 miles away and he would need to take the freeway to get there. Nevertheless, Cameron bravely mounted his bike and began the long journey.

Keller immediately called the police. Luckily, they were able to send paramedics to take care of Cameron’s father. Keller had saved Cameron’s father and possibly Cameron as well. Who knows what would have happened if Cameron had continued to bike along the busy freeway. Keller was a hero that day and set the example for all teachers that the job extends far beyond the classroom.

Watch the video below for the full story:

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This Kid Is About To Start His Dance Routine But When The Background Suddenly Changes My Jaw Dropped!

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What began as a bucket list that one young man decided to share with the world has now become a global phenomenon! Matt Bray decided that he didn’t have to wait until he was old to start a bucket list and get items crossed off. What’s unique about his list is that he shares it with the world: every time he crosses something off the list, he puts it on video.

#22 on that list was to learn to dance, but as he learned he decided to get creative. “I worked for months on this video to find a song, make the choreography, practice the dance routine three times a day to make sure I had it down to muscle memory,” Bray says. And that doesn’t even include the filming!

The resulting video shows him flawlessly performing the dance in 100 different locations, and it is a sight to behold. This video is part of a series Matt he calls “ProjectOneLife” and includes everything from sumo wrestling, running a marathon and learning how to juggle to hanging out with a monkey.

According to over 7 million people, this video of Matt dancing in 100 different places is his best yet! Let us know what you think about the video and about your own bucket list in the comments.

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Little Boy Gets His Hands On Daddy’s Clippers. But When He Turns Around A Hysterical Surprise!

Kids get into all sorts of trouble when they’re growing up. They often don’t mean to misbehave, it’s just that they still have a lot to learn about the world and right from wrong. Even so, some of the situations they manage to get themselves into are simply unbelievable… and hilarious! Parents are well aware that if you don’t watch your little ones closely, you may end up with a big mess on your hands or something that’s really embarrassing, like a strange new haircut. Kids are famous for giving themselves home haircuts and experimenting with new dos but usually the outcomes are less than impressive. In fact, sometimes they are absolutely hideous!

Case in point is the poor little boy in this video. He decided to take his dad’s razor and shave the hair on his head clean off. However, he only managed to shave about half of his head towards the front. The back part was still all there and the hair fully intact, which made his new haircut look pretty strange and seriously hilarious! Can you imagine your child coming up to you with hair like this?!

The poor kid knows he messed up and is clearly sorry. He cries up at the camera and promises “I’ll never touch daddy’s razor again!” in his cutest, most innocent voice. I know it’s not nice to laugh at someone, especially a child, but come on, you can’t help but giggle at this kids haircut. It’s just too funny! Plus, the terrible cut can easily be fixed, all dad has to do is shave the rest of his head. At least now the boy learned his lesson and won’t touch his father’s razor ever again!

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If You Notice a Tennis Ball This Weekend Don’t Let Your Kids or Dog Touch It. The Reason Is Scary!

All around the country police and local law enforcement agencies are warning people about the potential dangers of discarded tennis balls that have essentially been turned into bombs. Dog owners and parents of young children in particular should be very wary of any stray tennis balls they see on the ground. That’s because a number of tennis balls have been found which were turned into homemade fireworks!

Law enforcement officials say people are taking objects that can hold explosives, like pipes and tennis balls, and making homemade firecrackers out of them. They remove the insides of fireworks and transfer the explosive materials into tennis balls they’ve cut open. However, sometimes the DIY fireworks are defective and don’t go off as planned. These duds get discarded and left behind on the ground, where anyone or any animal can happen upon them.

The danger un-exploded tennis ball bombs pose is real and lethal, they can go off and explode at any time. Unsuspecting people could fall victim to the bombs and lose fingers or a hand and pets, especially dogs, could die.

In Portland, Oregon back in 2000 a man walking his dog came across a tennis ball laying on the ground. He picked it up and carried it around before he eventually used the ball to play fetch with his dog. After throwing and retrieving it a few times the tennis ball suddenly exploded in the dog’s mouth, killing him. The force from the blast was reportedly felt by neighbors four blocks away and the poor dog lost his life because of it.

The accompanying video covers this news story and explains how to spot and identify a tennis ball bomb. They’re easy to spot and usually have a fuse sticking out and/or are wrapped in tape. If you ever come across a tennis ball that has clearly been tampered with don’t touch it and keep your dog far away. Call 911 immediately and report the location, it could end up saving someones life.

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This Royal Guard Notices A Little Kid Copying All His Moves. So He Responds By Doing THIS

There are lots of videos and stories about tourists and members of the public trying to make Royal Guards laugh or crack a smile. It’s hard to to get them to break protocol but that doesn’t stop people from trying. Most people think only Great Britain has a Royal Guard, but other countries do as well, including Sweden.

They are responsible for protecting the Swedish Royal family and are always stationed at the Royal Palace in Stockholm, as well as at Drottningholm Palace, the private residence of the royal family. They have guarded the family since 1523 and the Royal Palace upon it’s completion, with no facial expressions, perfect uniforms, and stoic rigidity ever since.

The little boy in this video must dream of being a soldier and he’s well on his way to becoming one. He copies the distinctive walking style, pace, and moves of the guard on duty very well. He must have studied and practiced it before because he looks too polished and professional for a beginner.

The boy even carries his own toy, in place for a rifle, or a stick or something (it’s hard to see exactly what it is). He is fun to watch as he marches around and appears to have drawn the attention of some onlookers. Even the guard seems impressed although it’s nearly impossible to tell since most of the view and angle is of their backside.

Either way, the guard lets the boy go about his fun and games, mimicking and copying the professional soldier, and that probably made the boy’s day! This is just the most heart warming thing I’ve seen today. I hope you enjoy as much as I did!

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