Watch This Adorable Baby Fox Play With This Cute Baby Skunk

The two baby animals in this video make quite the unusual, and adorable, pair. They are Milo and Flower, the newest animal ambassadors for Amazing Animal Ambassadors. It looks like Flower really wants to play with her older brother Milo, as she playfully pounces on him and paws at his bushy tail.

Milo watches his baby sister closely and throws a couple of nips her way before sniffing her and running off. Perhaps he got a whiff of her skunk smell! The animal odd couple look so happy and adorable, and since they met when they were so young they should bond together well.

Milo is a Fennec fox and Flower is a striped skunk. Fennec foxes are the smallest species of fox in the world and hail from Africa, whereas striped skunks are found all over North America, from Northern Mexico to Southern Canada.

It’s safe to say that these two would have never met or come into contact, but once they met they hit it off and are now best friends. Flower is about 6 weeks old in the video, and Milo is about 5 months old.

They are both growing up fast and soon will be young adults. Hopefully they will remain best friends and continue to play with each other, because they truly make an awesome, adorable pair!

The Amazing Animal Ambassador program works to connect animals with audiences by providing hour long educational presentations that feature a variety of both common and exotic animals. Their animal ambassadors have visited classrooms, town libraries, summer camps, and other functions and places, bringing awe and delight to children and adults everywhere they go.

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