Parrot Finds A Paper Towel On The Floor Then Proceeds To Do The Funniest Dance!

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Parrots are not simple-minded “bird brains” and they are perhaps the smartest species of bird on Earth. The often colorful, and always endearingly clever, birds have long captured both the imaginations and hearts of people all over the world. Usually when people think of parrots the image that pops up in their mind is of one sitting on top of a pirate’s shoulder, maybe it’s even sporting a matching eye patch, and usually it has a bit of a dark edge.

While this popular image has endured throughout history and culture, it doesn’t do real-life parrots any justice. They’re so much more fun and complex than some old sea captain’s sidekick, and they need a lot of focus and love. Parrots require your attention and proper training in order to truly thrive and be all that they can be.

The beautiful orange, red, white, yellow, and green feathered parrot in this video is proof of how energetic and fun loving they really are. The clips star is named Little Bird and he is a black headed Caique, which is a subspecies of parrot. The pretty bird is one happy fellow and knows how to get down and play when a few paper towels are thrown his way.

The sprightly bird dances around and jumps up and down, kicking his tiny legs and clicking his talons on the wood floor. It’s like he has happy feet, as he pulls off some sweet high stepping moves and looks absolutely adorable doing it. He rolls around and wraps himself up in the paper towels and grabs at it with his tiny beak, giving a little whistle or chirp here and there.

It’s awesome to see Little Bird’s energetic, hippity-hoppity display, and it’s safe to say this parrot is well taken care of. While parrots are best known for their speaking abilities, they can be trained to do a number of other tricks. Many are taught to do all sorts of neat things, such as sing on command, fly through hoops, retrieve objects, and even roller skate or ride a miniature bicycle.

They are often capable of doing these things because they have great memories and recall abilities. With positive reinforcement and by spending quality time dedicated to teaching them, they can pick up on how to do all sorts of cool tricks.

Check out this one’s adorable playtime routine and you’ll see how awesome they really can be, with or without training!

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