Parents Of This Baby Bird Rejected Him Because Of His Deformity. Now Watch Who Rescues and Saves Him!

Little Benjamin is a lovebird baby chick who was born with a deformity.  He was the “runt”, born undersized and with splayed legs that kept him from being able to fully stand.  The poor little thing was ignored by his mom and dad because of his disabled condition; often animal parents do this out of instinct, and just feed the normal offspring.

Benjamin would have surely died, if not for the devotion of his siblings, who initially were the ones who fed the excluded little chick!  Unlike the parents, his brothers and sisters had the instinct to help their little brother, which kept him alive long enough to make it to the next part of his journey.

In the video footage below, you will watch Benny’s heartwarming story from the beginning, tiny and without feathers, to the moment when his father took over his feeding from his siblings.

With further medical help to allow his splayed legs to repair, this little bird who was left to die, first struggles to stand and eventually gets to enjoy a triumphant life thanks to the love of his siblings!

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