Strange Looking Bird Was Rejected and Abandoned By His Mom. But Wait Till You See His Face.

Parakeets are well known for having beautiful plumage. The parrot sub-species comes in a rainbow of bright colors which range from all white to multi-colored, jewel tone hues. However, there are precious few parakeets in the world who have long, curly, exotic feathers like the adorable little guy seen here.

His name is Whipper the Budgie and he was born with a genetic mutation that causes his feathers to grow in the most unusual way. Instead of staying short and straight, they grow long and freely. His wildly overgrown plumage is thick and illustrious, that’s why he looks like a soft ball of fluff!

Other than his special feathering, the mutation behind it is also to blame for several of Whipper’s health problems. He is believed to suffer from blindness and cannot fly due to his shorter than average wings, but none of that has stopped him from living a peaceful and happy life. In fact, he’s actually extremely well-known and quite popular in his home country because of his unique appearance!

Winton, New Zealand is where Whipper lives and stays these days with his owner, Julie Hayward. Lucky for him, she was with him from day one. Soon after he was born his mother rejected and cast him out of the cage because of his mutation. That’s when Mrs. Hayward stepped in and rescued the poor little guy. She took him to the vet where she found out about his condition and now she makes sure he’s comfortable, well loved, and content as can be.

Whipper’s rough start in life is all behind him now and what didn’t kill him only made him stronger! Check out his soft fluffy face and be sure to share his inspiring story with friends and loved ones!

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