She Says I Love You To Her Bulldog Puppy. Now Listen To His Response.

OK, so we know all dog lovers make claims about the incredible antics and talents of their fur babies…some true, some slightly exaggerated! What you are about to view in the video below, is a baby French bulldog in the loving hands of it’s owner…and if she told you the story of this interaction, without your actually seeing it, you would never believe it!!

This adorableĀ pup is being hugged and cradled in his owner’s arms, when she looks into his eyes and says “I love you”, in a really sweet voice. His usual response to that tone of voice is to lick her face or nuzzle into her. How he responds on this occasion left the owner, initially speechless, and then squealing with amazement and delight.

Watch the video, which is being taped by her husband, to see this precious pooch’s response to his owner’s declaration of love. If he had done it one time you might be able to dismiss this as an aberration…but he repeats it several times to their absolute astonishment. Let us know what you think.

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