Mama Confronts Her Dog About The Giant Mess. He Denies It With a Huge Tantrum.

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Anyone who has ever shared their heart and home with a Siberian Husky knows how intelligent and spirited they are. The beautiful dogs are full of personality and are social, friendly, accepting, and extremely energetic. They love to run and play and if they don’t get enough exercise in they can easily become bored and restless. As cute as they may be, Huskies are seriously a lot of work. They are well-known for their penchant for wandering and are highly capable escape artists. That’s the reason why they’re called the “Houdini” of the dog world and some are even able to clear 6+ foot fences with ease.

Oftentimes if a Husky is left alone it’ll end up turning to destructive behaviors, which can get them into a lot of trouble. This, coupled with the fact that many people keep their dogs inside when they step out so as to keep them safe and secure at home, can turn out to be a disaster.

Such was the case for one Husky dog’s owners who left their boy named Blu alone when they went out on a date. When they returned home they opened the door to find a huge mess and adorable, handsome looking Blu was sitting right their waiting for them in the middle of it!

Apparently the big Husky had decided to rip apart his nice comfy bed while they were gone and parts of it were strewn all over the wood floor. Bits and pieces of shredded bedding were everywhere and there was simply no way that Blu could try to deny his guilt, that is if he even wanted to. Rather than hang his head in shame and act like he was sorry, he started mouthing off to his parents!

As they tried to reprimand and ask what he’d done, Blu talked over them and started whining and crying out loudly. He didn’t even stop to take a breathe and his stream of moaning and groaning continued on until it turned into a full out tantrum. He wasn’t holding back and while most tantrums can easily become annoying, his was just the funniest, cutest thing ever. Check him out and see what I mean! Note: If trouble viewing video turn mobile device or iPad horizontal.

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Dad Tells His Dog To Make His Meanest Face. Dog Then Makes The Funniest Face Ever.

Every dog has talent and each one is gifted in their own special way. Some of them know all the major tricks in the book and can do things like sit, roll over, shake hands, play dead, bark, and more on command. Others are less inclined towards formal types of behaviors and instructions, their talents lie in other areas like playing, running, jumping, cuddling, or even breaking out of their kennels or the house and being amazing escape artists.

The big handsome Rottweiler named Reese in this video happens to be a professional at pulling faces and play acting. He’s mastered the art of turning the charm on and off and can go from all innocent and sweet looking to mean and intimidating in the blink of an eye. It’s unclear whether or not his owner spent any time actually teaching him this awesome skill, but either way he has it down solid and can bust it out on command in just a split-second!

As you can see, Reese starts off looking like a total sweetheart. He’s just lounging on a comfortable cushion while enjoying a nice day outside with his owner. While he looks naturally strong and powerful, as most Rottweilers do, nothing about him appears vicious. Rather, it seems like there’s not a mean bone to be found in his whole body!

All of that changes when his dad tells him to “show me your mean face.” In an instant, Reese goes from calm and serene to seriously mean and fearsome looking. He curls back his upper lip and bares his razor sharp teeth to the gums.

Then he starts to growl in a low, rumbling tone that sounds as menacing as he looks. To top it all off, he even does that strange sort of licking thing that many dogs seem to do when they are super angry and about to attack. It really looks as if he has suddenly become possessed, and yet it’s all just him acting big and tough because he’s really a nice, even natured dog.

If you’re anything like me, you probably had to watch the video several times to convince yourself that Reese wasn’t actually angry or being provoked. He’s not and his acting skills are simply that good because towards the end of the clip he drops the whole mean face act, puts his head down, and is back to being all cute and adorable once again after his dad says “good boy.”

In the end, two things are for certain. Reese has what it takes to be a protective family dog and an effective guard dog. He has the attitude, obedience, and control that makes him loyal and loving, and yet fierce and intimidating looking if need be, all at once.

Not many dogs are capable of appearing so instantly angry and mean looking on cue, but Reese has it down pat. Be sure to check out his mean face and pass it on with any fellow dog lovers that you know, they can surely appreciate this!

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Everytime His Human Pulls Out The Scary Green Hairclip This Dog Has a Hysterical Fit

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Have you ever known a dog who had an irrational fear of something? It’s actually quite a common quirk among our canine friends and they often become scared by the silliest of things. For example, there was one dog who was absolutely petrified by a magazine picture of Julia Roberts and every time he glimpsed the photo he’d run away in terror. Another dog would freak out around carpet and whenever he came across the plush floor covering he had to walk backwards over it..

Dogs are complex creatures and just like their human counterparts they too seem to suffer from strange phobias and inexplicable fears. While most stress inducing objects like vacuums and stairs seem to be commonplace among our pet animals, sometimes they get all worked up over much more unusual, yet mundane, every day objects!

Hiro the Siberian Husky is a case in point. Out of all the millions of things in the world to be scared of, the adorable dog happens to be afraid of a metallic green hair clip. For some odd reason the silly pup bugs out whenever his owner holds up the little clip. The sight of the hair claw causes his eyes go wide and when she opens and closes it he can’t help but hide his face.

It’s the snapping motion of the clip that appears to bother him the most, likely because the teeth-like projections make it look just like a jaw (which is why it’s called a jaw clip). The snapping sound may also be what he’s responding to but whatever it is, his face is priceless. He has the funniest look and you just have to see his animated expression for yourself, it’s so cute.

The way Hiro backs away and barks at the hair clip makes it seem like he fears it, yet at the same time he readily approaches it when its laying on the floor. It’s almost like he really wants to sniff it out and maybe even play with it, but he’s unsure about whether or not it’s safe to get close to.

Perhaps more telling is Hiro’s tail, which is up and wagging around rather than down or tucked between his legs in fear. That body language tells us he is likely just playing around with his owner. Plus, he has a clear escape route where he can simply run past his owner to get far away from the clip, but he doesn’t choose to use it.

In the end, Hiro and his owner are just playing around and having fun. He may be a little spooked by the clip when she opens and closes it but not to the point where he’s frozen in fear or harmed in any way by it. Make sure to check out his silly reaction and that adorable face because it’s awesome and if you love dogs or Huskies, this clips for you!

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Watch As Cop Makes This Lady Sit In Her Hot Car After She Locks Her Dog In It!

Talk about the punishment fitting the crime!  There is nothing more powerful to bring about change in a person’s attitude or behavior, than to have them walk in someone else’s shoes.  In this case, a woman from Ohio left her dog, that she supposedly loves, in a boiling hot car while she ran errands!

We have all been warned endlessly about the dangers of leaving pets in hot cars, as heat exhaustion and resulting dehydration can come on quickly, leading to death!  Yet we still see this going on in parking lots across the country. By law, the police are allowed to break car windows to save a dog or any animal or human in distress.

In this case, the officer made the woman walk in her dog’s shoes, by making her sit in the intolerably hot car, that she felt was perfectly okay for her dog.  He had her stay in it until she was quite uncomfortable, but not harmed.  The woman was eventually let out of the car. She was physically distressed and quite embarrassed. Imagine if she had winter clothing on that would approximated the heat generated by the dog’s fur?

Hopefully this experience will keep her from ever doing something so inhumane again.  Her distress would have been a lot worse had she found her dog deceased.  People really need to understand that this is not just irresponsible  behavior, but potentially tragic!

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She Adopted This Tiny Kitty But Can’t Hold Back The Tears When She Sees The Words Written On The Kitten’s Tag!

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Cats are truly one of the most interesting animals on planet earth. From the mighty king of the jungle the lion, to the tabby cat at your grandma’s house, these animals give off a majestic vibe that almost no other animal on planet earth can match. People who have never had a kitty as a pet tend to believe these creatures are cold, weird, sneaky, sometimes scary and have no personality. Usually these people only ever had dogs or aren’t into pets at all. However, anyone who has had the pleasure of sharing a living space with a majestic feline knows that these anti-cat stereotypes couldn’t be further from the truth.

Sure, you aren’t going to get the immediate unconditional love from a cat that a dog would give you after about two hours of hanging out. Cats will make you work a little harder for that unconditional love in return, but when they finally decide to let you into their inner circle, all that time it took to gain there trust is all worth it!

In today’s featured story we will be covering a beautiful story about adopting homeless and abandoned kittens. The story begins with a man named Jared and his girlfriend Katt who decided that they were going to adopt a kitten from a shelter who was in desperate need of a loving furever home. That morning Jared got in his car followed the navigation and made his way to the local SPCA. He parked his car, he got out, entered the shelter and headed towards the cat adoption area.

He walked around trying to feel out which cat gave off the perfect energy to match their personalities. For anyone who has ever adopted an animal they know the part where you are at the shelter looking for “the one” can be very emotional. Not only are you about to add a new family member to your life that will be with you for  the next decade or two; but you also have to walk past the other animals that you are not adopting and this can be heart wrenching experience. With that being said Jared ended up making eye contact with a small grey kitten and in that exact moment Jared knew this little guy was “the one”!

He told the SPCA that he had to head to work but to hold this kitten and he and his girlfriend would be back later that day. He also explained to the people at SPCA that he wanted to make this kitten adoption “special”. What did he mean by special? Well no spoilers yet…

He came up with ingenious plan with the staff at the SPCA and told them that later that day he and his girlfriend would come get the kitten but they would be arriving separately… The plan was set, an adorable abandoned kitty was going to get a forever home and there would be one final touch to put the cherry on top of this wonderful day…..

Watch the video below for the full story:

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THIS Guy Attempts To Chip The Teeth Of His Hamster. But When He Looks Inside It’s Mouth There’s and Unthinkable Surprise!

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If you were a kid growing up in America there is probably a pretty good chance you or someone you knew owned a pet hamster as a kid. I know I had a couple pet hamsters and they were the perfect pets for a young child. They are pretty easy to care for, they teach kids about taking responsibility and they are just all around pretty fun to play with and watch.

These little mammals have become one of the most popular pets in the country and it is easy to see why. Not to mention the classic hamster ball, where your hamster gets inside a clear plastic ball and is able to run around the whole house or apartment safely while getting his much needed exercise and being super entertaining at the same time.

One thing however, that most people aren’t aware of is that hamster teeth continue to grow for their entire life. So if your hamster gets to a ripe old age there’s a good chance at some point you will have to chisel down those big sharp teeth so they will be able to eat comfortably and live a normal healthy hamster life into old age.

Hamsters tend to be pets for children, however one guy loved hamsters so much that he always had one as a pet all the way into adulthood. Because he was so familiar with hamsters and had been interfacing with them for so many years, he became pretty good at chiseling down their teeth once they became too overgrown. In fact this guy was so good at being a hamster dentist he decided to do a DIY hamster tutorial teeth chisel video to teach others how to simply do it on their own so that their pet hamsters wouldn’t suffer with overgrown sharp teeth!

So this guy got his camera set up for the DIY video, got everything prepped for the tutorial and finally picked up his hamster cute little hamster and was ready to begin to teach the world the proper way to chip and chisel away their overgrown teeth so that they could live comfortably in their habitats. He held the adorable little guy in a comfortable position and gently began to get the hamster to open his mouth wide enough that the camera could pick up his overgrown teeth so that he could teach the world the proper technique.

After a little bit of a struggle the adorable little guy finally widen his mouth enough that it was visible in the video and he noted that for this particular tutorial he would only have chip and chisel away the lower incisors because they were super overgrown, while his top teeth were the right length and looked to be in good shape. This wasn’t the hamsters first dental rodeo as his human had chiseled down his teeth plenty of times before without a problem.

For some reason this time, of course because there was a camera, he was having more trouble than usual having the lil’ mammal keep his mouth open. Nonetheless, after a bit of effort he was able to successfully trim the first lower tooth and everything seemed fine.

As he went for lower tooth number 2 the hamster closed his mouth with a vice grip and it seemed like he wasn’t going to let his human trim tooth number 2. He was concerned because the hamster had never been this way before and had always been a phenomenal little dental patient.

That’s when he noticed the little creature stopped wiggling around, froze his body up like a statue and then he began to notice something moving around inside his mouth from cheek to cheek…..

Watch the video below for the full story with pictures and film of the little special hamster:

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