Every Time This Cockatoo’s Human Puts On His Favorite Song He Has The Funniest Dance Moves

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Parrots are among the smartest species of birds in the world. The sometimes colorful, always clever, birds have long captured the imaginations and hearts of people everywhere. They are often quite playful and fun to interact with, and much more complex than a typical, average bird. In fact, parrots are anything but simple and they require a lot of attention, love, and training to truly thrive and be all that they can be. The beautiful snow white cockatoo in this video is proof of how energetic and fun loving parrots truly are.

Cockatoos are a sub-species of parrots and are recognizable by their less colorful plumage and showy head crests. The one seen here is named Louie the cockatoo, and he’s happily rocking out to the 70’s hit “Shake Your Groove Thing” by Peaches & Herb in this entertaining clip uploaded by Teresa Buxton to YouTube.

The boogieing bird bobs and dances to the catchy tune while his female friend cheers him on from off camera. The sprightly little fellow dances to the disco beat just as good, if not even better, than the dancers on Soul Train! He struts back and forth while pulling off some sweet moves and it’s awesome to see this bird’s energetic, hippity-hoppity display.

It’s safe to say this parrot has a superb natural talent and excellent dancing abilities. At several points Louie raises his stunning head crest and fans it out to show it off completely in all it’s glory. He seems to be having a fun time and appears to get really into the music.

His bird dance will make anyone smile and brighten the day! Interestingly, cockatoos love to dance and the beautiful birds share something in common with music history. They bear a striking resemblance to the king of rock and roll, Elvis himself, with their prominent feathered head crests.

The crests look like the popular 1950’s men’s hairstyle, the type that Elvis rocked, called the pompadour. All 21 species of cockatoos, which are parrots, have the movable head crest which is usually raised when the birds come in to land or when they are aroused.

Going off that information, it’s likely that Louie the cockatoo was excited by the music and he just had to rock out to it. It seems like he even manages to keep pace with the tune and overall he puts on a great show!

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This Weird and Strange Potoo Muppet Bird Creature Has Been Filmed and Photographed In Daylight

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Planet Earth is bursting with life, whether it’s in the deep oceans, top of the mountains or the Great Plains of Africa, life is thriving and adapting wherever it can. Scientists have made incredible and huge discoveries over the past 100 years that have changed and shaped the very fabric of how we look at life on planet earth. Whether it’s plants, animals, bacteria or fungi life can come in an infinite amount of shapes and sizes, while sometimes looking completely normal and other times looking very very strange.

In today’s article we are featuring one of these very strange and weird animals. When you first take a look at it you probably won’t even think this could possibly be a real thing. It looks like something Jim Henson would’ve created in the 70-80’s during the height of the Muppets. This odd animal actually looks more unique and strange than any of Henson’s muppets. When somebody first showed me it, I thought they were playing a prank to see if I would believe them or not. Turns out it wasn’t a prank and this strange animal really does exist!

So it turns out this animal is in fact a bird called the Nyctibius grandis or the more common name the Great Potoo. This weird bird can only be found in South America and sometimes Central America. The Great Potoo is a master of camouflage and is also nocturnal. So the chances of you seeing one during the day are slim to none!

They blend in so well with trees that they are often simply mistaken for branches on a tree. The Great Potoo hunts at night and eats small bats and insects under the moonlight. Just like owls, they are great hunters and do pretty much all of their eating at night. They are also known for their very distinct sound.

Unlike most birds that chirp, the Great Potoo makes a noise that almost sounds as if it was a dog barking! These birds are just amazing and I hope one day, maybe just maybe I’ll be able to see one in person! Have you ever seen one? Let us know!

Watch the video below for pictures and video clips of this strange creature:

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Daddy Asks His Cockatoo What’s Wrong? The Cockatoo Proceeds To Throw a Hysterical Tantrum.

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Looks can often be misleading and at first glance this beautiful snow white cockatoo looks like a serene, calm, majestic creature that’s symbolic of peace and harmony. Give her a few seconds and you’ll discover she’s capable of being anything but that! The feisty spirited bird is having a kitchen floor meltdown and she’s letting everyone within earshot know that she is not happy…

Something has ruffled her feathers but it’s unclear as to exactly what ticked her off. As much as her concerned owners try to figure it out and keep asking her “what is it?” they just cannot get a straight answer. One possible source of this cockatoo’s frustration could be her own self!

At several points she crosses in front of two shiny black appliances, the dishwasher and oven, and appears to view her reflection on the glossy surface peering back at her. The sudden image of another bird would definitely set off her aggressive side and make her act much more territorial and assertive than usual.

Another potential root of the bird’s outrage could simply be that one of her owner’s made her mad. She steps right up to the man recording her at one point and it looks like she is about to go after him! Maybe he didn’t give her a treat or she’s not ready for her close-up and so the camera being trained on her is really not making her happy.

Regardless of whatever the actual case may be, this is one umbrella cockatoo who is not pleased. Even so, she’s adorable, plucky, and full of energy. Her owners clearly adore and shower her with attention, maybe a little too much. If you love birds then you have to check out her kitchen floor tantrum because it’s too cute!

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This Bird Adopts An Egg From The Supermarket. But What Hatches Is The UNTHINKABLE!

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The last thing anyone thinks about when they pick up a carton of eggs from the supermarket is that one could possibly end up hatching. Store bought eggs supposedly come unfertilized and in America they’re found in the refrigerated section. Even if one were somehow fertilized, without consistently warm temperatures, the cold would end any chances of life.

However, that string of logic did not play out in Japan when a girl brought home a carton of quail eggs. As it turns out, in Japan eggs aren’t refrigerated. Instead they’re sold at room temperature and can last up to a week or more because they have a layer that naturally protects them, but nevertheless they’re still unfertilized.

Which makes YouTube user Luna Angel’s story all the more mysterious. She says that she grabbed one quail egg from the carton and gave it to her parakeet, Pi-chan, to see what she’d do with it. The pretty bird’s motherly instincts took over right away and she roosted atop the egg keeping it warm and safe as if she had laid it herself.

Not long after, the egg miraculously and unexpectedly hatched and out popped the cutest, tiniest, and most adorable baby quail ever! The little fuzzy baby bird was named Yuzu and she can be seen in the accompanying video clip. She looks so sweet and innocent, especially since her black and yellow feathers make her look like a little fuzzy puff!

To see more of Yuzu, Pi-chan, and their fellow bird friends, check out Luna Angel’s channel. There is really nothing quite like a baby bird that can help lift your spirits and brighten the day, enjoy!

Have you ever seen anything like this? Let us know!

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Parents Of This Baby Bird Rejected Him Because Of His Deformity. Now Watch Who Rescues and Saves Him!

Little Benjamin is a lovebird baby chick who was born with a deformity.  He was the “runt”, born undersized and with splayed legs that kept him from being able to fully stand.  The poor little thing was ignored by his mom and dad because of his disabled condition; often animal parents do this out of instinct, and just feed the normal offspring.

Benjamin would have surely died, if not for the devotion of his siblings, who initially were the ones who fed the excluded little chick!  Unlike the parents, his brothers and sisters had the instinct to help their little brother, which kept him alive long enough to make it to the next part of his journey.

In the video footage below, you will watch Benny’s heartwarming story from the beginning, tiny and without feathers, to the moment when his father took over his feeding from his siblings.

With further medical help to allow his splayed legs to repair, this little bird who was left to die, first struggles to stand and eventually gets to enjoy a triumphant life thanks to the love of his siblings!

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Nobody Believed Her When She Described Her Parrot’s Afternoon Ritual. So She Caught THIS!

Parrots are among the most intelligent species of birds in the world and lots of them share a special bond with their human companions. The exotic, beautifully colored birds are quite clever and many are able to pick up words and expressions from simply being around their owners. Besides being fun and endearing companions, they’re also complex creatures who require a lot of love, attention, and training to be happy and truly thrive!

Marnie, the beautiful blue feathered parrot with a distinctive black line circling his neck in this video, is proof of just how loving and affectionate parrots often act. The blue Indian Ringneck, a parrot subspecies, knows a thing or two about how to sweet talk a lady and in this case it’s his owner and best friend. When he spots her across the room he flies right on over, lands on her shoulder, and politely asks “What are you doing?” before telling her “You’re so cute!”

The pair chat for a little and when his owner asks for a kiss he obliges and says “Thank you.” This may be the cutest conversation you’ll ever see as they go on to shower each other with tender words and a few more kisses! It’s clear that Marnie is loving the attention being paid to him and it’s always wonderful to see the mutual love and affection being shared between owners and their pets. These two are a match made in heaven!

According to his mom, there are a few other phrases Marnie knows in addition to “you’re so cute,” “what are you doing,” and “thank you.” He also says “peek-a-boo,” “whee!,” “bye-bye,” “that good?,” “quack quack,” and “yuck, yuck, yuck.” She says that he’s always been a lover from day one, and always asks for kisses, which is why she describes him as a “polite Casanova.”

Check him out! You can’t help but smile and fall in love with what an awesome, well-spoken, and polite parrot Marnie is!

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