When This Guy Stepped On The Dance Floor They Never Expected THIS. His Moves STUNNED Everyone!

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There is nothing more entertaining than an amazing dance performance. Whether it’s dance to country music, hip hop or swing if they are extremely talented their moves will cross all boundaries. Professional dancers sacrifice their entire lives and body for their art. Hours and hours of practice will eventually lead to absolute perfection.

This brings us to today’s featured video. Stephanie Batista and John Lindo who are two of the best swing dancers in the world today. What sets this particular dancers apart from the rest is the extremely gifted John Lindo. When you first look at the guy, you probably don’t think this guy can move as technically skilled and finesse his moves like a ballerina in swing form.

When he first steps on stage, most people had probably never seen a dancer quite like Mr. Lindo. His entire life he has basically been leaving people stunned by how gifted he is. His “it factor” is off the charts, his flawless technique and his instant likeability set him apart from the rest the proffessional swing dancers.

This man is definitely an inspiration to anyone who doesn’t think they can become whatever they want. If you have a dream and put the work in, you can do anything! No matter what people say, if they try to tear you down, tell you to give up, just remember to believe in yourself and never let the haters get the best of you!

Enjoy the video featuring this amazing performance below:

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Each Time This Guy Plays Elvis For His Cockatoos They Have The Most Hysterical Reaction Ever!

Elvis the cockatoo is happily rocking out to his namesake’s 1956 hit song “Don’t be cruel” in this entertaining video uploaded by Mark Muldoon to YouTube.  The boogieing bird bobs and dances to his owner’s version of the catchy tune alongside his feathered friend.  At several points Elvis raises his stunning head crest and fans it out to show it off completely in all it’s glory.  He seems to be having a fun time and appears to get really into the music.  His bird dance will make anyone smile and brighten the day.

Interestingly, cockatoos and Elvis go together like peanut butter and jelly.  The beautiful birds bear a striking resemblance to the king of rock and roll with their prominent headcrests.  They look like  the popular 1950’s mens hairstyle, that Elvis rocked, called the pompadour.

All 21 species of cockatoos, who are parrots, have the moveable headcrest which is raised when the birds come into land or when they are aroused.  Going off that information, it is likely that Elvis the cockatoo was excited by the music and he just had to rock out to it.  He even manages to keep pace with the tune and overall puts on a great show!

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WATCH: At First It Just Looks Like a Creepy Spider. But What It Is Capable Of Is So STRANGE!

If you have arachnophobia, a fear of spiders, then look away. This video features the colorful and exotic looking Maratus volans, or peacock spider, which is a species in the jumping spider family. They are found in certain parts of Australia, including the island of Tasmania, and pose no threat to humans. These types of spiders don’t even need to spin webs because they have the ability to jump and snatch their prey straight out of thin air.

In this YouTube video uploaded by Peacockspiderman, an oddly beautiful coastal peacock spider puts his colors to work when trying to attract a female mate, hence the comparison to a peacock. This particular type inhabits the coastal dunes around Perth in Western Australia. The blue, red, and black colors it displays are on a flap like extension of its abdomen, which can be raised and lowered.

They also have a third pair of legs that can be raised in display and clapped to further help attract the ladies. When the male approaches a potential mate he vibrates his abdomen while simultaneously waving his raised legs and tail. As if that is not enough he also dances from side to side. This mating ritual can last from as little as four minutes up to as many as fifty.

When the female, the brown spider at the end of the video, views this complex display she may be interested and choose to mate with the male. There is the risk that she may already be carrying eggs, or just not impressed. If she is not interested she may attack, kill, and feed on him, but if he is quick enough, he can escape by jumping long distances to get away from the angry female.

Check out the video to witness the bizarre and intricate mating ritual. You may just learn a new dance move and appreciation for the cute tiny spiders!

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Every Night Mama Puts On The River Dance Music. The Baby Proceeds To Do The Most Hysterical Moves.

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The power of music truly can’t be denied. It can change your mood, perspective and sometimes a song can even change the entire trajectory of your life! When a good, lively tune starts playing it can be hard not to move and groove to the beat. This is especially true for music that is designed to make you dance, like Irish folk music. Irish Folk Dancing was first documented all the way back in 400AD with the Druids. For many years it evolved and changed until the beginning of the 18th century, when a man known as the “Master of Dance” took Ireland by storm as he danced from city to city and town to town spreading this new and improved style of Irish-Step Dancing.

In 1995 Irish-Step Dancing fully evolved into what we all know today as the Irish River Dance. The Irish River-Dance Phenomenon took the world by storm as named like Michael Flately and Jean Butler became household names on an international scale. It was as if the speed and fancy foot work of this new style heated up so quick that it spread like wildfire across the planet!

The fast upbeat rhythm often featured in traditional jigs and step dancing is fun and inspiring. In fact, its liveliness is practically contagious and even the adorable newborn in this clip can’t resist it! As soon as the music starts the smile on my face just keeps getting bigger and bigger. If you are having a rough day this is sure to turn that frown upside down.

The sweet little baby seems mesmerized by the Celtic Folk Music playing in the background and it appears as if she has most of the basic moves down already. It’s clear that she is a future River Dancer in the making, I mean just look at how she manages to keep her upper body mostly still all while kicking her feet happily around. Michael Flately watch out because it looks like you have some serious competition now!

Some of her moves are quite impressive and her Irish jig is seriously on point! The way she taps her tiny feet along to the beat is just like how an Irish step dancer moves. She may actually even dance better than some professionals because she’s doing it all on her own with no training or direction! Check out the way she instinctively kicks and moves her tiny little legs, it’s the most adorable thing ever!

This kid has a developing love, passion, and talent for all things dance and music because it seems to come so naturally to her. It’s almost as if these Celtic Dance Moves are encoded in her genetic DNA code. Make sure to check out her moves and pass this on to anyone else who can appreciate a good Irish tune and a happy, healthy baby dancing to it!

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Every Night Mama Puts On The River Dance Music. The Baby Proceeds To Do The Most Hysterical Moves!

image via – facebook.com

Irish River Dance has always intrigued me. It seems to take such skill and discipline to move your lower body with such a rapid and intricate pace, while holding your upper body still. The Celtic musical accompaniment has always made me want to get up and try it.

Although her upper body moves at times, the baby in the video you are about to watch below, seems to have been born with an instinct and rhythmic talent for step dancing. This is particularly astounding because she can’t walk yet.

Her mom turns on the Celtic music, and this baby girl kicks to the beat with perfection! Watch as she follows and seems exhilarated by the music. You can see her heart beating faster, and her arm movements combined with her dance-like kicks will captivate you.

Watch this adorable doll wind up to this Irish magic; she is destined for great things!

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Nobody Believed Them When They Described Their Baby’s New Nightly Ritual. So They Caught THIS!

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People who have had the incredible experience of having children, know how magical it is when the baby reaches milestones.  There is the first time the baby holds his head up; the first time she rolls over; then sitting up, crawling, first word and the spectacular moment of the first step!

Nowadays there is no need to pull out a video camera; wherever you are most people have cell phones allowing them to film so many more “Firsts” than ever before.  One not so common “first” is captured in the adorable video you are about to watch below.

Baby’s first dance move was caught for posterity for all of us to enjoy.  15-month-old Isaac’s “salsa” dancing was shared on YouTube by his enthralled parents.  Isaac’s excitement, upon hearing this rhythmic music, starts him clapping to the fast beat.

His daddy cheers, “Go dance, baby.  Dance!”  The little guy seems to intuitively know what to do, as his movement shifts to his feet as well as his hands.  He is overcome with excitement at this new thing called dancing.  You can see the joy in his face, as he keeps moving to the beat.

Then he really starts getting carried away…shaking his butt, hopping and as he lifts his arms in the air he goes for the spin!  Simply adorable!  I hope you enjoy this darling baby’s first dance as much as I did.

If you are having a tough day this will definitely put a smile on your face! 🙂

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