THIS Little Baby Creature Will Not Stop Walking Behind This Cop. But The Reason Is Actually Unthinkably Beautiful!

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Australia is known for their incredibly unique and diverse wildlife, flora and fauna. There are so many species of animal that only exist in Australia which makes conservation of these diverse species one of Australia’s number 1 priorities.  These are some of the animal species that are native only to Australia, the Dingo, Koala. Tasmanian Devil, Thorny Dragon, Sugar Glider, Wallaby, Wombat, Platypus and of course the most iconic Australian animal the Kangaroo.

Australia has very strict rules when it comes to protecting their wildlife and for good reason. There are also many laws which restrict bringing in outside species into Australia that could potentially wreak havoc and destroy the natural ecosystems which are currently living in perfect balance and harmony with nature.

In today’s story we will be featuring a baby kangaroo named Joey whose mother was killed tragically when she was hit by a car. This poor little guy was left alone and abandoned without anyway to survive in the wild. Luckily for Joey a kind person had come across the baby animal and brought it to the local police station. At the police station the kangaroo orphan case was taken over by Constable Scott Mason. Scott had only been working at the police station for 3 weeks and now he found himself in a little bit of strange situation with a baby kangaroo that he instantly fell in love with!

When the baby kangaroo was brought in he was in pretty bad shape. The little fur baby was terribly dehydrated, starving and completely malnourished. When Constable Mason and Joey made eye contact their instant connection was undeniable. The good constable decided he would take over full care of Joey the baby Kangaroo which was no small task and would take plenty of time, love and energy to make sure this kangaroo would survive. Scott would start hand feeding the baby every 3 hours and make sure he was safe, comfortable and cozy at all times.

As time passed Scott and Joey’s bond grew stronger and the baby kangaroo even began using Constable Scott Mason’s uniform as a pouch! Scott had literally become his mama and the baby kangaroo would follow Scott everywhere trailing only a foot or two behind him at all times when he wasn’t in Scott’s pouch….

Watch the video below for the full story:

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Watch As Cop Makes This Lady Sit In Her Hot Car After She Locks Her Dog In It!

Talk about the punishment fitting the crime!  There is nothing more powerful to bring about change in a person’s attitude or behavior, than to have them walk in someone else’s shoes.  In this case, a woman from Ohio left her dog, that she supposedly loves, in a boiling hot car while she ran errands!

We have all been warned endlessly about the dangers of leaving pets in hot cars, as heat exhaustion and resulting dehydration can come on quickly, leading to death!  Yet we still see this going on in parking lots across the country. By law, the police are allowed to break car windows to save a dog or any animal or human in distress.

In this case, the officer made the woman walk in her dog’s shoes, by making her sit in the intolerably hot car, that she felt was perfectly okay for her dog.  He had her stay in it until she was quite uncomfortable, but not harmed.  The woman was eventually let out of the car. She was physically distressed and quite embarrassed. Imagine if she had winter clothing on that would approximated the heat generated by the dog’s fur?

Hopefully this experience will keep her from ever doing something so inhumane again.  Her distress would have been a lot worse had she found her dog deceased.  People really need to understand that this is not just irresponsible  behavior, but potentially tragic!

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Girl Waves Hi To Cop Everyday At The Same Time. One Day She Doesn’t He Checks Her Home and Sees The UNTHINKABLE!

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When you are a child the world can be a pretty big and scary place. Luckily for most kids they a great home and a safe place to go where they are surrounded by loved ones. Knowing that no matter what happens in the outside world they can come home to peaceful and happy sanctuary eases the struggle of their everyday life.

While many children do have a great house and family to grow up in some aren’t as lucky. Sometimes, there are rotten parents who decide to not bother taking care of their kids and neglect them. Growing up in a house with no love, can really take it’s toll on a child and lead to permanent psychological issues. In today’s story a young girl from Kansas City, Missouri named Klynn Scales who waves to a police officer everyday as he passes by.

Klynn and her brothers had parents who hardly took care of them and neglected them. They didn’t pay much attention to their kids and sometimes they would forget to even feed them! So many nights, Klynn and her brothers were literally starving, so she would go to the local 7-11 and actually have to steal food so her and her brothers could eat.

Klynn was a great kid even though she grew up under terrible conditions and she knew it was wrong to steal, but she really had no choice because she and her siblings would starve. During the afternoons, Klynn would hang out on her front porch and a cop who she trusted would patrol by her house and she would always wave to him and he would wave back. Klynn really didn’t trust many adults because of her neglectful parents but deep down she knew if things ever got really bad this special cop would be her knight in shining armor and make sure she was fine.

One day the police officer came by her house and Klynn wasn’t on the porch for the first time ever. Something inside told him to check the house just to make sure she was okay. He approached the front door, knocked and nobody answered. He did hear something inside that just didn’t sound right. He jiggled the door knob and luckily it was unlocked. He went inside and saw the little girl on the floor in the fetal position. Klynn was literally starving to death and suffering from severe malnutrition. If this hero cop didn’t follow his gut Klynn would’ve died on the floor that day……

Watch the video below for the full story and find out what happened to this little girl:

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Cop Approaches Truck Stopped On The Highway. What He Found In The Truck Is Scary!

If you saw a truck completely stopped in the middle of a busy interstate freeway, and then it quickly accelerated forward only to stop again, you’d think the driver was drunk or impaired on something. If you saw a commotion going on inside the truck with two people flailing around you’d think they were fighting. That is what Iowa State Trooper Tracey Bohlen assumed when he pulled up behind a truck on I-35 at the East Mixmaster interchange in Des Moines. With his gun drawn and no time to figure out the situation or spare he quickly ran up to the passenger side door!

Inside he found Patrick Roark having a heart attack and his 15 year old son panicking. The officer immediately pulled him out of the truck and onto the highway so he could begin performing CPR. Within a minute Patrick was breathing again on his own and had a pulse.

Jane McCurdy, a nurse, happened to be passing by and stopped to help. She took the boy under her care and drove him to the hospital then waited with him until his family arrived from out of state. She even ran to the pharmacy for them and helped the family settle into their hotel later that evening. Another man who had stopped at the scene volunteered to drive the truck to the hospital for the family.

What could have easily been a tragedy turned into strangers doing all they could to help out others in need. Their teamwork and quick actions really made all the difference in the world for the Roark family. Mr. Roark was still awaiting test results but doctors confirmed he did suffer a seizure and some sort of heart episode.

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Cop Tells THIS Lady To Pop Her Trunk Right Now! He Doesn’t Realize She’s Secretly Filming Without Him Knowing!

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When you are driving there isn’t a more nerve racking moment then that exact moment you notice those red and blue lights flashing behind you and then hear the dreaded siren. You can literally feel your heart fall into your stomach as you slowly pull over to the side of the road as you lightly break and slow down to a complete stop.

Then you wait as the officer pulls up behind you, swings open the door and walks toward your drivers side window. Your roll the window down and in your most polite voice greet the officer. Most of the time they will immediately ask for your drivers license and car insurance. You awkwardly stumble through your wallet and glove compartment as you find the necessary documents.

Hopefully you find it without too much trouble hand the stuff over to the police officer and then they will usually ask you why do you think I pulled you over. Here is where you can either be straight forward or play dumb and let him tell you the reason. After you find out what you did wrong, you sit terrified in your chair as they run your license and insurance through the system.

After a few minutes, which feels more like an eternity the officer comes back, hopefully your drivers license and insurance aren’t expired, hands it back to you, and then the big finale and moment of truth comes. The cop will either let you off with a warning, you get a ticket for speeding or not using a blinker, or in the worst case scenario the officer asks you to slowly step out of the vehicle…

In today’s story we feature a woman named Mrs. Walker who was pulled over by a police officer one morning. She was en-route to a job interview so her nerves were already firing on all cylinders. Now with the cop lights shining and siren blaring she slowly pulled over and was completely shaken to the core. She didn’t think she was speeding, drove through a red light or forgot to turn on her signal so she couldn’t imagine what she was being pulled over for.

Both Mrs. Walker and the police car pulled to the side of the road and came to a complete stop. Officer Jenkins opened up his door and began walking towards Mrs. Walker’s car. She decided to be prepared so her window was already down, she began reaching for her license, then her insurance as the officer got to her drivers side window. He popped his head in and told her, that the license and registration wouldn’t be necessary. She was even more confused now and she was actually becoming pretty nervous and scared.

He told her he pulled her over because her break lights weren’t working. She replied and told him she had just replaced the break lights and paid $600 dollars at the mechanic to make sure everything was working properly. He asked where she was headed and she replied that she was currently unemployed and on her way to a big job interview that could change her whole life. Officer Jenkins heart melted a bit as she went on, realizing that she had been scammed out of $600 dollars and now she might be late for her job interview and get the job she so desperately needed.

Then out of no where he asked her if she would pop the trunk so he could look inside to inspect it. She wasn’t really sure what to do because she had seen tv shows where this almost never ends with a happy ending for the driver. He told her to step out of the car and open the trunk with her key. She knew there was nothing in that trunk that was illegal so she popped the trunk for him having no clue what Officer Jenkins could be looking for.

As he walked towards her trunk she was standing about 10 feet behind him and she slowly grabbed her phone turned on the video camera and began to film without him knowing…

Watch the video below for the full story:

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3 Guys Sprint Out Of The Gas Station Towards an Old Married Couple While a Police Officer Just Stands There Watching!

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Many elderly people want to remain as independent and self-sufficient as they possibly can, even when they know that they might need a little extra help.  They hate to admit that they can’t do what they used to be able to, which is understandable because no one really does, no matter what age they may be.  

Rose and David Griest were adamant about not giving up any of their independence and they didn’t want to rely on others.  Rose, who was 89 and David, who was 100 years old, shrugged off offers from their family and friends to help whenever they might need it.  One day Rose had to go to the doctor and she and David decided they could get themselves to her appointment. After visiting the doctor’s office they headed home and on the way back they noticed that they needed to get gas.  Not only that, they both had to use the restroom, so they pulled over at a nearby gas station and parked at the pump.  

Rose and David headed for the restrooms and on the way back they ran into trouble.  Both of them were exhausted from the whole trip and were struggling to make it back to their vehicle.  Rose was using a walker and was visibly shaking, it seemed like she was about to fall over. A police officer on duty, Kanesha Carnegie, was across the street nearby when she noticed the pair clearly having problems walking across the gas station parking lot.  She decided to head over and help them out, but on the way, she noticed that three young men were following right behind the elderly couple.

The men were running towards Rose and David and so officer Carnegie whipped out her cell phone and started recording.  She knew nothing bad was happening, instead she believed that she was watching something amazing unfold. The three men surrounded the elderly couple, making sure that if either one fell, they could catch them right away.  They very slowly and gently assisted them back into their car, being completely careful and respectful.  

The men happened to be a trio of rappers from Orlando who were at the gas station that day picking up some snacks.  Joc Koe Stoe, Marty, and Freddy G were inside when they glanced outside and noticed the elderly couple struggling and immediately rushed over to help them.  In a Fox 5 interview, Marty later told the reporter that “I kept thinking, ‘She could have been by grandmother.’”  

Without hesitating the young men had dropped what they were doing that day to help the elderly couple in need.  Officer Carnegie shared the heartwarming footage of their selfless act online and it quickly went viral with people happy to see what a difference a simple act of kindness can make. 

Watch the video below for the full story:

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