His Human Tries To Feed Him Broccoli. Now Watch The Birds Hysterical Response.

Cockatoos are well known for their extremely loud mouths. They’re screamers and when they talk they’re basically yelling at the top of their little lungs. They evolved their shrill voices to help them communicate with each other in the wild and boy do they love to talk! The parrot sub-species are also among the most intelligent birds in the world and are known for their natural ability at picking up tricks quickly. Many people have successfully taught them how to talk, sing, dance, and perform a number of other awesome things.

The playful fella seen here shows just how wild, noisy, and energetic cockatoos can be. He’s no simple or ordinary type of bird, which is why he’s known far and wide as “Eric the Legend!” In this hilarious clip Eric lives up to his name and throws a major fit while eating broccoli. According to his owner, the veterinarian instructed her to include more of the healthy green vegetable in Eric’s diet.

While he usually doesn’t mind eating broccoli, in fact the post comments say he even enjoys it, this time he got a little too excited and went overboard. Or rather his food bowl went overboard after Eric threw it off the side of the table! For the next 5 or so takes the noisy bird goes on a destructive rampage that sees him kicking and knocking over bowls. His wild and crazy antics send broccoli flying through the air and all he seems to be doing is making a big mess!

Every time his mom gives him more greens and tells him to “show the kids how to eat broccoli,” Eric ends up doing the complete opposite. I don’t think he even took a bite and more food ended up on the floor than in his tummy!

All of Eric’s videos are funny so check them out for more of his legendary behavior and epic tantrums. He does lots of naughty things, everything from cursing the neighborhood birds and the family dog to scaring the neighbor’s cat. He’s easily the most entertaining and cheekiest bird in all of Australia, which is where he lives with his adoring parents.

Once you see this clip you’ll understand why he even calls himself a “*beep*ing legend.” Eric’s awesome attitude, yelling, and basically not giving a hoot will make anyone smile and brighten your day!

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