This Guy Taped Tennis Balls In The Shoe Closet. The Reason Is Genius.

It can be a pain in the butt when you have to hang things up or secure items into place. Most adhesives, like tapes and glues, are hard to work with and end up getting all over the place. Plus, they often leave behind a sticky residue that can ruin nice furniture and walls. Not to mention how ugly and unpolished they end up looking.

Instead of using the less than ideal sticky options you are used to seeing, try Sugru. It’s a new product that is billed as a glue that you can mold and work into shape. After a short time it sets and ends up drying into a flexible, strong rubber. YouTuber DaveHax created a short video that illustrates all the different ways to use Sugru and this stuff looks like a do-it-yourselfer’s dream.

The first thing he did was use it to repair things, such as a frayed cable. All he needed to do was wrap some Sugru around the broke part, wait a couple of hours, and that’s it. The cable was salvaged and stronger than ever, thus eliminating the need to buy a pricey replacement. Then he demonstrated how Sugru can easily fix holes in shoes by simply smearing it into the rips.

Once it sets the shoes won’t keep tearing and are even waterproof. Other cool uses for Sugru include customizing keys by wrapping some around the top part, and color coat individual ones, to easily tell them apart. You can even place the rubber-glue on smooth surfaces, like porcelain, and make convenient toothbrush holders.

Then there was the tennis ball trick that turned out to be a clever way to store shoes. Just stick some Sugru onto a tennis ball and attach it to some on the inside of a cabinet door. Place some tape over the glued ball to hold it in place while it sets, then remove it the next day. Now you can hang up shoes on the inside of the closet door and make use of space you were unable to before! I love this idea and have to try this.

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