Every Night Mama Puts On The River Dance Music. The Baby Proceeds To Do The Most Hysterical Moves.

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The power of music truly can’t be denied. It can change your mood, perspective and sometimes a song can even change the entire trajectory of your life! When a good, lively tune starts playing it can be hard not to move and groove to the beat. This is especially true for music that is designed to make you dance, like Irish folk music. Irish Folk Dancing was first documented all the way back in 400AD with the Druids. For many years it evolved and changed until the beginning of the 18th century, when a man known as the “Master of Dance” took Ireland by storm as he danced from city to city and town to town spreading this new and improved style of Irish-Step Dancing.

In 1995 Irish-Step Dancing fully evolved into what we all know today as the Irish River Dance. The Irish River-Dance Phenomenon took the world by storm as named like Michael Flately and Jean Butler became household names on an international scale. It was as if the speed and fancy foot work of this new style heated up so quick that it spread like wildfire across the planet!

The fast upbeat rhythm often featured in traditional jigs and step dancing is fun and inspiring. In fact, its liveliness is practically contagious and even the adorable newborn in this clip can’t resist it! As soon as the music starts the smile on my face just keeps getting bigger and bigger. If you are having a rough day this is sure to turn that frown upside down.

The sweet little baby seems mesmerized by the Celtic Folk Music playing in the background and it appears as if she has most of the basic moves down already. It’s clear that she is a future River Dancer in the making, I mean just look at how she manages to keep her upper body mostly still all while kicking her feet happily around. Michael Flately watch out because it looks like you have some serious competition now!

Some of her moves are quite impressive and her Irish jig is seriously on point! The way she taps her tiny feet along to the beat is just like how an Irish step dancer moves. She may actually even dance better than some professionals because she’s doing it all on her own with no training or direction! Check out the way she instinctively kicks and moves her tiny little legs, it’s the most adorable thing ever!

This kid has a developing love, passion, and talent for all things dance and music because it seems to come so naturally to her. It’s almost as if these Celtic Dance Moves are encoded in her genetic DNA code. Make sure to check out her moves and pass this on to anyone else who can appreciate a good Irish tune and a happy, healthy baby dancing to it!

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