Everytime His Human Pulls Out The Scary Green Hairclip This Dog Has a Hysterical Fit

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Have you ever known a dog who had an irrational fear of something? It’s actually quite a common quirk among our canine friends and they often become scared by the silliest of things. For example, there was one dog who was absolutely petrified by a magazine picture of Julia Roberts and every time he glimpsed the photo he’d run away in terror. Another dog would freak out around carpet and whenever he came across the plush floor covering he had to walk backwards over it..

Dogs are complex creatures and just like their human counterparts they too seem to suffer from strange phobias and inexplicable fears. While most stress inducing objects like vacuums and stairs seem to be commonplace among our pet animals, sometimes they get all worked up over much more unusual, yet mundane, every day objects!

Hiro the Siberian Husky is a case in point. Out of all the millions of things in the world to be scared of, the adorable dog happens to be afraid of a metallic green hair clip. For some odd reason the silly pup bugs out whenever his owner holds up the little clip. The sight of the hair claw causes his eyes go wide and when she opens and closes it he can’t help but hide his face.

It’s the snapping motion of the clip that appears to bother him the most, likely because the teeth-like projections make it look just like a jaw (which is why it’s called a jaw clip). The snapping sound may also be what he’s responding to but whatever it is, his face is priceless. He has the funniest look and you just have to see his animated expression for yourself, it’s so cute.

The way Hiro backs away and barks at the hair clip makes it seem like he fears it, yet at the same time he readily approaches it when its laying on the floor. It’s almost like he really wants to sniff it out and maybe even play with it, but he’s unsure about whether or not it’s safe to get close to.

Perhaps more telling is Hiro’s tail, which is up and wagging around rather than down or tucked between his legs in fear. That body language tells us he is likely just playing around with his owner. Plus, he has a clear escape route where he can simply run past his owner to get far away from the clip, but he doesn’t choose to use it.

In the end, Hiro and his owner are just playing around and having fun. He may be a little spooked by the clip when she opens and closes it but not to the point where he’s frozen in fear or harmed in any way by it. Make sure to check out his silly reaction and that adorable face because it’s awesome and if you love dogs or Huskies, this clips for you!

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