This Guy Drops A Tennis Ball Inside His Pool At Night. When He Removes It In The Morning Brilliant!

There is nothing like being able to use objects, particularly those that can’t be recycled, for other practical uses that make life easier!  The TENNIS BALL is one such object that offers many possibilities for REPURPOSING that will save you money, and remedy everyday problems.

Instead of using dryer sheets, which are chemically laden, for REMOVING STATIC from your clothing, try a tennis ball.  Just wrap it in some aluminum foil and throw it in with your wet clothes; static-free clothes that are eco-friendly!  A brand new DRY TENNIS BALL is the perfect solution for removing BLACK SCUFF MARKS on floor tile; just cut an X into the ball and stick it on a broom stick, and voila…those black ugly marks are gone.

When you pull into your garage, it’s often difficult to know how far to pull in.  HANGING A TENNIS BALL so that it dangles, will allow you to know when to stop, as it gently touches your windshield.  Last but not least, as you will see in the  VIDEO you are about to watch BELOW, tennis balls are a great way to keep a BACKYARD POOL or HOT TUB CLEAN!

It’s an amazing hack to make the stress of cleaning so much easier..

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If You Notice a Tennis Ball This Weekend Don’t Let Your Kids or Dog Touch It. The Reason Is Scary!

All around the country police and local law enforcement agencies are warning people about the potential dangers of discarded tennis balls that have essentially been turned into bombs. Dog owners and parents of young children in particular should be very wary of any stray tennis balls they see on the ground. That’s because a number of tennis balls have been found which were turned into homemade fireworks!

Law enforcement officials say people are taking objects that can hold explosives, like pipes and tennis balls, and making homemade firecrackers out of them. They remove the insides of fireworks and transfer the explosive materials into tennis balls they’ve cut open. However, sometimes the DIY fireworks are defective and don’t go off as planned. These duds get discarded and left behind on the ground, where anyone or any animal can happen upon them.

The danger un-exploded tennis ball bombs pose is real and lethal, they can go off and explode at any time. Unsuspecting people could fall victim to the bombs and lose fingers or a hand and pets, especially dogs, could die.

In Portland, Oregon back in 2000 a man walking his dog came across a tennis ball laying on the ground. He picked it up and carried it around before he eventually used the ball to play fetch with his dog. After throwing and retrieving it a few times the tennis ball suddenly exploded in the dog’s mouth, killing him. The force from the blast was reportedly felt by neighbors four blocks away and the poor dog lost his life because of it.

The accompanying video covers this news story and explains how to spot and identify a tennis ball bomb. They’re easy to spot and usually have a fuse sticking out and/or are wrapped in tape. If you ever come across a tennis ball that has clearly been tampered with don’t touch it and keep your dog far away. Call 911 immediately and report the location, it could end up saving someones life.

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2 Dogs Are Having A Tug Of War. But The 3rd Dog Shows Up With An Unexpected Surprise!

Golden Retrievers are known to be extremely friendly, nice, and gentle which makes them some of the worst guard dogs ever.  The breed is highly intelligent and was ranked 4th by the ‘Stanley Coren’s The Intelligence of Dogs’ and one of the most popular dogs in the world.

In the following video these two hilarious pups get into a tennis ball tug of war battle.  Neither side will give in to the other and they show no signs of giving up.  As a matter of fact, there isn’t much tugging going on at all.

The two just seem to be in a total stalemate with adorable squished noses, staring directly into each other’s eyes.  But then out of no where a 3rd dog comes in to try and mediate the issue.  He takes quick action and what he does is guaranteed to make your day!

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This Guy Taped Tennis Balls In The Shoe Closet. The Reason Is Genius.

It can be a pain in the butt when you have to hang things up or secure items into place. Most adhesives, like tapes and glues, are hard to work with and end up getting all over the place. Plus, they often leave behind a sticky residue that can ruin nice furniture and walls. Not to mention how ugly and unpolished they end up looking.

Instead of using the less than ideal sticky options you are used to seeing, try Sugru. It’s a new product that is billed as a glue that you can mold and work into shape. After a short time it sets and ends up drying into a flexible, strong rubber. YouTuber DaveHax created a short video that illustrates all the different ways to use Sugru and this stuff looks like a do-it-yourselfer’s dream.

The first thing he did was use it to repair things, such as a frayed cable. All he needed to do was wrap some Sugru around the broke part, wait a couple of hours, and that’s it. The cable was salvaged and stronger than ever, thus eliminating the need to buy a pricey replacement. Then he demonstrated how Sugru can easily fix holes in shoes by simply smearing it into the rips.

Once it sets the shoes won’t keep tearing and are even waterproof. Other cool uses for Sugru include customizing keys by wrapping some around the top part, and color coat individual ones, to easily tell them apart. You can even place the rubber-glue on smooth surfaces, like porcelain, and make convenient toothbrush holders.

Then there was the tennis ball trick that turned out to be a clever way to store shoes. Just stick some Sugru onto a tennis ball and attach it to some on the inside of a cabinet door. Place some tape over the glued ball to hold it in place while it sets, then remove it the next day. Now you can hang up shoes on the inside of the closet door and make use of space you were unable to before! I love this idea and have to try this.

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