He Takes a Cup and Places It Over Butter. The Reason Is Genius.

Whether you use a stick of butter or the whipped variety, when baking or spreading it on a piece of toast in the morning, it is usually hard enough right out of the fridge, to make spreading a frustrating task. While we all know butter should be used in moderation, for health reasons, it definitely is a delicious addition to whatever use it gets added for.

Often I will keep sticks of butter frozen fresh in the freezer, so cutting through it is even a more laborious task than out of the fridge. A sharp knife with some muscle can sometimes make the cut for the amount you want used, but you are still left with a frozen small brick. So now what do you do, if you just want it softened but not melted?

The video you are about to watch below offers the easiest, foolproof method for getting the butter to just the right softness for spreading  within 30 SECONDS! All you will need is a glass, and you will find out what to do with it that will give your butter just the right consistency, without spoiling the rest of the stick from the fridge or freezer. Sometimes it’s just the small things that make life a little bit easier, that make all the difference!

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