Daddy Tells His Parrot He Has To Go To The Vet. The Parrot Proceeds To Throw a Hysterical Tantrum.

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Not many animals really enjoy taking trips, much less one to the veterinarian’s office. Just like people hate visiting the doctor, our pets hate visiting the vet! Who can blame them, the smells and sights they encounter there are totally foreign and strange. There are other animals in close proximity which makes them even more nervous and the vibe that all this leads to is one of fear and anxiety.

Even though most vets are absolutely incredible and gentle with our pets it really doesn’t make much difference. Not to mention, many times when we bring our pets to the vet it is because they’re sick or injured and that makes them associate the place with pain and sadness. Basically if you have a pet who doesn’t mind going to the vet consider yourself blessed!

While many pets have no clue they’re headed to the vet, some animals have developed a 6th sense for it. They seem to instinctively know that they are about to go to the animal hospital and freak out before you can even get the leash on or stick them in the carrier! Cats will run and hide somewhere impossible to drag them out of, dogs will bark or cower in fear, and some birds will throw a hissy fit!

At least that’s what the cockatoo in this clip does. His name is Max and he is one the cutest, most hilarious birds you’ll ever see! When his owner breaks out his carrier to take him to the vet, Max runs under a shelf and hides in the darkest corner he can find. He’s a very vocal bird and gives his human companion a piece of his mind, letting him know exactly how he feels about the vet. The sound of his voice is strange, it’s almost like he’s possessed and it’s hard to make out what he’s saying.

When the camera shot changes, we can see Max has come out of his dark hole and is now under a bench. His owner is still trying to get him into his carrier and he’s still putting up a fight! His tone is the only thing that really changes, it’s much more clear and according to his owner he’s saying “What did I say” and “I don’t wanna.”

The angry little fella walks around with his chest all puffed out and he flaps his wings in protest. Even though he’s upset, it’s absolutely adorable! In the end, it’s in his best interests to go to the vet so they can make sure he’s all healthy and up to date on things. Max is certainly one angry little bird, check his antics out if you want to smile or laugh!

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Vet Saves Paralyzed Dog’s Life By Noticing Something Strange On His Ear Right Before He Was Going To Be Put Down

When Falline Fate’s dog Ollie suddenly started showing signs of health problems she immediately took him to the vet for a check up. The ten year old Border Collie was experiencing mobility issues that were getting worse with each passing day. Seeing him struggle to walk and stand was breaking her heart and she was naturally very concerned about her pets health.

The reason for the dog’s rapid deterioration was a mystery, up until recently he had been active and healthy his whole life. The vet had found no indications of head trauma or broken bones and cancer was ruled out as well. Soon Ollie’s condition had progressed to the point where he was completely unable to move and he’d stopped going to the bathroom. With his quality of life so low and no improvement in sight, the Fate family decided that it was time to put him down.

They brought Ollie to the vet for his final visit and were waiting with him when an intern noticed a tiny black speck on the back of his ear. Upon closer inspection the spot turned out to be a dog tick. The doctor realized that the tick could be the cause for Ollie’s unexplained paralysis and within a few hours he had his answer. Ollie was rapidly regaining his mobility and already up on his feet moving around. His illness had been tick borne and he was finally diagnosed with tick paralysis.

Tick paralysis is an extremely rare condition that results when a lot of specific conditions are met. Only a few types of ticks actually carry and transmit the neurotoxin that causes the paralysis and it must be a female, on the dog for 5-10 days, and even then it may not cause anything.

Luckily the one on Ollie was spotted just in the nick of time and he was spared certain death. He’s now back at home living his old happy life and his story is getting out there so that others know the importance of thoroughly checking not only themselves, but also their pets for ticks. If you ever do find a tick, here’s how to properly remove it:

All you need is a cotton swab, water and good lighting. Take the cotton swab and quickly dip it in water to slightly moisten the tip, which will help make it glide smoothly along the skin. Place the cotton swab tip on the back of the tick so that it’s slightly angled, and not directly over it. Push the tick around in circles so that it rotates around it’s axis, or hypostome which is its mouth part. After about 3-5 rotations the tick should release its bite and back itself out of the skin. Now you should be able to pick up the tick with the end of the cotton swab and can dispose of it properly. Also, you’ll want to try and remove it as soon as possible, the quicker you can get its head out of your skin the better, because doing so greatly reduces the chances of infection.

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Have You Seen These Parking Spots That Have Been Painted Purple? THIS Is What It Means!

For the men and women who have been wounded in combat, the sudden shift from military life to civilian life can be especially difficult. After sacrificing so much while serving their country, injured veterans often face long uphill battles on their road to recovery. While many show outward signs of their injuries and bear bodily scars, many more are wounded internally, in their hearts and minds. These men and women often witnessed horrific tragedies and yet they fail to receive the treatment and help they truly deserve and need. Some go on to develop PTSD or depression and all too often they end up suffering in silence.

Many veterans return home and successfully resume a normal civilian life but countless others struggle with the transition. There are many organizations, charities, support groups, and local community members who want to raise awareness and help those veterans readjust to life outside the military. They offer medical and financial assistance, job training, special housing for those who return disabled, counseling, and much more!

Recently the Wounded Warriors Family Support Organization wrote that in America today “There are an estimated 1.8 million Purple Heart recipients, combat wounded service members who have transitioned back into civilian life.” The organization noted that many of these veterans often go unrecognized by society and without help, and as such our country can do a whole heck of a lot more for them.

Which is why the organization has decided to offer ‘Combat Wounded Parking Signs’ to local businesses across the country who wish to offer reserved parking spaces for those injured in combat. The signs feature a prominent Purple Heart image along with the words ‘combat wounded’ and ‘reserved’ written in purple to clearly signify what it all means. In addition, all of the reserved spots will be painted purple which helps to attract more attention and the signs can be obtained free of charge from the organization.

So far the parking spots and signs have attracted positive interest and both veterans and civilians alike have welcomed and hailed them as a great idea. One social media user commented online “Priorities well placed! Even if the spot is empty, a good reminder for those who walk by.” Now that the word is out and more and more spots are popping up across the country, the concept is steadily gaining and bringing much needed attention to the plight of our nation’s veterans.

The next time you see a purple parking spot, don’t park in it unless you have a Purple Heart! It’s just one small act of respect and acknowledgment that our veteran’s so clearly deserve.

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They Were About To Put Down This Pregnant Dog When The Vet Stepped In. You Need To See THIS Litter!

Every day animals are rescued and taken out of shelters just hours and even moments before they are scheduled to be euthanized. Many shelters struggle to house and care for the endless stream of animals that are brought in and only a few of them have no-kill policies.

Thanks to the efforts and work of people all across the nation some of the animals who are about to be put down end up getting pulled out. One non-profit program called Vet Ranch is involved in doing just that. The Texas based organization recently rescued a pregnant dog named Gracie, and thus gave both her and her unborn babies a second chance at life.

Gracie is a white and black spotted dog who is friendly, happy and very sweet in nature. When she got to Vet Ranch she was clearly pregnant and had a bad eye that she likely couldn’t see out of. The veterinarian examining her, Dr. Schuessler, determined it wasn’t causing any pain and so her treatment was focused first on her unborn babies.

He examined her, took an x-ray to check on the growing puppies, and kept a close eye on her in the days leading up to her expected delivery date. When Gracie was further along in her pregnancy a follow up x-ray showed why she was growing so big, between 11-12 puppies were in her belly, which was quite an unexpected surprise!

Dr. Schuessler wanted to make sure that Gracie wasn’t alone when she delivered the puppies so every day he checked her for any signs that indicated she was about to give birth. Despite his best efforts, one morning the Vet Ranch staff came in and there she was, laying on the ground with 12 of her newborn babies!

Some were still wet so the staff knew she must have just given birth. They helped clean them off, warmed the newborns up, and placed them back with their mama who was already nursing them and showing signs of being a great mother.

Thanks to all the work and attention of the staff, plus individual’s donations who make it possible in the first place, Gracie and her puppies are alive and well. The video tells the rest of Gracie’s story and gives an update on her puppies.

One Vet Ranch client has even taken in Gracie along with one of her babies, while the rest will be placed in good forever homes. Hopefully her story will inspire more people to rescue and adopt shelter animals, especially those who are scheduled to be euthanized for no other reason than ending up at an overcrowded shelter.

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They Told Their Cockatoo He Had To Go The Vet. His Tantrum Is The Best Thing Ever.

Ok, so most animals hate going to the vet, and certainly show signs of fear and upset when they realize where they are.  Some may intuitively sense that the dreaded visit is what’s coming, before they leave the house, but can’t communicate it like this cockatoo. If you have a dog or a cat you have probably noticed they start to act strange right around it’s time to get them in the car to their vet visit. This cockatoo is on a whole different level of not wanting to see the vet!

At first Max, the cockatoo,  seems to be “screaming” in an upsetting way as his owner keeps telling him its time to climb out from under the bench and get in his carrier.  However, not to worry, cockatoos are natural “screamers” when they communicate, according to researchers who study them. Apparently this is pretty normal cockatoo behavior.  I wonder if these same researchers met Max they would say this was totally normal..

Finally, he comes out from his hiding place, and changes his tune, literally.  The pitch of his talking becomes much more intelligible, as he lets his owner know what he thinks of the plans to go to the vet.  His vocal and body language reactions are absolutely hilarious.  He truly seems like a child having a tantrum and isn’t about to give in to the growingly impatient prodding by his owner. This video is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a while.  I hope you have as good a laugh as I did!

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