Every Time This Cockatoo’s Human Puts On His Favorite Song He Has The Funniest Dance Moves

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Parrots are among the smartest species of birds in the world. The sometimes colorful, always clever, birds have long captured the imaginations and hearts of people everywhere. They are often quite playful and fun to interact with, and much more complex than a typical, average bird. In fact, parrots are anything but simple and they require a lot of attention, love, and training to truly thrive and be all that they can be. The beautiful snow white cockatoo in this video is proof of how energetic and fun loving parrots truly are.

Cockatoos are a sub-species of parrots and are recognizable by their less colorful plumage and showy head crests. The one seen here is named Louie the cockatoo, and he’s happily rocking out to the 70’s hit “Shake Your Groove Thing” by Peaches & Herb in this entertaining clip uploaded by Teresa Buxton to YouTube.

The boogieing bird bobs and dances to the catchy tune while his female friend cheers him on from off camera. The sprightly little fellow dances to the disco beat just as good, if not even better, than the dancers on Soul Train! He struts back and forth while pulling off some sweet moves and it’s awesome to see this bird’s energetic, hippity-hoppity display.

It’s safe to say this parrot has a superb natural talent and excellent dancing abilities. At several points Louie raises his stunning head crest and fans it out to show it off completely in all it’s glory. He seems to be having a fun time and appears to get really into the music.

His bird dance will make anyone smile and brighten the day! Interestingly, cockatoos love to dance and the beautiful birds share something in common with music history. They bear a striking resemblance to the king of rock and roll, Elvis himself, with their prominent feathered head crests.

The crests look like the popular 1950’s men’s hairstyle, the type that Elvis rocked, called the pompadour. All 21 species of cockatoos, which are parrots, have the movable head crest which is usually raised when the birds come in to land or when they are aroused.

Going off that information, it’s likely that Louie the cockatoo was excited by the music and he just had to rock out to it. It seems like he even manages to keep pace with the tune and overall he puts on a great show!

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Each Time This Guy Plays Elvis For His Cockatoos They Have The Most Hysterical Reaction Ever!

Elvis the cockatoo is happily rocking out to his namesake’s 1956 hit song “Don’t be cruel” in this entertaining video uploaded by Mark Muldoon to YouTube.  The boogieing bird bobs and dances to his owner’s version of the catchy tune alongside his feathered friend.  At several points Elvis raises his stunning head crest and fans it out to show it off completely in all it’s glory.  He seems to be having a fun time and appears to get really into the music.  His bird dance will make anyone smile and brighten the day.

Interestingly, cockatoos and Elvis go together like peanut butter and jelly.  The beautiful birds bear a striking resemblance to the king of rock and roll with their prominent headcrests.  They look like  the popular 1950’s mens hairstyle, that Elvis rocked, called the pompadour.

All 21 species of cockatoos, who are parrots, have the moveable headcrest which is raised when the birds come into land or when they are aroused.  Going off that information, it is likely that Elvis the cockatoo was excited by the music and he just had to rock out to it.  He even manages to keep pace with the tune and overall puts on a great show!

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Daddy Asks His Cockatoo What’s Wrong? The Cockatoo Proceeds To Throw a Hysterical Tantrum.

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Looks can often be misleading and at first glance this beautiful snow white cockatoo looks like a serene, calm, majestic creature that’s symbolic of peace and harmony. Give her a few seconds and you’ll discover she’s capable of being anything but that! The feisty spirited bird is having a kitchen floor meltdown and she’s letting everyone within earshot know that she is not happy…

Something has ruffled her feathers but it’s unclear as to exactly what ticked her off. As much as her concerned owners try to figure it out and keep asking her “what is it?” they just cannot get a straight answer. One possible source of this cockatoo’s frustration could be her own self!

At several points she crosses in front of two shiny black appliances, the dishwasher and oven, and appears to view her reflection on the glossy surface peering back at her. The sudden image of another bird would definitely set off her aggressive side and make her act much more territorial and assertive than usual.

Another potential root of the bird’s outrage could simply be that one of her owner’s made her mad. She steps right up to the man recording her at one point and it looks like she is about to go after him! Maybe he didn’t give her a treat or she’s not ready for her close-up and so the camera being trained on her is really not making her happy.

Regardless of whatever the actual case may be, this is one umbrella cockatoo who is not pleased. Even so, she’s adorable, plucky, and full of energy. Her owners clearly adore and shower her with attention, maybe a little too much. If you love birds then you have to check out her kitchen floor tantrum because it’s too cute!

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Mama Tells Her Cockatoo He Can’t Go Outside. The Bird Proceeds To Throw A Hysterical Hissy Fit.

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Eric The Legend lives up to his name because he is actually a living legend. His crazy antics and insane behavior earned him the title and once you see him in action in this video, it will all make sense why even he calls himself a “*beep*ing legend!” First and foremost, Eric is a Cockatoo. The parrot sub-species is known for being loud-mouthed but Eric takes the noisiness and cranks it up to a whole other level.

He screeches and screams when things don’t go his way and that’s precisely what is happening in this clip. The pretty little bird was looking forward to going outside for his daily walk but rainy weather put a damper on his plans. When his mom told him that he had to stay in, he freaked out and threw a major temper tantrum!

Rather than remain calm and bird on, Eric decided to go on a destructive rampage. He took a bunch of coins and one by one he threw them off the shelf with his beak with a hysterical attitude. They dropped noisily to the floor below and no matter how many times his owner scolded and warned him not to do it anymore, he kept on going! He stomped wildly back and forth, squawking and making a big mess for his mom to pick up. Even the threats that his owner makes about her getting ‘the scary fish’ didn’t slow him down!

Eric is definitely the most entertaining Cockatoo in all of Australia, which is where he lives with his adoring mom and dad. According to Eric’s owner, he thrives on routine and any deviation from the normal flow of things really ticks him off. Since his walks involve gathering local flowers, seeds, and nuts, not going on his walk also meant missing out on his fresh tasty snack. Poor Eric, not only was he already upset about staying inside all day, he was getting hungry too!

All of Eric The Legend’s videos are hilarious so if you enjoyed this one, do yourself a favor and check out the rest to see more of his epic tantrums and legendary behavior. He’s always up to something naughty, whether it be throwing his broccoli on the floor, cursing at the local birds and the family dog, or scaring the neighbor’s cat. If you need to laugh or smile, watch this clip because Eric’s care-free attitude and awesomeness will definitely brighten anyone’s day!

Note: If you are having trouble viewing the video turn your mobile device or iPad horizontal. . .

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Mom Tells Cockatoo He Can’t Eat The Donut. The Bird Proceeds To Throw The Most Hysterical Tantrum.

Any pet owner will readily tell you just how much their beloved animals are full of life, personality, and surprises. It seems that bird owners in particular are honed in on their feathered friend’s traits and antics, especially those with cockatoos and other talking parrots. Maybe it’s because they tend to spend a lot of time and effort working with and talking to the birds, but whatever the reason may be, they’re often extremely bonded and close to them.

Living with a cockatoo often translates into a couple of things. One is that you’re in for a good time, and two is that you’ll never end up feeling lonely because you’ll always have someone to chit-chat with!

Out of the many cool things that a cockatoo enjoys, talking is probably their most favorite pastime activity. The clever birds love to mimic the sounds they hear the most frequently and with a little time and practice they’re often able to nail them exactly.

Between all of their energy and the quirky things they do, the chatter of them talking, and all the other strange noises they make, life with a cockatoo never gets boring! Some are notorious tricksters who try to get away with a lot of naughty things, like the adorable one in this clip named Jersey.

The cute cockatoo thought that she had narrowly gotten away with eating a piece of her owner’s donut but her sweet-scented breath, that smelled suspiciously of donuts, gave her away! When her owner spoke up and said something about the matter, Jersey didn’t want to hear it. Her mom first asked her “Who said you could have a donut?” and in response the plucky bird raced back and forth on her perch, bobbed her head firmly, and responded with what sounded like “Me!”

After being scolded by her mom for the donut issue Jersey got real feisty and started sassing back at her. She flapped her wings, squeaked and squawked up a storm, all while strutting back and forth on a branch. Her mini-temper tantrum is too cute and shows just how high spirited cockatoos often are. And while she may be missing a few feathers, that just seems to make her more endearing.

It’s not clear as to why she has bald patches of missing feathers. The most common causes of it are either disease or frustration and boredom, but it could just as well be due to a number of other things like genetics, a hormone imbalance, or over-preening by a fellow bird friend.

Whatever the case may be, Jersey is clearly loved and adored by her owner who shows her lots of attention and affection. The clip is a welcome change from all of those cute cat and dog ones out there so be sure to check it out and if you’re a bird lover then this will definitely make you smile!

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His Human Tries To Feed Him Broccoli. Now Watch The Birds Hysterical Response.

Cockatoos are well known for their extremely loud mouths. They’re screamers and when they talk they’re basically yelling at the top of their little lungs. They evolved their shrill voices to help them communicate with each other in the wild and boy do they love to talk! The parrot sub-species are also among the most intelligent birds in the world and are known for their natural ability at picking up tricks quickly. Many people have successfully taught them how to talk, sing, dance, and perform a number of other awesome things.

The playful fella seen here shows just how wild, noisy, and energetic cockatoos can be. He’s no simple or ordinary type of bird, which is why he’s known far and wide as “Eric the Legend!” In this hilarious clip Eric lives up to his name and throws a major fit while eating broccoli. According to his owner, the veterinarian instructed her to include more of the healthy green vegetable in Eric’s diet.

While he usually doesn’t mind eating broccoli, in fact the post comments say he even enjoys it, this time he got a little too excited and went overboard. Or rather his food bowl went overboard after Eric threw it off the side of the table! For the next 5 or so takes the noisy bird goes on a destructive rampage that sees him kicking and knocking over bowls. His wild and crazy antics send broccoli flying through the air and all he seems to be doing is making a big mess!

Every time his mom gives him more greens and tells him to “show the kids how to eat broccoli,” Eric ends up doing the complete opposite. I don’t think he even took a bite and more food ended up on the floor than in his tummy!

All of Eric’s videos are funny so check them out for more of his legendary behavior and epic tantrums. He does lots of naughty things, everything from cursing the neighborhood birds and the family dog to scaring the neighbor’s cat. He’s easily the most entertaining and cheekiest bird in all of Australia, which is where he lives with his adoring parents.

Once you see this clip you’ll understand why he even calls himself a “*beep*ing legend.” Eric’s awesome attitude, yelling, and basically not giving a hoot will make anyone smile and brighten your day!

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