WATCH: This Guy Threatens An Alligator Then Gets Some Instant Karma!

When life hands you an alligator, do both of you a favor, don’t mess with it! One guy found out the hard way that gators are no match for man or machine. He happened across a huge one of the beasts while out driving his truck through a swamp and filmed the wild encounter. There is no clear description as to the exact location this took place but it’s safe to assume that it occurred somewhere in the Southeastern United States, where alligators live. The short clip has since gone viral and for good reason!

It starts off with a man in a truck. He records as he creeps up slowly on a big, mean, angry alligator. Clearly his presence is unwelcome and causes the gator to warn him to back off by loudly hissing. But he keeps moving forward and when the gator thinks he’s gone too far he quickly snaps open his enormous jaw and lunges towards the front of the truck. The guy inside is slightly taken aback and says “Hey! Watch my truck!”

To which the gator must think “watch it yourself…back the f*** off!” However, the man brazenly keeps moving forward again and chooses to ignore the continued hissing and snarling coming from the extremely agitated beast. Neither is backing down, the guy thinks the gator will move and the gator is just having none of it.

Seconds later, karma rains down on the man for riling up the gator by driving across and encroaching directly on his home turf. The guy assumed he was safe in his big, sturdy truck, but he was mistaken. The gator strikes lightning fast and bites the truck’s front bumper. We hear the man say “Oh, well that’s nice” as the carnage takes place. With seemingly little to no effort the gator then rips the entire thing off using just his teeth and jaws. It gets chewed up and spit out by the animal and even the side piece gets torn off!

This stops the man in his tire tracks. All he can say is “son of a gun” as he takes in the sight of his now mangled front bumper laying in the grass, with the gator still latched onto it. Perhaps next time he happens across an alligator he will go around it, instead of continuing directly towards it. If he had avoided the large beast in the first place none of this would have happened. Check it out and see how quick and strong the gator truly is!

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