Whenever He Gardens He Always Brings Irish Spring Soap. The Reason Is Brilliant.

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We all love Bambi and cute little rabbits, and have a romantic, peaceful fantasy of watching them on our property…until reality hits. Planting and tending my garden is one of the highlights of spring and summer. I nurture my plants with great love and care, so when deer and other critters eat them for lunch and dinner, I’m not a happy camper!

As I live in the woods, it’s impossible to fence in the area to protect the plants, both logistically and financially. I’ve tried all kinds of deer and and rabbit sprays, which work for a while, but with enough rain it washes away. I never spray in the winter, and it seems that the critters love munching in late fall and winter as well.

The expense of replacing trees, shrubs and beautiful plants is huge and extremely aggravating when you put so much time into cultivating your vegetable and plant gardens. This year, prior to replanting things that had died as a result of animal grazing, I came across this simple and inexpensive remedy that keeps them away, as they are repelled by the smell…IRISH SPRING SOAP!!

As you will hear in the video below, this is a remedy that really works! I used shavings and put them in little gauze bags, and hung them on vulnerable trees and stakes near the ones that are particularly tasty to bunnies and deer. So far so good! If you can’t get Irish Spring, any SCENTED SOAP with TALLOW will do! This great VIDEO includes a FEW OTHER OTHER tried and true METHODS for protecting your treasured plants and trees from grazing animals whose munching destroys them!

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