He Tells His Dog He Can’t Have a Bite Of His Sandwich. The Dog Proceeds To Throw a Hilarious Tantrum

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There are many ways to gain someone’s attention. The different approaches range from courteous and polite to rude and obnoxious. As you can see in this clip, Dinky the Great Dane chose the more direct, loud, and aggressive route. The big boy threw a little temper tantrum in order to ensure his owner’s focus was all on him. That’s because he was begging for a bite of his dad’s yummy looking and delicious smelling lunch, a meat and cheese stuffed sandwich!

The Great Dane is quite the persistent, in your face type of beggar. He can be heard growling and whining loudly, his deep rumble makes him sound like he’s a full grown lion! While many people would give in to their pet’s demands by now, Dinky’s owner makes him wait and work for a bite. He asks for the dog to say “I love you” and when he eventually hears it, Dinky finally gets his treat!

Further along in the clip Dinky’s equally large brother Romeo, who is also a Great Dane, and Peanut, the other little fella who is sitting at his father’s feet, join in the begging alongside him. They are the complete opposite of their noisy, whiny brother and instead of throwing a tantrum they just sit there silently while patiently awaiting their turn.

In the end all the beggars get a taste of dad’s lunch and Dinky finally quiets down. The bite of food must really relax him. Regardless of his antics, he sure is adorable and quite the talker!

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Dog Begs His Human For Some Extra Food. He Proceeds To Throw An Adorable Tantrum.

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Many of our beloved pet animals have voracious appetites. It seems that no matter how often or how much you feed them, they’ll always want more tasty treats! For those types of endlessly hungry pets, you can’t leave a bowl of food out for them to graze on, it will always be empty! If you want to keep them in shape and as healthy as can be, you have to limit their food and feed them on a schedule.

This seems to be most true when it comes to dogs. They often eat everything in sight and thus do best with set meal times. But just because a dog gets fed around the same time everyday it doesn’t mean they still won’t try to get some extra kibble in their tummies! Which leads us to this adorable video where one German Shepherd works his cuteness to his advantage in order to get more food.

The handsome dog’s name is Apollo and like many fellow German Shepherds, he’s very intelligent and perceptive. He starts off his begging by placing his empty metal food bowl in front of his owner in order to gain the man’s attention. Then he paws at it so that the bowl clanks around noisily on the kitchen floor. When that doesn’t work, Apollo heads over to his owner and nuzzles his hand, directing him to the pantry where his yummy food is kept. After pawing and sniffing at the bin for a bit he’s finally asked by his owner “Are you hungry?” A swift, hungry sounding bark is what he gets in reply!

We soon find out that Apollo has already eaten his breakfast just a few hours ago and it’s only just around noontime at this point in the day. Although it’s not time for him to eat again just yet, his adorable persistence proves impossible to resist. In the end, it appears as if his owner has given in to his charms and is about to scoop some food into his bowl.

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Mama Confronts Her Dog About The Giant Mess. He Denies It With a Huge Tantrum.

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Anyone who has ever shared their heart and home with a Siberian Husky knows how intelligent and spirited they are. The beautiful dogs are full of personality and are social, friendly, accepting, and extremely energetic. They love to run and play and if they don’t get enough exercise in they can easily become bored and restless. As cute as they may be, Huskies are seriously a lot of work. They are well-known for their penchant for wandering and are highly capable escape artists. That’s the reason why they’re called the “Houdini” of the dog world and some are even able to clear 6+ foot fences with ease.

Oftentimes if a Husky is left alone it’ll end up turning to destructive behaviors, which can get them into a lot of trouble. This, coupled with the fact that many people keep their dogs inside when they step out so as to keep them safe and secure at home, can turn out to be a disaster.

Such was the case for one Husky dog’s owners who left their boy named Blu alone when they went out on a date. When they returned home they opened the door to find a huge mess and adorable, handsome looking Blu was sitting right their waiting for them in the middle of it!

Apparently the big Husky had decided to rip apart his nice comfy bed while they were gone and parts of it were strewn all over the wood floor. Bits and pieces of shredded bedding were everywhere and there was simply no way that Blu could try to deny his guilt, that is if he even wanted to. Rather than hang his head in shame and act like he was sorry, he started mouthing off to his parents!

As they tried to reprimand and ask what he’d done, Blu talked over them and started whining and crying out loudly. He didn’t even stop to take a breathe and his stream of moaning and groaning continued on until it turned into a full out tantrum. He wasn’t holding back and while most tantrums can easily become annoying, his was just the funniest, cutest thing ever. Check him out and see what I mean! Note: If trouble viewing video turn mobile device or iPad horizontal.

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Human Tells His Dog He Got a New Pet From The Pet Store. The Dog Proceeds To Throw a Hysterical Fit.

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When it comes to cats and dogs, it seems like they either get along great or they can’t stand each other. You never know how they’re really going to act until you socialize and introduce them to other pets. When a cat and dog initially meet the general belief is that the earlier in life they do that, the better they will get along with one another. Sometimes the initial meeting between the pets goes smooth as silk while others…. well let’s just say don’t go just as exactly how you planned and pictured it working out..

Now before we jump right into today’s featured dog video let’s go over a short history of the relationship between humans and their canine counterparts:

Around 200,000 years ago humans began walking the earth. Since the inception of the human race, shelter, house, communities and eventually civilizations began cropping up all over planet earth. What’s more interesting is we didn’t build and evolve all on our own we had a few loyal friends who tagged along and helped us on our human journey through history.

Probably, the one species of animal the most intertwined with our own evolution is Canis Lupus Familiaris or what we call dogs! What makes this odd alliance even stranger is that modern day dogs evolved one of man’s initial biggest threats. This mammal species is known as Canis Lupus or what most of all call wolves.

Around 100,000 years ago our ancestors began populating the land mass of Eurasia. The wolf was one of the only creatures on the planet that could match us humans near the top of the food chain. How the two species interacted with their own kind was actually very similar..

The two species both hunted in groups or packs. The hunter and gatherers would work as one finely tuned machine, to seek, find and then catch their prey for survival. Wolves also hunted in hierarchal pack and would also work with coordinated strikes and precise accuracy as they sought out their prey.

Our ancestors and wolves were indeed very social creatures, and used these advanced social skills in order to take down animals much larger than themselves which in turn would leave them wasting less time hunting and more time consuming energy and nutrition.

Wolves thrived at the top of the food chains for thousands of years before modern day humans ever appeared however, now that these strange bipedal hominids were encroaching on their territory they had some very serious competition on their paws.

While the two species would clash head on for many years some wolves who were kicked out or ostracized from their pack noticed that if they weren’t aggressive towards a human community this could be a pretty easy way to get food and survive without having to face the world alone.

The strong and powerful wolves remained in their packs and refused to back down to the humans however, the weaker and more scavenger type of canines began to outlast and outlive their more dominant predecessors due to their new alliance with these strange 2 legged hominids.

As years passed, the traits of these less aggressive and scrap grabbing Canines we’re passed down through their DNA and they began living closer and closer to our ancestors. As we provided them leftover food they in turn would help us hunt and defend our lands and communities. It was a symbiotic relationship that was just the perfect match made in heaven.

Because both species preferred living in packs, it wasn’t too difficult for these docile wolves to integrate with the human population and eventually begin living in their homes. It is thought that these animals were the first domesticated animals ever.

These first wolf-dog hybrids showed up around 30,000 years ago. As time went on these wolf-dogs soon evolved into our modern day dogs. These evolutions and changes in look were drastic for some breeds and less so for others. Humans had successfully domesticated these canines for almost any purpose they needed them for..

Now that we have gone over the history of between humans and canines, let’s dive head first into today’s hilarious dog video of the day:

Other times, the first meeting can go horribly wrong and a close watch and lots of intervention is necessary before the two animals are comfortable enough to be together alone.  Every animal is different and just like their human counterparts, some of them are more solitary and like being alone, while others prefer having company and are more social in nature.

The adorable black and white dog in this clip falls under the latter category, he would absolutely love and adore to have a fellow animal companion by his side. Well, at least that’s how his owner imagines his dog’s thoughts and feelings to be!

Although most likely these are this cute pups precious wish to have a new best friend! He especially does not want a snake, hamster, guinea pig, mouse, gerbil, newts or parrots. This pup is very clear he wants a new kitty!

He gave his dog a voice and dubbed in quite an interesting conversation between the two of them. He felt that his dog would be absolutely delighted and ecstatic at the thought of getting a brand new addition to the family and would welcome a little fuzzy kitten to call his sister. An adorable baby tabby cat would perhaps be the perfect addition to their lives, and so maybe it’s time they get one!

The hilarious clip of the energetic and happy looking black and white dog talking excitedly about finally getting a new cat has already captured the hearts of well over 6 million people. It’s easy to see why, the video is just funny and enjoyable to watch!

Everything from the conversation to the dog’s actions, words, and movements are quality and spot on. If you’ve ever talked to your pet, or had pretend convos in your head with them, then all of this may look, sound, and seem very familiar to you. Check it out and share the love!

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Every Time This Spoiled Bunny’s Human Stops Petting He Throws The Funniest Hissy Fit:

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Some animals know exactly what they want and oftentimes they enjoy receiving a nice, gentle, relaxing hand massage from their human companions. It’s no secret that many of our furry pets love to be pet, which may be why we call them “pets” in the first place. Or maybe it’s the other way around, and we call it petting because they are our pets. Whatever the case may be, lots of animals simply love being stroked and scratched. They usually have a sweet spot where they especially like being rubbed. For cats it seems to be around the cheeks, dogs like their ears and back scratched, and then there are some whose sweet spot is everywhere and anywhere.

The little bunny in this video seems to fall in the latter category. From the looks of it he likes being pet all over, especially down his backside. The man in the video gently strokes his ears, nose, cheekbones, temples, head, and back, while the bunny twitches his nose and sits with a content expression on his face, his body completely relaxed and at ease.

When the man stops petting him the bunny is clearly not happy about it. He stamps his furry little paws and lets out adorable growling sounds in protest. It might just be the cutest behavior I’ve ever seen a rabbit do! At one point the furry little guy searches for more pet-pets by crawling under the man’s hand, urging him to resume the mini-massage that he so rudely ended. This bunny knows what he wants and he’s basically telling the man through his grunts, growls, and foot thumping that he is not pleased the cuddle session ended!

Contrary to popular belief, lots of rabbits love being pet and shown affection. The areas they most enjoy being pet is on their head and down their backside. Many often like their dewlap, the roll of skin underneath their chin, scratched and rubbed, but some don’t like this at all. The bunny will let you know whether or not it’s enjoying the attention. When they purr, chatter their teeth, flop over, and close their eyes it means they like it and if you stop and they poke your hand with their head it means “don’t stop, keep petting!”

Rabbits are very expressive, you just have to know how to read them, and over time you become familiar and accustomed to an individual one’s behavior. Like every other pet, they have their own distinct personalities!

The adorable bunny in this video has certainly bonded with his human friend as he feels comfortable telling the man what to do. The little cutie looks so happy being pet and snuggled in his blanket, and if that can’t put a smile on your face then I don’t know what will. Enjoy this hysterical video

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If you enjoyed this adorable rabbit video our next adorable hissy fit features a baby bulldog throwing the cutest tantrum


Mama Puts This Adorable Lil’ Bulldog In His Car Seat. The Pup Proceeds To Throw A Temper Tantrum.

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Dogs often have mixed feelings when it comes to riding in a car or truck. Some absolutely love going for a breezy cruise and will readily jump right on in, whereas others loathe having to go for a ride and will do anything to avoid it. Then there are the majority who fall somewhere in the middle. They are the puppy’s who seem to enjoy car excursions or at least tolerate them. That’s where Bosley, the adorable French Bulldog in this video, fits in.

He’s tiny but boy can he throw a hissy fit! Safety first even if it means that the little guy will throw a huge tantrum like a toddler who doesn’t get their ice cream. Sometimes as a parent and in this case a pet parent you need to do the right thing regardless of how your fur baby reacts.  Bosley trust us this is for your own good and you will thank your humans when you are older.

The cute little Frenchie was out and about one day riding in the car with his owner when something upset him. Perhaps it was the car seat that he was securely strapped into in the backseat, it doesn’t look like the most comfortable thing to sit in. Even so, the doggy seat is for his own good and protection. Not only will it keep him safe and sound, he looks adorable in it!

While the car seat may or may not have been the source of his frustrations, Bosely was clearly not happy. He made sure that his feelings were known and clearly heard by throwing a mini tantrum, protesting and whining in the cutest possible way that only a little Frenchie could pull off! He whimpers and squeals as he cries his way through the short clip while giving his saddest puppy face to the camera. He’s so cute and funny!

Near the very end of the video Bosley’s older sister Beatrice, a fellow French Bulldog, pops her head up and makes a surprise guest appearance! She’s checking in on her noisy brother and seeing what all the fuss is about. The two dogs live in Colorado with their loving owner who’s always taking them out and bringing them along on nice walks and fun trips to area parks. Check the adorable pair out and listen to the strangely hilarious sounds Bosley squeaks out!

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Mommy Tells Giant Great Dane He Can’t Go Swimming. He Responds With The Most Hysterical Hissy Fit!

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Great Danes may look impressively large and imposing, but they’re really just big babies at heart! They are all around friendly, intelligent, sweet-tempered, social, and even natured animals that absolutely love to be pampered and pet. That’s the reason why they are often called the ‘Gentle Giants’ of the dog world! It’s a nickname they’ve earned and once you see how Max the Great Dane reacts to some disappointing news, you’ll understand why.

Max was all ready and set to go swimming in his beautiful backyard pool when his mom suddenly told him that he couldn’t go for a dip. Since he had been looking forward to a relaxing swim all day long, he did not take the sudden change of events lightly.

Rather than remain calm, Max immediately launched into a noisy temper tantrum and let his unhappy feelings be known to anyone in the vicinity. This big boy wants to swim and he wants everyone to know! The fact that Max is deaf never stops him from arguing with his owners.

He whined and protested the pool ban aggressively, answering and challenging his mom every step of the way. The way he talks back, you’d think he could hear every word she said! He’s like a 160 pound toddler who just needs to get his way! Max is one of my favorite dogs on the inter webs. I really would love to see him just jump in, but he is such a good boy!

The big gentle six year old boy certainly has it made and life is good for him. According to his Facebook bio page he lives in a beautiful house alongside his sister Katie, who also happens to be a Great Dane, his mom and dad, and several kitty cats. Check Max out for a good laugh, he surely knows how to brighten anyone’s day!

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Husky Tells His Mama He Wants To Take a Bath But She Says Nope. He Proceeds To Throw a Hysterical Tantrum!

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Huskies are known around the world as sled dogs. These pups have tons of energy and need an outlet to burn it all off. They are able to withstand extremely cold temperatures due to their thick double coat which keeps them insulated and warm. They are known for their almond shaped stunning pale blue eyes which sometimes come in multiple colors. They are very vocal and tend to howl instead of the usual dog bark we are all accustomed to.  The breed is considered a working dog and they are very loyal companions.  They are consistently in the top twenty most popular dogs in America!

Most dogs hate taking a bath, let alone even getting wet, and will do everything in their power to ultimately avoid anything having to do with bathing. Not Zeus, the Siberian Husky in this short and sweet clip. He is not like most dogs. He absolutely loves, loves, loves taking baths and when he’s unable to do so, he throws hysterical temper tantrums just like the one seen here.

Zeus had been chilling in the bath tub, hoping and praying for his human to turn the tap on, when instead she told him to get up and get moving! It was time for his daily walk but he wasn’t having any of that. He whimpers, whines, and moans loudly while splayed out in the bathtub begging his mom to run the water. His tantrum is a pretty dramatic and over the top but that’s what makes it so great. The big furry baby practically takes up the whole entire tub, I’ve never seen a dog do anything quite like this!

The fact that Zeus would rather lay in the tub than take a walk is another way in which he’s not like most dogs. Usually when they hear a leash jingle or mention of even just the word walk they go nuts and head straight for the door! It’s all part of the reason why the seven year old dog is known by his nickname ‘Zeus The Stubborn Husky’. You can find him on Facebook under that name and see what else he has been up to!

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Mom Tells Her Dog He Can’t Have Gravy On His Food. So He Decides To Throw a Hysterical Temper Tantrum.

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Anyone who has ever owned a dog knows what an event their pup’s dinner can be. As soon as one of these adorable fur babies realizes that it’s almost feeding time they tend to get super excited. They may begin to bark playfully at their human wagging their tale so hard that their entire body will sway from side to side. Sometimes, if they sense their tasty supper is not coming exactly on time they can throw a hissy fit or temper tantrum to help remind their human remember to fill that bowl now, or else….Most of the time you don’t want to know what the ‘or else’ leads to because they may just find your brand new pair of shoes and decide to eat them instead!

A lot of canines have unique and different quirks when it comes to food. Some will eat just about anything on Gods green earth, while others can be super picky and will only eat the specific foods they love. Some of these picky pups will even refuse to eat, even if it’s their favorite food but it isn’t prepared exactly to their liking. There’s a good chance if you ever had a dog or have on presently they fall into one of these categories…

This brings us to today’s hilarious video which features a pup named Gregory and his mama who is known as ‘Aunt Boo’ from Raleigh, North Carolina. From what we can gather from the video, it seems as if Aunt Boo’s special southern gravy recipe is just out of this world delicious! Her hilarious fur baby Gregory has obviously had a taste or two of Aunt Boo’s famous southern gravy and is clearly fixing to get his paws on some in order to make his less tasty dry dinner complete!

From the sound of it, Aunt Boo recently has been spoiling her son quite a bit lately while she tells him, “No, you can’t have gravy every time!” Gregory however isn’t going to go down without a fight as he vehimently refuses to eat his less palatable dry food. He begins by first barking at his mama which at first sounds like a nice deep bark, but quickly devolves into one can only be described as a hilarious pathetic whimper. Just like a child who stomps their feet when they don’t get their way, Gregory stomps his paws, jumps side to side and eventually begins rolling on his back while vocalizing a hilarious hissy fit.

Aunt Boo holds her ground just like any responsible mother would do if their child is throwing a ridiculous hissy fit just because they aren’t getting what they want, when they want it! She tries to explain to the spoiled fur baby, that under no circumstances is her famous gravy going anywhere near his food dish on this evening. Then she goes on to hilariously tell him that if he’s so ridiculously hungry, flopping around like a fish out of water and throwing a temper tantrum is not going to fill his belly! It’s hard to tell if Gregory understands this logic because the hissy fit persists and neither party will back down!

The whole ordeal is just too funny and by the end, Aunt Boo struggles to remain stern with him because let’s face it, this pup is not only adorable but his quirky personality is just freakin’ hilarious. Gregory might just be my new favorite internet dog superstar and I can’t wait to watch more videos of Gregory and Aunt Boo bickering back in forth like an old marry couple. This totally made my day and legit I had to watch the short clip multiples because I just couldn’t get enough of this dynamic duo..

Watch the video below and enjoy (note if video doesn’t play automatically on your phone or tablet turn the device horizontal):

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Dog Looks Out The Window And Sees a Fox Playing With His Toy. He Proceeds To Throw a Funny Tantrum.

image via : facebook.com

Foxes are often depicted as crafty, cunning little animals that sneak around. In books and literature they’re always raiding hen houses and getting into trouble, but in real life they’re not as shifty or mischievous as they’re made out to be. Think about it, they can be found all over the world and yet as soon as you catch a glimpse of one, they dash off quickly and vanish out of sight. At least that’s how a fox sighting usually goes. However, not all foxes are so sly and mysterious. Many foxes are just like dogs and cats in that they love to let loose and have fun!

That’s exactly what this cute one likes to do. The red fox was caught on camera playing with a doggy toy by Ardes Gayangos Ng who lives up in Yukon, Canada. Ardes shares her home with Lupe Johnson, the sweet little Chiweenie dog in the clip who’s not a fan of the fox! (Chiweenie = a mix of Chihuahua and Dachshund).

Poor Lupe can only look on helplessly as the wild fox has the time of its life playing around with a toy she left out in the yard. This may be the first real toy the red fox has ever come across and its clearly gotten him all riled up. He rolls around in the grass and tosses the toy high in the air before leaping up and pursuing after it. He plays better with toys than most dogs and cats do.

All this wild tumbling and bouncing around does not sit well with little Lupe. She sits in the window staring out at the scene, watching as her toy gets chased around the yard by some other animal. Lupe is either jealous or she’s eager to play along with the fox. She barks and growls while intently following the action that’s unfolding outside. While several comments on the video suggest she was angry, others are more sympathetic to the dog’s plight and thought that the fox was trying to tease her!

Regardless of what the fox’s intent or the hound’s true feelings may have been, the moment is definitely a sight you have to see. The red fox is showing a very special, rarely seen side of his nature, one that people never ever get to witness. He looks so happy and at ease in the grassy yard, not to mention the way he plays around with the toy is hilarious!

Enjoy the video below!

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