Mama Tells Her Cockatoo He Can’t Go Outside. The Bird Proceeds To Throw A Hysterical Hissy Fit.

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Eric The Legend lives up to his name because he is actually a living legend. His crazy antics and insane behavior earned him the title and once you see him in action in this video, it will all make sense why even he calls himself a “*beep*ing legend!” First and foremost, Eric is a Cockatoo. The parrot sub-species is known for being loud-mouthed but Eric takes the noisiness and cranks it up to a whole other level.

He screeches and screams when things don’t go his way and that’s precisely what is happening in this clip. The pretty little bird was looking forward to going outside for his daily walk but rainy weather put a damper on his plans. When his mom told him that he had to stay in, he freaked out and threw a major temper tantrum!

Rather than remain calm and bird on, Eric decided to go on a destructive rampage. He took a bunch of coins and one by one he threw them off the shelf with his beak with a hysterical attitude. They dropped noisily to the floor below and no matter how many times his owner scolded and warned him not to do it anymore, he kept on going! He stomped wildly back and forth, squawking and making a big mess for his mom to pick up. Even the threats that his owner makes about her getting ‘the scary fish’ didn’t slow him down!

Eric is definitely the most entertaining Cockatoo in all of Australia, which is where he lives with his adoring mom and dad. According to Eric’s owner, he thrives on routine and any deviation from the normal flow of things really ticks him off. Since his walks involve gathering local flowers, seeds, and nuts, not going on his walk also meant missing out on his fresh tasty snack. Poor Eric, not only was he already upset about staying inside all day, he was getting hungry too!

All of Eric The Legend’s videos are hilarious so if you enjoyed this one, do yourself a favor and check out the rest to see more of his epic tantrums and legendary behavior. He’s always up to something naughty, whether it be throwing his broccoli on the floor, cursing at the local birds and the family dog, or scaring the neighbor’s cat. If you need to laugh or smile, watch this clip because Eric’s care-free attitude and awesomeness will definitely brighten anyone’s day!

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