Cop Approaches Truck Stopped On The Highway. What He Found In The Truck Is Scary!

If you saw a truck completely stopped in the middle of a busy interstate freeway, and then it quickly accelerated forward only to stop again, you’d think the driver was drunk or impaired on something. If you saw a commotion going on inside the truck with two people flailing around you’d think they were fighting. That is what Iowa State Trooper Tracey Bohlen assumed when he pulled up behind a truck on I-35 at the East Mixmaster interchange in Des Moines. With his gun drawn and no time to figure out the situation or spare he quickly ran up to the passenger side door!

Inside he found Patrick Roark having a heart attack and his 15 year old son panicking. The officer immediately pulled him out of the truck and onto the highway so he could begin performing CPR. Within a minute Patrick was breathing again on his own and had a pulse.

Jane McCurdy, a nurse, happened to be passing by and stopped to help. She took the boy under her care and drove him to the hospital then waited with him until his family arrived from out of state. She even ran to the pharmacy for them and helped the family settle into their hotel later that evening. Another man who had stopped at the scene volunteered to drive the truck to the hospital for the family.

What could have easily been a tragedy turned into strangers doing all they could to help out others in need. Their teamwork and quick actions really made all the difference in the world for the Roark family. Mr. Roark was still awaiting test results but doctors confirmed he did suffer a seizure and some sort of heart episode.

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This Man Attempts To Pull A Tree Out Of The Ground With His Truck. At :24 I Can’t Stop Laughing!

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Yard work can be a real pain in the behind and it takes a lot of sweat and muscles to pull off some of the grittier jobs, like removing stumps, large rocks, and trees. Lots of people hire outside contractors and landscapers to keep their property safe and looking good, but many choose to do it themselves.

For some it’s a matter of pride, others a lack of money, and whatever it is we all have our reasons. Besides, much of the work is general upkeep that involves mowing the lawn or raking leaves. These days if something calls for a special tool or machine, they’re readily available for rent at most home improvement stores. Many of those gadgets make yard work much easier, quicker, and less taxing.

Plus, you can always improvise and rig up something on the spot to help get a job done. One man did just that when he went to remove a tree in his yard. Instead of hiring a professional or breaking out a chainsaw, he simply backed his Dodge pickup truck up to the tree. After securing some heavy duty ropes around the tree, and to his truck, he hopped in the cab and fired up the engine.

Once he got the word that the area was clear of all children and bystanders he slowly began to inch the powerful truck forward until the slack picked up on the line. Seconds later, something completely unexpected and hilarious happens. If we tell you what ensued we’d ruin the video and do you a disservice, so check it out and see for yourself whether or not he safely got the tree down!

Enjoy the hysterical video below!

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This Truck Attempts To Board A Ship By Driving Over Two Thin Wood Planks.

This video has been making those who view it very tense. It shows an ill-prepared cargo crew attempting to load a brand new, large pickup truck onto a ship. Forget about safety first or high tech cranes and hoists, they are going about it the old fashioned way; with wood and nerves of steel. To get the truck from the dock to the ship they plan on driving it over two long wooden planks. The truck tires barely seem to fit on the width of the planks and my guess is that they’d snap under the weight.

If they do snap it means a long scary fall into the murky brown water below. Whoever agreed to drive the truck across must be crazy, or really know what they’re doing. Seriously, do they know some law of physics that applies to this sketchy situation? Everyone watching, from the people on the dock to those filming aboard the ship, sound nervous and skeptical. A man in a yellow shirt appears to talk to the driver, perhaps he’s trying to talk him out of it, or he is directing the stunt. Girls can be heard screaming in the background and they are understandably nervous at the sight of it all.

Soon after the truck begins it’s death crossing onto the wooden planks a loud creaking noise can be heard. The driver inches slowly forwards, making sure the truck’s wheels are aligned with the narrow planks. When he eases the back tires over the plank’s rear edges he rolls down onto the center of the boards, which look like they will snap at any moment. They’re as bent as you’d expect them to be when supporting over 2½ tons of metal atop them.

The driver and crew still all seem pretty calm and cool at this point, but the onlookers not so much. The driver pauses midway for unknown reasons, but it seems to be that the dock workers are securing the plank ends from shifting. Moments later the truck continues forward and makes it over the bridge and onto the ship. Everyone can stop holding their breaths and the onlookers break out in cheers of delight (and sighs in relief). They made it.

Since it first appeared online, the footage has generated heated debate about whether or not it is real, has been altered, or was faked. No one can agree on whether or not this is definitely possible. It’s hard to even comprehend how the crew managed to position the truck the way it is in the first place. The dock doesn’t look big or wide enough to drive down, then get the truck turned a full 90 degrees.

Perhaps they drove it off another ship from the other side, or what we see is them reversing the truck off and figuring out they cannot fit so they drive it back onto the ship. Then there is the issue of would those 2 dinky planks support a multi-ton truck? And who would risk their life doing this? It leaves us with many unanswered questions, what do you think?

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WATCH: This Guy Threatens An Alligator Then Gets Some Instant Karma!

When life hands you an alligator, do both of you a favor, don’t mess with it! One guy found out the hard way that gators are no match for man or machine. He happened across a huge one of the beasts while out driving his truck through a swamp and filmed the wild encounter. There is no clear description as to the exact location this took place but it’s safe to assume that it occurred somewhere in the Southeastern United States, where alligators live. The short clip has since gone viral and for good reason!

It starts off with a man in a truck. He records as he creeps up slowly on a big, mean, angry alligator. Clearly his presence is unwelcome and causes the gator to warn him to back off by loudly hissing. But he keeps moving forward and when the gator thinks he’s gone too far he quickly snaps open his enormous jaw and lunges towards the front of the truck. The guy inside is slightly taken aback and says “Hey! Watch my truck!”

To which the gator must think “watch it yourself…back the f*** off!” However, the man brazenly keeps moving forward again and chooses to ignore the continued hissing and snarling coming from the extremely agitated beast. Neither is backing down, the guy thinks the gator will move and the gator is just having none of it.

Seconds later, karma rains down on the man for riling up the gator by driving across and encroaching directly on his home turf. The guy assumed he was safe in his big, sturdy truck, but he was mistaken. The gator strikes lightning fast and bites the truck’s front bumper. We hear the man say “Oh, well that’s nice” as the carnage takes place. With seemingly little to no effort the gator then rips the entire thing off using just his teeth and jaws. It gets chewed up and spit out by the animal and even the side piece gets torn off!

This stops the man in his tire tracks. All he can say is “son of a gun” as he takes in the sight of his now mangled front bumper laying in the grass, with the gator still latched onto it. Perhaps next time he happens across an alligator he will go around it, instead of continuing directly towards it. If he had avoided the large beast in the first place none of this would have happened. Check it out and see how quick and strong the gator truly is!

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This Truck Driver Crashed Into The White Car Intentionally. The Reason Is So Heroic!

A high speed chase occurred in a park filled with families and children playing.  A car had been stolen by a teen who was speeding recklessly without any concern for the lives he might have destroyed.  Had it not been for a good samaritan, Bryson Rowley, jumping in his own truck and plowing into the runaway car to stop it, many people could have been hurt and killed. Without any thought for himself, Bryson instinctively just jumped to end the mayhem.

Bryson, himself, was not injured but his truck sustained plenty of damage.  You know the saying, that what you put out into the universe will come back to you?  Well, it certainly did for Bryson Rowley.  Seeing the news clip of the incident on TV, Bryan Ellison, an auto body shop owner volunteered to help.  He was so moved that Bryson had put his life on the line to save the lives of many children, that he told him he would fix the car at no cost.

The story doesn’t end there!  When Bryan went to pick up the truck he dropped off a rental car for Bryson’s use.  Other members of the community heard about Bryan’s good deed and they came together to donate bumpers, suspension pieces and other parts that not only fixed the truck, but increased the safety and value of the vehicle.

A $7,500 free repair turned into $15,000 worth of work to return a much upgraded truck to the hero of the community.   Rowley was overwhelmed by how the everyone came together for him. I was bowled over by the entire story that shows the beauty of paying it forward.  They should all be very proud of the character and humanity that was shared.

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It Looks Like A Normal Truck When You Pass By. But When You Step Inside It’s Incredible!

Usually people use a truck as a way to move their stuff from one place to another, but this couple from New Zealand turned this truck into the house of their dreams.  Alex and Hannah transformed a 1986 Hino flatbed truck into a beautiful home and like many others who have joined the Tiny House Movement saved a ton of money. The tiny house movement has been picking up speed for the past 10 years. It’s such a great way to to live if you don’t have a huge budget but still want a beautiful and cozy home.

They were tight on money and were searching for a way to live in a sustainably that and made the most sense economically.  In 2009 when the first moved back to New Zealand they knew they couldn’t afford to buy property. This house they built is absolutely incredible as you will see in the video below.  Hannah is very humble and likes to downplay all the work that went into building this beauty.  The two claim that the idea of building a truck-house magically popped into their heads at the same time.

It took about 18 months to build this beautiful country home out of recycled and second hand items.  The entire house only cost them $20,000. It is really incredible what people can do when they really put their minds to it. Would you like to join the tiny house movement?  Would you live in this house-truck?

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