Terrible Guy Throws His Garbage All Over Farmer’s Land. Farmer Finds Something In The Trash and Gets Epic Revenge!

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In America illegal dumping is a major concern in many parts of the country.  It is when people dump trash and waste illegally in places where it does not belong, such as at parks, on the side of the road, or even on other people’s private property.  It’s basically littering on a much larger and more egregious scale. Whereas tossing a wrapper on the ground is littering, tossing eight large bags filled with trash off the back of a pickup truck is considered dumping.       

For the most part, it is oftentimes construction materials, larger furniture, appliances, and car parts that get dumped.  The people doing the illegal disposal usually do it late at night under the cover of dark and they tend to choose rural areas and roads with low traffic in order to minimize the likelihood of getting caught.  

However, there are some people who are not so bright and who think that they are above the law.  They dump their junk wherever they please, like the person who chose a California farm to throw their trash all over.  When the farmer who owned that farm saw the pile of trash bags and waste discarded in his field, he was naturally angry and upset.  Now he had to take time out of his busy day to clean up some jerk’s mess. 

As the farmer was picking up the trash, he noticed that there was an envelope that had fallen out of a bag.  It was torn up and dirty, but the address printed on it was clear and legible. Now he knew exactly who had thrown their junk on his property and where they lived.  That’s when he got the perfect revenge idea and decided to exact some well-deserved payback on the illegal dumper!

The farmer loaded every last piece of trash onto his truck and set off towards the dumper’s home address.  It was surprisingly far away, which he found strange because who drives out of their way to throw out trash when they can essentially do it practically anywhere, especially closer to home.  Once he found the suspect’s house, he tossed all the trash on their driveway, took a picture, and drove off with a smile on his face (probably).  

The person who had chosen his farm to toss their garbage onto was in for a rude awakening when they returned home that day.  The farmer got the last laugh this time around and it’s safe to assume that the culprit will never use his farm to dump their junk on ever again!

Watch the video below for the full story:

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