Watch As This Wild Bear and House Cat Meet Face To Face On The Porch

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When a person comes across a black bear, or any type of bear, they usually react with surprise and fear out of concern for their health and safety. In marked contrast, when a 2 year old cat named Nani came across a bear, she surprised the hell out of it.  The brave cat’s fearless reaction to a wild black bear that had wandered right up to her was caught on video by her human caretaker, Darlis Elliott. Nani and Elliott live in Alaska and are used to being immersed in nature and bears hanging around!

The fuzzy black bear in the video wandered right up the driveway and around to the rear of their house to check out the back porch. Inside, the family was silently checking out the bear as he ambled up to the door, and Nani decided to get a closer peek at him. She crouched down low in front of the glass door, like how cats hunker when stalking things, and laid in wait. The bear was only feet away when it turned to look inside, directly facing the cat, and that’s when Nani jumped up and pounced at it!

The sight of a cat suddenly appearing out of nowhere and springing right up in his face was too much for the poor bear. He goes from curious to terrified in milliseconds and quickly scrambles backwards away from the crazy cat, appearing to almost moonwalk bear-style backwards off the porch. The shocked bear may seem to have an irrational fear of cats, but it’s just being overcautious and in situations like this they can be easily spooked.

When a bear gets that close to a human’s house they experience a lot of stress and try to avoid any unnecessary risks or noisy activities. If anything, this bear was on the lookout for people, food, and possible threats, but it definitely wasn’t keeping one eye open for sneaky little cats. Elliot said that she hasn’t seen the bear since, and after this experience it’s highly unlikely that he will ever be back to sniff around again.

One more interesting thing about this video is that it was shot in Eagle River, a community within the Municipality of Anchorage, Alaska, where occurrences like this are common. The town was recently the sight of another viral video which featured a family of moose playing and cooling off together in a sprinkler on a sweltering hot day. The area is surrounded by millions of acres of both undeveloped and protected national forest land that borders rivers and the nearby Gulf of Alaska. It may just be one of the wildest places left in America where large animals still roam freely, and cats patrol and protect their human counterparts.

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