Dog Begs His Human For Some Extra Food. He Proceeds To Throw An Adorable Tantrum.

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Many of our beloved pet animals have voracious appetites. It seems that no matter how often or how much you feed them, they’ll always want more tasty treats! For those types of endlessly hungry pets, you can’t leave a bowl of food out for them to graze on, it will always be empty! If you want to keep them in shape and as healthy as can be, you have to limit their food and feed them on a schedule.

This seems to be most true when it comes to dogs. They often eat everything in sight and thus do best with set meal times. But just because a dog gets fed around the same time everyday it doesn’t mean they still won’t try to get some extra kibble in their tummies! Which leads us to this adorable video where one German Shepherd works his cuteness to his advantage in order to get more food.

The handsome dog’s name is Apollo and like many fellow German Shepherds, he’s very intelligent and perceptive. He starts off his begging by placing his empty metal food bowl in front of his owner in order to gain the man’s attention. Then he paws at it so that the bowl clanks around noisily on the kitchen floor. When that doesn’t work, Apollo heads over to his owner and nuzzles his hand, directing him to the pantry where his yummy food is kept. After pawing and sniffing at the bin for a bit he’s finally asked by his owner “Are you hungry?” A swift, hungry sounding bark is what he gets in reply!

We soon find out that Apollo has already eaten his breakfast just a few hours ago and it’s only just around noontime at this point in the day. Although it’s not time for him to eat again just yet, his adorable persistence proves impossible to resist. In the end, it appears as if his owner has given in to his charms and is about to scoop some food into his bowl.

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Baby Throws Funny Hissy Fit After This Sneaky Dog Steals His Cookie.

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Baby-proofing our homes is a must in keeping our little ones safe.  Those annoying plastic devices placed inside cabinets ensure that kids don’t get into potentially harmful substances…but watch what happens when a bag of cookies gets placed under the kitchen sink!

The 18-month-old little guy in the VIDEO you are about to watch below, not only knows where the hiding place is, but has some pretty clever ideas about how his tiny hands can bypass the obstacles.  Not only will you be in awe of this little one’s determination, but get ready for an “OH NO!” giggle at his expense.

Not one, but 3 dogs provide the hilarity in this baby’s pursuit of the desired cookie!  This little fella definitely has a promising future…his ‘never give up’ attitude will take him far in this world.  In life sometimes you just can’t always get what you want.

It’s a lessons we all must learn the hard way. Unfortunately for this little guy’s time to learn is now. He can barely talk, but his brain is hard at work to get what he wants…ENJOY!!

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Kidnapped Baby Otters Were Neglected But They’ve Been Saved and Get Freedom and Food For First Time

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It is truly a tragic reality, that in so many places throughout the world, poachers hunt wild animals in order to illegally sell them to people wanting exotic pets.  It is common for babies to be kidnapped; they often go into shock, suffer from hunger and dehydration, and die before being sold. It is horrible that so many animals are taken and kidnapped from their natural habitat and frequently taken from their mothers before they are developmentally ready. This is just so heartbreaking especially when you see how adorable, sweet and innocent these itty bitty baby otters.

Thanks to the many animal-lover/advocates, like TV host Frank Cuesta, whom you will see in the video below, many animals get rescued and returned to the wild.  Cuesta resides in Thailand, where he hosts a show that has been compared to Steve Irwin. He explores, helps, studies and rescues wildlife just as the late great legend Steve Irwin did.

Cuesta is the hero of this story of a rescue of two baby otters, after he was tipped off as to their location, before they could be sold on the black market. He headed to the location and somehow managed to save them and get them away from the bad people who wanted to harm these poor sweet fur babies.

Having studied veterinary medicine, Cuesta knows that these orphaned otter pups not only have to have limited human exposure, but actually need to be trained to be afraid of people before being reintroduced into the wild.  This is necessary for their safety and for sustaining the otter population. Luckily Cuesta knows exactly what to do and these babies should soon be back in the wild and their natural habitat.

Unless you speak Spanish you won’t understand exactly what Cuesta is tenderly saying to the pups he has saved, but you will get the gist of it.  Hearing the darling babies squeaking as they are finally fed, is simply joyful, as is the fact that they will safely be returned to the wild. The sounds of pure happiness emanating from their adorable little faces made my heart melt into a million pieces. Have you ever heard a sound so adorable in your life? Let us know in the comments

Watch the video below and let us know in the comments section if you want to see more animal rescue videos like this on our page:

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Watch This Adorable Baby Fox Play With This Cute Baby Skunk

The two baby animals in this video make quite the unusual, and adorable, pair. They are Milo and Flower, the newest animal ambassadors for Amazing Animal Ambassadors. It looks like Flower really wants to play with her older brother Milo, as she playfully pounces on him and paws at his bushy tail.

Milo watches his baby sister closely and throws a couple of nips her way before sniffing her and running off. Perhaps he got a whiff of her skunk smell! The animal odd couple look so happy and adorable, and since they met when they were so young they should bond together well.

Milo is a Fennec fox and Flower is a striped skunk. Fennec foxes are the smallest species of fox in the world and hail from Africa, whereas striped skunks are found all over North America, from Northern Mexico to Southern Canada.

It’s safe to say that these two would have never met or come into contact, but once they met they hit it off and are now best friends. Flower is about 6 weeks old in the video, and Milo is about 5 months old.

They are both growing up fast and soon will be young adults. Hopefully they will remain best friends and continue to play with each other, because they truly make an awesome, adorable pair!

The Amazing Animal Ambassador program works to connect animals with audiences by providing hour long educational presentations that feature a variety of both common and exotic animals. Their animal ambassadors have visited classrooms, town libraries, summer camps, and other functions and places, bringing awe and delight to children and adults everywhere they go.

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Parrot Finds A Paper Towel On The Floor Then Proceeds To Do The Funniest Dance!

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Parrots are not simple-minded “bird brains” and they are perhaps the smartest species of bird on Earth. The often colorful, and always endearingly clever, birds have long captured both the imaginations and hearts of people all over the world. Usually when people think of parrots the image that pops up in their mind is of one sitting on top of a pirate’s shoulder, maybe it’s even sporting a matching eye patch, and usually it has a bit of a dark edge.

While this popular image has endured throughout history and culture, it doesn’t do real-life parrots any justice. They’re so much more fun and complex than some old sea captain’s sidekick, and they need a lot of focus and love. Parrots require your attention and proper training in order to truly thrive and be all that they can be.

The beautiful orange, red, white, yellow, and green feathered parrot in this video is proof of how energetic and fun loving they really are. The clips star is named Little Bird and he is a black headed Caique, which is a subspecies of parrot. The pretty bird is one happy fellow and knows how to get down and play when a few paper towels are thrown his way.

The sprightly bird dances around and jumps up and down, kicking his tiny legs and clicking his talons on the wood floor. It’s like he has happy feet, as he pulls off some sweet high stepping moves and looks absolutely adorable doing it. He rolls around and wraps himself up in the paper towels and grabs at it with his tiny beak, giving a little whistle or chirp here and there.

It’s awesome to see Little Bird’s energetic, hippity-hoppity display, and it’s safe to say this parrot is well taken care of. While parrots are best known for their speaking abilities, they can be trained to do a number of other tricks. Many are taught to do all sorts of neat things, such as sing on command, fly through hoops, retrieve objects, and even roller skate or ride a miniature bicycle.

They are often capable of doing these things because they have great memories and recall abilities. With positive reinforcement and by spending quality time dedicated to teaching them, they can pick up on how to do all sorts of cool tricks.

Check out this one’s adorable playtime routine and you’ll see how awesome they really can be, with or without training!

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Nobody Believed Her When She Described Her Dog’s Creepy Daily Ritual. So She Caught THIS Scary Video!

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Dogs are known as man’s best friend for a number of different reasons but the main one comes down to the unwavering love and loyalty they have for their closest human companions. The special bond between man and dog is the only one of its type that exists in nature. Many a dog wouldn’t hesitate to go above and beyond for a person they love and the innumerable accounts throughout history of dogs sacrificing their lives to save that of their owner backs that assertion up.

There are some dogs who re so attached to their owners that they can’t even let the person out of their sight. That’s exactly how Cyrus, a two year old Bullmastiff living in Perth, Australia, acts. His owner, Lauren Birney, says that no matter what she’s doing or where she may be, Cyrus is always close by keeping a watchful eye on her.

He follows her from room to room around the house, even if she’s in the shower he’s right there, and he tries to hide when he’s observing her. Cyrus likes to follow her around so much that it borders on stalking and that’s why he’s earned himself the title of ‘convicted creeper!’

When the large dog goes creeping, it’s pretty hard for him to hide and blend in. Cyrus’s hilarious attempts at being clandestine can be seen in this video compilation of pictures Lauren has taken of his antics. He looks like such a big-hearted teddy bear and is one handsome and adorable boy!

Cyrus is also a good Samaritan and every four months he donates blood to help save other dogs in need. Lauren takes him to the donation clinic at Western Australia Veterinary Emergency and Specialty (WAVES) three times a year and feeds him tasty bits of chicken when he’s donating to help keep him calm and happy.

With a sweet and caring owner like that it’s easy to see why Cyrus loves her so much, and it’s no wonder why he turned out the same!

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